Perhaps a sign of life is in order?

(Note: due to lack of time and set-up after the moving, I haven't yet found/unpacked my personal CDr/DVDr archives. The following pictures were found online, and the clips were on a disc which I had forgotten to take out of the DVD player in my laptop.)

I wanted the theme for the first top pic of this "update" to be something like "Drowned In Cum" but I could not find something with much relevance. I was sort of partial to this one though!

I could not help but think of Joanna (from the UK of course!) when I saw this picture: in the middle of a circle jerk, half dressed with a miniskirt and tits exposed, ready to get cum buttered!

The only comment I can offer about this picture is that I can not beleive I found it online!
Tuesday July 2nd 2013: I have been thinking about doing some kind of update soon even though the situation is still very much as chaotic as it can be. Knowing how I have a Tendency to write incessantly over various days before posting anything (usually due to the infamous time constraints now well known), and how I have no idea exactly when I will ever be able to offer some kind of communication, I took the executive decision to begin this new post from our new "life" in the earlier midsts of ultimate chaos. Now if you are just tuning in the program, I apologize to say that you have missed so much that the following recap will not be enough (not by a long shot) to properly offer any type of decent background. Last October we had some scum moving next door to the poisonous apartment we had been living in for 13 years. In December 2012/January 2013 the decision to move out in July 2013 was unanimous. After our wedding in early may, we prepared for our biggest challenge which is just another day in the office for most people but to us, is perhaps one of the greatest tests of patience and endurance. We moved, finally! All last week (last week of June) was the ultimate crunch time, and on Saturday the 29th, we began moving little things ourselves with the help of some friends. On Sunday the 30th was the real move which took twice as long as originally thought, and cost double the original quote. Since mid-day June 30th 2013 our lives have become that of ultimate chaos, of constant working on trying to get a semblance of illusionary civilized life back in order. Living in boxes doesn't quite make it feel realistic enough. However, due to my wife's impossibly advanced brilliant mind and powers of logic and deduction, coupled with my frantic nervousness and OCD to use my short bursts of power energy, we were able to get the new kitchen almost close to a somewhat "normal" room, the living room now seems to be over 50% ready to have its "fung schwey" order in check, and we have access to most of our clothes in the master's bedroom, as well as having our bed set up. Also, since yesterday, we also have an internet connection as well as one working computer, but before anyone gets their hopes up as to when I myself shall bE back to my so-called regular online activities, that is a whole different ball game. Although if we could do as much as we did in the past 2 days, keeping up that type of pace, it would be possible to predict that everything would be back to a somewhat normal in about two weeks. However my wife and I are also now back to working full time which means that our time dedicated to working in settling in has been severely amputated. Essentially at the pace I am predicting we will be going at, based on the 1 or 2 hours we may have per night to work on the place versus the 16 hours per day we have had in the past 2-3 days, settling in may take well over a whole month, if not two. Just to give you an idea of how just sheer un-ready I am to return to doing my BBB activities due to lack of proper premises to do any type of set-up: my own little room where I will be doing all my stuff still serves as the storage room where most of our boxes are at. My wife also mentioned how all other rooms must be in operating condition before we even begin to think about setting up my own "studio". In essence, but please do not think this is written in a bleak and negative tone (not at all!), but the near future of BBB is most definitely on hold for the moment. I mean, as it was mentioned in a few of my quickie little drive-by updates in the past few days, there isn't even a light in that room, so we will need to purchase one and find hooks to hang the light with before anything BBB can even begin! Luckily, Instill have a seriously mammothian amount of sessions yet unedited stored in one of my external hard drives, which means that when I can actually find some time play on my own laptop (where ever it may be now in this boxes-filled apartment!), I can still BBB in the editing and sharing department even if the opportunity to shoot anything is not a possibility in the foreseeable future! However I am not giving up even if we still do not know if we can actually stay there in that place for very long (an entire post was written a week or two ago, maybe 3, which explains why my original excitement and "high" of moving has been crushed. If you haven't read it yet, or my past weekly updates, I do invite you to do so!). So anyhow, here I stand (or rather lurch like a zombie at times!) exhausted and anxious at starting this new life with my wife and cats in what will hopefully feel more like a proper "home" for us for a t least a few years. It is a very trying time for us, more difficult to manage and survive than anticipated, but seeing as how we actually survived thus far, I do have hope for the future and our existence. There are a few specific key elements I would like to discuss in greater detail (isn't there always?) but for the moment, suffice it to say that I still need you fine folks to understand that things will be taking much longer than ever anticipated and that my return to the fold will not be as early as originally thought to be! So stay tuned as I will attempt to keep you in the loop as to what the developments are as they happen!   

