BBB's MOVING (it HAS happened!)

Well I think you did not expect a FIFTH (5th) mini little teaser out of me on this date, right? If you do not know what I am refering to, scope out the previous 5 days' worth of little mini updates for a proper explanation as to what these mini blog updates are all about! Basically, by this time (July 3rd), we should have our internet connection back up and running and thus, we should be somewhat "back to normal", although after this huge mega move after living for 13 years in our previous "poisonous" apartment, you can imagine we still have a longs' way to go before actually being settled in! So although I do expect to slowly being returning back to my so-called "normal" online schedule and activities, I am sharing with you one last little BBB teaser preview just in case something went wrong and we still don't have any internet connection! Oh, one thing I did not mention in my previous 5 days' worth of mini updates; these BBB previews I am showcasing are just that: previews! When the actual scenes will be edited and posted on the Xtube channel, some of these pictures MAY be reposted in the future as part of the official blog posts to accompany the official release dates. Anyway, in the meantime, enjoy and I hope to be able to blog again REAL soon!

It's a BAD GRLZ CumReceptacle session with not one, but TWO CumReceptacles!

The big glass got a wee bit of ButterCum inside it!

If you notice, the CumReceptacle glass got some cum ON it as well as inside!

The other, little, CumReceptacle also got a wee bit of cum on its edges!

After all the cum showcase, MiniJoanna gets to have a taste of the fresh salty Butter snacks!

BC's gloved hand reveals that some cum was shot inside of MiniJoanna's hair in the process!


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