BBB's MOVING (it's happening NOW) (final one?)

Hey there everyone! Well I know that the past three days' worth of quickies and previews should have kept you all abreast (hardee har har) on the move 2013, but again I remind you that if you haven't checked out the previous days' worth of updates, please do. It explains why I am sharing with you these quickies and teasers, as well and gives explanations as to why I am posting these in advance to be released on specific dates. Right now, as this is being rendered public, we should be "back to normal" in the sense that :
1) We should be in the new apartment, without ANY ties left to the old one
2) We should also have our internet connection back, so we should be able to update as well!
3) We should be back to the workweek grind, so things should be "back to normal".
However at this point it is useless in mentionning to you all that we haven't unpacked nor settled in, and that should take a few days, weeks, and MONTHS! After 13 years of living at the old (poisonous) place, then you can imagine we have indeed quite a lot to do before properly setting in to our new "home". So in the meantime, here's yet another mini little preview teaser of another BBB session in that infamous "to be edited" queue!

MiniJoanna is once again going to take on a forced facial, flanked by RePo and Sharon!

What Happened? Turns out this was a semi-missed pop!

Fret not, as the cum on my fingers gets wiped onto MiniJOanna's face!

There there MiniJoanna, see? You DO get to taste all my cum!

Even with very little cum on her face, it still manages to drip off her chin!

Here's a shot of just some of the mini droplets which fell onto one of Joanna's CumRags!


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