I also wanted to share a few cummy blonde college drop-outs in honour of my friend TtheO out there somewhere!

Another sperm sticky blondie for my pal TtheO out there!

A more curvaceous blonde filled with numerous loads, a very Bukkake-esque imagery!

I do believe this is nothing but a studio fake meant to cash in on the internet sperm craze!

You got to love those DIY amateurs who don't mind sharing their spunked splattered mugs online!
Wednesday the... 3rd of July? I think I am beginning to feel the need to explode my load soon! It has been almost the double the amount of days in between ejaculations that I usually do when I "used" to shoot BBB sessions. You will remember how I often tried to jack off on camera ever X days leaving time between my cumshots for maximum replenishment and not too long son-that the excess semen gets expelled via the urinary evacuation process. Well seeing as how the last BbB session was recorded the day before packing up the last remnants of the studio set-up (talk about cumming up until the last moment!), and now we are nowhere near the readiness of trying for anything on-camera in the new place, sexual stimulation is quite the ordeal now. Although I am pathetically exhausted due to the absolutely crazy and hectic "post" moving trying to settle in, I am still moderately horny, and I am beginning to  wonder how I could "cheat" the whole set-up and try to record a little quickie just to get my rocks off before I feel like my balls will start oozing cum even though there is no real outside stimulation! However I will admit that THAT may be quite impossible to achieve. Seeing as how the BBB set-up, even if it seems quite simple and boring to most, does take a minimum amount of ergonomics involved, it will be impossible to attempt until there comes such a time when I actually can start placing things in my new room in the new apartment. Things are slow indeed as last night (for example) basically all we did was the groceries because we needed the food and were both of us very exhausted. We also needed to wash our hair and as gou know, girls with extremely think and long hair take about 3 times longer to wash their beauties than us crew-cut guys. So after those things and supper, it was already 21h00, much too late to start unpacking and moving boxes and furniture around, at lease where we live of course. I was able to take minimal care of our new plants (tomatoes, peppers, blueberries, and Various herbs) as well as setting up three libraries/shelves, while we were waiting on hold for the phone company to answer us as to why we don't have a home phone line yet(still no answer, by the way: if we get home moderately early tonight we will see what the delay is!). Of course the growing desire to unleash a torrent of ButterCum is quite strong for the sexual pervert and pleasure addict that I am, and although work here (yes, the office job) is quite hectic these past few weeks, I still find myself thinking of ways to shoot a BBB session even though there is no set-up for such activities, and no curtains in the new place. The only foreseeable possibility (talk about a redundancy check!) would be couch HJ sets without proper lighting and no multi-angle. Again, being to somewhat crazed lunatic perfectionist OCD self that I do appear to be, I am sure I would manage to improvise something of another in order to make it happen, realistically. Oh, I do not know if I ever managed to talk about the last ever BBB session shot in the old place a few days ago (well, we are closing in on a whole week now!) but It was one of the biggest loads ever shot; not necessarily the most potent/powerful one in terms of velocity, but quite massive in terms of quantity itself. It was almost up there in the all-time best Butter pops on camera, such as the long erased (due to the April 2012 horror hard drive drama) FUKT session which was the best BBB I had ever shot, pun strongly suggested in that turn of phrase! Come to think about it, a few of the last BBB sessions in the old place dis feature quite impressive pops, to which I am still wondering what could be the reason; the uncertainty of when I would have to stop shooting in order to move? The time elapsed between cumshots? The anticipation of leaving our prior "home" (cough cough, ahem!) for the past 13 years? The combination of all those elements? Oh, and jumping right out of the subject and into another one, mostly unrelated and without a bridge to leave one and dive into the other, the LAST night at the old apartment when our home theater was still set up, I managed to ever so quickly glance at the Carmen Vera popshots from those DVDs I had ordered a few weeks ago from AdultDVDempire... Remember that one? Remember how I had ordered about 5 DVDs from ADVDE featuring Carmen because they were discontinued and those were the last copies left in stock? And how I hadn't had the chance to even look at them? Well my wife was doing overtime and I had made calculations involving the time it would take for her to get back home and took a chance at taking a quick peek at the cumshots of Carmen. Turns out most of them are decent enough (seeing as how they involve in most cases multiple male donors!) but then again, when it comes to Carmen, I am more lenient than usual. It was quite fun to see the younger miss Vera in some of her earlier performances, as well as her looking absolutely schorchingly incredible in "Jack's My First Porn #2" wearing a see-through (transparent) rain coat. Yeah, Carmen's my Tiffany Mynx  of the Y2K, but that goes without saying, as I am sure everyone is well aware of! But anyhow, the metro was down yet again today (apparently a widespread electrical power failure), and I am going to get back home late tonight again, as it seems to be the norm since the move. At this pace, maybe we will be unpacked by next season, or maybe even by Xmas! Sometimes it feels as though the universe is purposely going against us, but that is illogical: it is All but a product of eternal chaos
A lucky lady who litteraly did not see what was coming! Maybe it was better that way?

