2013 The Year When It All Changed

(continued from last update from July 5)

- awful electricity in new place

- Sloppy Head #2

- hope to have a washing machine tonight

- more boxes unpacked (slowly, surely)

Saturday the 6th of July 2013: the prior post hasn't even been posted yet and I am already preparing the next one! Saturday is errands day; woke up at 7am, left for 450 P'Taqh land to drop stuff at my brother in law's place in the ghetto-est ghetto area of the place, visiting my godson as well, then off to an aesthetician for my wife while I managed to record a 14 minute field recording piece for one of FZ's noise side projects, and now we are at the hairdresser's place waiting for our monthy/bi-monthly touch ups, which will be followed by grocery ahopping and booze hunting, which will bring us to late afternoon later when I will try to nap for a while before tonight spending time with my wife. Now I have to vent here because I do not wish to pollute my Twitter feed with such rantings (as I have done in the past), and my Facebook feed has already seen more than its fair share of such thematically-inclined rants, leaving only this place, my personal blog space, to be the forum for my personal expressions. SAQ fail; every time I visit an SAQ outlet (the legal alcohol shops sanctioned by the government, la Société des Alcools du Québec), I am filled and overwhelmed with a sense of sadness, frustration, and utter disgust, due to their absolute lack of decent alcohol. Their pre-mixed drinks section is a FRACTION of any LCBO in other parts of the country, as well as the liquor stores in the USA, and their more cream-oriented booze is also lacking in quality and selection. It is almost as though they have purposely made certain to cater to the OPPOSITE of my (and my wife's) tastes, carrying only the stuff the majority would seem to enjoy. In essence, it is a bit like the McDonald's and HMV philosophy of carrying and offering strictly what the "general" majority consumes, offering nothing to those with a taste leaning anywhere outside the majority, no matter how close to that thin line which represents what the so-called "most" people would seem to prefer. Yes, yes I know; I must be completely paranoid to be the only one who has noticed the growing control over the tastes of the masses by these mega corporations since the dawn of over-consumerism markets. Kids today have no clue because they only see and hear what the media and culture industry offers them on their iPhones. They have no idea of what does exist outside of what is dictated to them. But I remember a time (I know it makes me sound old!) when independent shops existed and offered at least some kind of alternative semblance of real choice. Those days are long gone, because everyone prefers to commit Walmart and download rather than actually finding the true "it" for their inner "id". But that is their problem. If they are too self absorbed to notice the underverses existing outside the corporate majority, then they deserve to be continually fed the fast food crap which passes for entertainment and information these days. Anyhow, point being that the SAQ is a perpetual fail these days: every time I visit an outlet, I feel cheated and left out due to their lack of choice for those with different tastes. And since it is a monopoly without any other competition whatsoever offering some kind of alternative, they can basically do whatever they want and screw the consumer. After all, if I don't like what they have to offer, then there is always the depanneurs and their malt-heavy cheap beer products!

