Work Fails

In my ever daily and continual adjustments and acceptance to the exponentially growing chaos and change of 2013 (please refer to my upcoming weekly update which will be entitled "2013 The Year When It All Changes", scheduled for online availability on July 15), I wanted to share with you two pictures of two "surprises" which waited for me at the two main work locations. One picture, which more details surrounding its actual location will be revealed in my upcoming blog/update, looks like a fort of archiving boxes, which basically need to be clearly identified and catalogued in detail in the equivalent of three and a half days. The other picture taken at the other work location, reveals my work "desk" area, without a computer, without a phone, and without a chair. These are but small but somewhat representative examples of my hourly struggles against reality, the never ending changes of life, and the unpredictability of the chaotic nature of the universe. Seeing as how quite literally everything changes in 2013, I wanted to offer a small glimpse into the chaosphere which seems to have become my entire existence in 2013!


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