Doing that "I don't like it" face for the camera doesn't mean she was not a trooper!

Carol Cox, Montreal"cum queen" of the underground circuit (yes, she has her own website now!)

Carol Cox, Montreal"cum queen" of the underground circuit (yes, she has her own website now!)

Carol Cox, Montreal"cum queen" of the underground circuit (yes, she has her own website now!)
July4 2013: it is independence day for our USA cousins out there, and I wish them all the best of course, for North America would not be what it is without the united States Of North America as we know it. Last night I never got to pop my load. We returned home late yet again due to another metro power failure (and there was yet ANOTHER one this morning coming into work!) so since everything was once again pushed back, we weren't able to accomplish much of anything nor relax much either. Our first week in the new place is more proof of the chaos universe reality as it is, and would almost seem "cursed" if I looked at the glass half empty (yeah, I know; it is a silly expression to begin with). We tried installing the washing machine but the hoses are too short so we will have to buy extensions or new ones this weekend. We will have to have the laundry machine functioning this weekend because I am seriously running out of clothes! Most of my Tshirts are in boxes, wrapped around fragile items, which have yet to be unpacked. After the failure to plug and place the washing machine, my wife took a well deserved shower (remember: the 514 is now officially in its humidity summer phase for the next 2 or 3 months, and all that metro power failure bullshit took its toll on us) while I tried to salvage my tomato plant, but seeing as how we did not have "tutors" for the plants, I had to improvise using drumsticks! Let's hope I can save this beauty of a plant! Again, exhaustion was the main game last night as well, because moving was quite an ordeal, and not accomplishing nearly as much as we would have wanted to with many "incidents" also preventing us, coupled with both the heat/humidity and the full time job/work makes it very difficult to have any energy left for anything whatsoever except take a shower and try to pass out! Anyway Inhope to be able to try my luck at doing some kind of on-camera spunking tonight even if it is super minimal, because I do not think my cock can take much more of this non-activity. Our unpacking has therefore not been nearly as productive as we would have wanted to, and we are still a very long way's away from living in any type of semi-acceptable situation. Still roughing it day per day, jumping over boxes and trying to grab clothes in between the cracks of not-accessible clothes drawers, etc. I still haven't shaved since last week! Anyway, Inwill try to keep y'all posted as to what happens as it happens. This weekend will be a busy one because we have to drive down to the south shore, and in the ghetto-eat area of the 450 no less to deliver an air conditioner to my brother in law. His hock of a girlfriend is pregnant yet again with their third, and they never could provide for their first. How typically breeder white trash! Anyway, this weekend should hopefully see us being more productive in terms of unpacking, and maybe that means that in a week or two we will be able to tackle my "studio" room. Still in need of a lamp/light by the way! Well let me return to work now and I will try to talk some more later with you folks, as I hope to have more to discuss after I finish a few tasks here in the office! I forgot to mention that if any of you managed to find my "real" life alter ego on Facebook, which is all family oriented material thus the complete opposite of what you will find on this here blogsite, then you will have seen that I have posted a few clips and pictures of the move 2013, including a new profile picture of your truly