Monday the 8th of July, 2013: Today, as it was hinted at last Friday (or at the end of the previous week's update- are you confuse yet?) it is a bit of chaos at work due to the fact that the company we worked for has been bought out by another one (as it was also mentioned in the previous update) and little things like email signatures, letter heads, and other details have yet to be made available for us, who are already a bit in the proverbial juice for being low-staffed. The news of being bought out was accompanied by having one of our friends and employee's position terminated which is always a shock, especially when we all thought our little "unit" of a team would go through thick and thin no matter what! Well once again, proof of the uncertainty and unpredictability of the universe and the world at large: mathematics of chaos indeed! But I am certain that in the coming days I will have a ton of new updates to talk about this transaction, as we are moving from a 30 employee business (12 f us only in our department) to a company of 1500 (about 100 in "our" type of department in the 514 branch alone), which will change the dynamics quite a bit. New offices as well, not too far away but further away from downtown than where we are now, so less opportunities to go out during the lunch hours for personal time off in speciality shops. Again, like I said, plenty of opportunities in the coming days/weeks/months to discuss this once again grandiose change, adding to the "crunch time" and eternal uncertainty factor of continual changes. So instead of repeating my philosophies about how the chaotic universe is as unpredictable as a cumshot from an unknown stud, I will instead talk about how the BBB is becoming or being maintained during our move of 2013 (new apartment, remember?) and then I shall attempt at exploring and answering the points I printed at the top of this blog! Last time I talked about the BBB it was to mention a failed/missed HJ pop with Carmen on the couch at the new place. Well last Friday we finished early due to the changes at work and seeing how I would have about an hour's worth of time before my wife got home, I decided to try to re-do the HJ couch session with Carmen! It turned out fairly decent, as it worked out quite Ok to be honest; the popshot itself was nowhere near the week-long load which was accidentally expelled the night before, but that was to be expected! Sonthis was not just the first BBB session in the new place, but it was also Carmen's first official HJ set as well! Now seeing as though i still do not have a proper set-up at all in the new place, the only way I can actually shoot BBB stuff at all will be to shoot couch HJ stuff, which may actually work out fine seeing as how the past 2 or so years have been quite lean in terms of couch HJ sessions, sonthis way I can actually play "catch up" with the doll HJing! And so last night (sunday), german blonde Bad Grl Katianna was up next to provide yours truly with another delightful couch HJ! Dressing her up in a nice simple but highly effective outfit to have her look her best for the scene, I also tried to set up a decent second angle with the tripod but I was not able to do so, at least not as nice as the previous Carmen angle. As my wife was taking her shower I did not want to waste too much time (as I still need to consider going to bed at a decent hour!) I actually popped in the first disc of Johnni Darkko's Suck It Dry #8 and started shooting the HJ before she went to bed! So in essence, Katianna's handjob was recorded in two parts; the first portion which lasted a bit over 3 minutes was quite an interesting tease and jerk-off session, in which I also tried something with the handheld camera motion which I hope will turn out right! However one thing I noticed with this temporary living room couch hj set up is a problem with the lighting which will need to be explored in the future. Anyway, after my wife went to bed, I continued the session this time shooting the tripod angle as well as another handheld shot, dirty talking all the way through and just taking my time and concentrating on mot popping prematurely. I noticed myself that more often than not I do tend to "rush" myself when the cameras are rolling, as it to avoid having too much memory taken up in the cameras' memory cards, as well as avoiding too much editing. Finally at one point I felt the cum boiling inside so I let Katianna do the final jerking all over my belly, trying to make sure that I did not block all the lighting with the camera angles! Oddly enough, it wasn't an explosive climax-in fact it was quite tame and toned down compared to what I had expected from jacking myself off for a certain amount of time! Then again, as often stated, many factors affect the quality of an ejaculation, such as stress and food/drink for example, and perhaps my being was not completely in tune with the HJ session happening with Katianna. Still, the cum was creamy enough to photograph well and allowed for many post cum photos which also included a look in my belly button which housed a small puddle of cum! I do hope it shows well on camera because that was sort of funny and interesting to have that puddle! After I had Katianna play in that puddle, her face actually had a layer of cum on it which prompted me to shoot more pics of the aftermath. So in retrospect, I guess I could indeed say "so far so good". As mentioned, I had been very limited in my HJ couch sessions in the past at the other place which rendered such BBBing both rare and difficult to manage, but as there is still not BBB set up at the new place ( and I do suspect it will be a question of weeks before we are able to get to that room/set up!), if I continue to do these little improvised and unfortunately badly lit night HJ quickies, I should be catching up with the HJ side of things! It is a different dynamic, but one which I also enjoy! I will have to answer Joanna soon (yes, our resident UK mega cum slut supreme, aka the C0v3ntry Cunt who may become a "donor" to this blog!) soon because she has asked a few special favors and requests which will be quite easy to satisfy once I get some time to myself (as well as space!) to be able to "work" on a few things which require some type of set up! Now in other news, I know I should be following the