The Mday, first impression

Today, the 29h of June 2013 I woke up with a hangover at 5h30, my first real hangover in a while, I think. We spent most of the day hauling stuff from the old apt into the new one, with the help of some of my wife's friends (and her daughters). I must have gone up and down the equivalent of a hundred flights of stairs so far and it is just shy of 18h00 on this Saturday. As I am writing this, we are in the process of preparing the kitchen in the new apt with protective sheets in the drawers. It is an easy enough task but by this point, we are both exhausted. We just noticed also we don't have nearly enough storage space in the bathroom as the landlords installed a mirror atop the "pharmacy" space over the bathroom sink, pretty much rendering the space unusable. Problem is that doors with mirrors for such "pharmacies" don't exist anymore, and so we are stuck either not using the little space at all, and therefore trying to figure out a way to stash all our bathroom materials, or trying to find something which would make this space covered with an easy to move mirror. Because you can not NOT have a mirror in the bathroom, right? Anyway, as I mentioned, we are already exhausted and there is so much to do still, because in 13 to 14 hours from now, the movers are coming to the old apt to 

Sunday the 30th: sorry about the abrupt stop but as you already know, these little blurbs are written On the fly. Today is the day, step one is done: the movers came and packed up their truck with our stuff for a little over 3 hours while we finished the last few remnants of packing, like the microwave, the curtains, the fridge (including cleanup). Now we are on our way to the new apt for the second part, the unloading, and then I am spending a few hours at the old apt for a mega massive cleanup because there must be the equivalent of 10 pounds of dust accumulated everywhere! Gotta run; hope to speak some more soon!

Monday July 1st 2013. I just woke up from my first night sleeping away from the "GOH" apt in our new "home". It is a strange feeling but a good one. It almost felt like I was sleeping in a hotel room or something. After yesterday's crazy day, I was so exhausted that I admit I passed out like a rock. Most of the first part of the day was spent in the actual moving itself, which last 6 hours, and cost us a small fortune. Of course, since we have hundreds of boxes and tons of stuff together, it is next to impossible to know if we lost anything at all at this point. Also, just trying to set up the basics (which are not done yet) isn't even done. Living in boxes never meant this much, as we barely have anywhere to sit! At least we can shower and sleep, have access to our clothes and stuff, but that's about it. Today we have to bring back the keys to the old place and do a final check up of things before kissing it off forever. We also have to try to move stuff around because the cable guy (yes, yes, I know how it sounded!) is supposed to come between noon and five to install our signal, so we need to set-up the TV system (home theater and entertainment system) and at least one computer (hopefully our master computer has survived the transport/moving!) so that the tech can work his "magic". Right now, the future of anything else but such little quickie posts seems to be the only viable "out bursts" for the BBB as "room" is far from being anywhere near ready for any basic shooting whatsoever (there isn't even a single light in the room yet!) and is at the bottom of our unpacking and set-up priority. Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room are the more important things to tackle first before anything "me" or BBB! My day is about to begin so I need to take a shower, and then trek for clean clothes, to be followed by our first day of trying to re-organize ourselves into our new life. I shall keep you posted as to new developments as they happen, so in the meantime, here's a picture of the new kitchen BEFORE we moved in (so no boxes cluttering everything), and another of my "room" as it is at 7h50am on July 1st. Have a great day people, and I do hope to be able to start blogging more regularly within the next week! Cheers!


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