amidst a bunch of boxes, and a background photo of a room filled with boxes up to the ceiling. I thought that would be a great interpretation and representation of what my life is about during this heavily chaotic period of settling into the new place. Oh, I also managed to pick up "Suck It Dry #8" from a store which I had placed an order months ago and they actually charged me less than originally anticipated; a third off the price, us I had a 10% discount coupon rendering almost 50% of sales taxes void, making the DVD as cheap as it could ever be! Anyhow point is that this was one of the last remaining volume of the series which I hadn't purchased yet, the last one I needed to complete my Winston Burbank "SID" collection, leaving now only volume two as the last remaining episode of the series left unpurchased (Winston only started appearing in the series from volume 4) . Volume 8 is perhaps the one which featured the most amount of Burbank per scene(s), seemingly appearing in all the scenes including at least one of the bonus boner blowjob sequences. Although it is highly unlikely Winston does pop a load for every single scene in the flick, when I was quickly scanning it sometime last week during crunch time of the move, it sure felt like it! Volume 8 was also still unavailable as a "reduced price" item on any site, which is why I hadn't ordered it along with number 9 and other discs such as "Throat Fucks 2", "POV Jugg Fuckers 3" and other Johnni Darkko directed Burbank DVDs. Now here's the deal: most sites still sell "Suck It Dry #8" at $35-$38 (!!!) which is quite a whooper of a price tag, and that does not include the shipping charges! Now I was told by this porn shop downtown that due to the fact that it was a double disc, that I would have to pay $30 for it. Now that you have the numbers, along with the various mathematical equations I had provided earlier, you can guess approximately how much that disc ended up actually costing me. And what a darn good deal it was, strictly for the sheer amount of Burbank blastings contained within. The other disc on my order was "Sloppy Head #2", the last one remaining in the series which I hadn't purchased yet. Yes, if you have read my weekly posts in the past over the last months you are realizing I am seriously cranking up those Winston performances. Again, the only thing I can say has already been explained in great detail in prior posts. If Burbank is the Peter North for the later Y2K era, then the time is now to collect his stuff, not trying desperately to hunt it down after they have been discontinued (in fact, as far as local distributors are concerned, "Suck It Dry" volumes 1 through 6 are already obsolete!). If I would have foreseen that the nature of the porn business was to discontinue releases only a few short months after their initial release, there would have been many different changes in my "collecting" habits, especially where those earlier Y2K releases are concerned. I mean what I wouldn't give for those first three "North Pole" volumes which were actually called "The Loadman Cometh" and distributed by Devils Films! Those were re-released on DVD at some point but quickly disappeared. Alright it is time to get home: metro stop is creeping up soon, and there is tons to do in the new apartment. Tomorrow no CHRNX with FZ seeing as how there is still too much work to be done, and for a special case, I shan't be working out of the AC location but from downtown. I had mentioned in the past how there were changes planned for the workplace, and it seems like tomorrow is the day the managers are to reveal their secret plans... So toodles fearless and faithful readers, and here's hoping I'll have a few minutes tomorrow to keep you posted with the new developments! 
More of those DIY amateurs, this one getting ready for an spunk cocktail fresh from the source!

I usually do not go for freckles, but this beauty has captured my attention!

Another pure amateur Bukkake-esque cum party moment!

A lucky lady gets her payment for a special party well hosted (or well hosed?)

A quickie in the flash fly picture before she ran out to clean herself up!

She agreed to have her pic taken post spunkathon, as long as no one could recognize her!

Friday July 5 2013: well there's a meeting in a few minutes so Incan only make a short list to come back to later and expand upon.
- BBB HJ new place last night
- awful electricity in new place
- Sloppy Head #2
- hope to have a washing machine tonight
- more boxes unpacked (slowly, surely)
So first thing on the agenda, last night I attempted to unleash my week+ load on camera because it had been a long while. I do not recall ever going that long without ejaculating except once when I was like 14 or 15 (max) and went away on vacation with my brother and father for 10 days and couldn't jack off, so I jerked myself off once back home after 10 days and literally plastered the wall in my bedroom: remember I was young, horny, and without any outlet, so you can imagine the volume and force of my cumshot back then! Anyhow last night after my wife went to bed I decided to try  to see what a set up in the new place would be like in terms of quickie improvised couch HJ sessions, seeing as how this may be the only type of setup I can do until my room is ready (and until I get a light in there too!). So using strictly the main living room light and a little table lamp on the side, I set up a little snug arrangement in the living room with one camera on a tripod and the other hand held. Although the lighting was nowhere near perfect at all (due to poor lighting position and lack of possibility and areas to place extra lamps), flash photography enabled the possibility to make pictures decent. I decided that for the inaugural new place session I would have the Carmen Vera doll jack me off, seeing as how this would also be her very first HJ session. I had to be carful because not having ejaculated in a week or so, my cock waa ready to unleash a cumshot no matter what nor how little stimulation I would allow myself to have and on a few occasions during the pre-cum photo session I had to seriously pace myself as to not pop prematurely, all the while watching Johnni Darkko's "Sloppy Head #2" in the background. So I took a few pictures before deciding to do the clip, but just as I was getting a decent hard on for pictures and ready to start the session, my cock decided that it was enough stimulation and thought it was a good time to pop prematurely. Of course Inwas able to capture a bit of the cumshot on camera but lost maybe 3 or 4 of the earlier strands of cum off camera. You still can tell that it was a voluminous popshot even if only the second half was caught on camera. Funny thing is that I actually came on the camera without noticing it, lens, housing, the whole thing. If Inwould have had a second camera rolling then Perhaps I could have actually showcased the cum on the camera but seeing as how it already was a missed pop as it were (and to be honest, after the ultra sensitivity of a 7+ day hiatus, it came as  no surprise) I thought just taking my word for it was enough. Anyway, that was the BBBaptism of the new place, although not an official one at all (for obvious reasons!) and I am already contemplating re-attempting it (the Carmen introductory HJ) soon and inserting the missed pop as bonus (boner) material. But before I continue (or rather stop and log off), I wanted to say something before it becomes too late and no one understands when I start to talk about it: that meeting we had at work this morning was to announce to us that we were sold to another company. Remember the whole hostile take over fiasco from last year or so? One would have thought that they would have learned their lesson by now, right? Turns out that they already signed to this other company and that the 11 remaining employees in he WC's branch where I am working in ( we used to be over 20 in the department alone!) are now as we speak on this date officially new employees for the new branch/company. There are tons of changes and important documents to sign in order to accept this offer (just like the old previous failed takeover fiasco) which will be done by the weekend, so by the time you read this, the change will have been made and the NEXT update may feature more details as to what my new job will be, where we will be situated, benefits, medical, insurance, etc. I wanted to give you a heads up because I am sure that the next updates will be filled to the brim with more emotional reactions on my part with this yet once again unforeseeable change. Yes, 2013 is the year of changes, more so than ever before, and with the amount of changes happening faster and more often at an impossible to keep up with pace, it makes me wonder how do some people like my friend FZ can claim that there is nothing new ever happening. Maybe change is a concept (note: a veritable and real one like time and unpredictability-the mathematics of chaos to coin the Killing Joke song) which is not equally distributed to everyone. Much like I myself can not stand change and hate it to the bottom of my core as it means constant re-adaptation and stress/anxiety due to disorientation, and yet change is what is the main affliction of my existence in 2013, whereas other folks like my friend FZ, who perhaps crave a change, any change from the daily routine, simply seem to have a very "uneventful" and predictable life. It is the nature of chaos to have everything which happens in this life as unpredictable as it is unstable. If change is not a constant factor like our perception of time in the gravitational pull of the sun on our planet, then I guess it would make sense why FZ is bored to tears by his seemingly uneventful life while I continually stress for not knowing what is to happen from one minute to the next. Sometimes I envy FZ even if envy is a mortal sin, simply because I would love to be able to find a sense of familiarity in this life, even if it is just for a month or so. But wishing does not make it so, so no use in beating a dead horse down! The point being that this 2013 is shaping up to being the most rock & roll year of changes, and even by trying to keep tabs via writing on this blog does not seem to be enough to be able to stay atop it all. So patience is a virtue dear readers, adaptation to everything is in fact everything in itself, and by next update I will already be telling tales of mega changes atop the mega changes! PeAce out dear readers; I do love you and hope to be as present as I can be! Speak to you all later on, when time permits!

And to finish off: TRUE bukkake pics; from the creators of it all, the Japanese!

Little Japanese lady gets her yearly dose of facials in one Bukkake sitting!

Some bukkake variants offer the submission theme quite violently!

To end this little post; a special "Let's cream her coffee cup real good" also dedicated to Joanna P in the UK!


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