short list I reprinted from last week's update (here at the top of this page) but I wanted to mention a little something about our new place which is far from perfect. The noise. Yes, I had thought that living away from the "GOH" apartment which is perhaps the first ghetto housing apartment complex on our ex-street, would mean peace and quiet but unfortunately, nothing is properly soundproofed. In essence, even though we have no neighbours on either side, we do hear alot of what happens downstairs, or actually I should specify that I hear a lot of what happens downstairs because I do have extra-hearing. No kidding, after having spent ages around all sorts of humans from all walks of life, backgrounds, and whatnots, it has become quite clear and evident that my hearing is both far superior and sensitive than most, if not all, the rest of humanity. Don't forget the landlords downstairs have a 21 year old boy and w all know how today's kids just have no respect nor consciousness about how loud and disrespectful they are. At first I thought it was the main man, the landlord himself, who just slams doors and wasn't careful with his noise but after this past weekend, I do believe (although it may still be premature to admit it as ultimate truth) that it is the son who is quite loud and disrespectful and brutish. When the son's car isn't there, things are much quieter. When both cars are there, they are barely on the tolerable side (remember how I am more sensitive to noise and vibrations than most/all), but when only his car is there, it is the equivalent of when the potheads moved in our last apartment next door last October, except downstairs. Of course we have to realize that aside from my extra sensitivity and incredible hearing, most people aren't aware that slamming doors and dropping furniture(s) on floors makes whole buildings shake, especially buildings which weren't originally designed with post Y2K lifestyles in mind. So now all I can say is that we traded one form of noisy neighbor for another, only this time it is downstairs instead of being from everywhere, and at the very least it does end at "decent" hours so that we can actually go to bed moderately early at night. Anyway, like my wife says, there will be neighbor noise everywhere we go no matter what unless we could buy our own place, which is impossible. I know, one should never say impossible because no one knows what can happen in the future, but unless I can triple my salary as well as inherent a perverse amount of cash-down money, we shall never be able to afford purchasing our own home. It is, for lack of a better form of expression, impossible in this day and age, with the salaries we make. So now it is just a question of trying to adapt to a different type of noise, and just remember the old slogan of what does 't kill us makes us stronger ("our time for revenge is at hand"). Now before I start talking about the bad electrical surprise we had last week and that you fine readers think that I have nothing but bad things to say about this new place, alwaYs remember the following amazing good points: private entrance, straighter floors, closets in every room, waTer pressure... So of course we'll alwaYs have negative sides to every coin., but at least there are grand advancements in terms of good sides (as just listed). The bad electrical surprise came when we discovered that the living room, the bedroom, and the bathroom were all on the same "power coupling", the same electrical breaker. So everytime we tried using the 2 air conditioners (1-bedroom, 2-living room) the power would short out on all the three rooms. The power and electrical plugs is also not grounded properly, but that is because rarely in any "older" building is the electricity up to par. So we had a decisio.n to make and opted for the most logical one which is also the least frustrating for all parties, but also the biggest eyesore. We decided to plug the living room air conditioner on another circuit using a grounded mega extension cord. So unfortunately we have this big thick orange cable going from the living room to the small half room office, with grey electrical tape to prevent footing accidents, which is an eyesore but it is only temporary; when winter comes, the air conditioner pops out and into storage it goes! In our hood, the old VSL portion of the 514, no proper electrical system exists because up until this past spring, no new constructions were built; only classic older buildings. But with the recent craze of new condos being built on every single little portion of "free" turf, new true eyesores are being built by the dozen each week. Yeah, the condo craze is destroying all green patches left in the 514, leaving instead concrete chicken housings for humans which are unaffordable and are taking up all the space left! I wonder if other parts of the world are also afflicted by the condo disease, or if it is but the 514. Soon our once "glorious" city will indeed become the concrete jungle I predicted it would because back in the 80s! Soon, all cities will be like Neo Tokyo; trees and grass and plantlife will only be remembered in books and online, and the metropolises will be smog-filled  concrete buildings housing 100s of small little living and business quarters, except for the ghettos which will be the same except for poor cheap wood like substitute constructions. The still propagated white picket fence image is but a thing of the past now, as true "homes" are being demolished to make way for smaller cubicle unaffordable housing structures. My epic story which I began to write in 1998 covering a 1600 year "history" is becoming a reality right now. For those who thought the world hasn't changed so incredibly over the past 20 years have been blindfolded under a submerged rock! Here's my metro stop; i'll continue later!

Pretty as a picture! (more from this set to follow!)

Tuesday July 9th 2013: Today at the office it is literally nuts. The chaostrophy is beginning hard with a mega bang and I unfortunately do not mean a hardcore fucking session! Seeing as  how w are supposed to b physically relocated in a question of weeks, we have a mega cleanup in the office to do, to know what we need to keep and what needs to be archived and the like. Now as surely you can imagine, analysts and managers are not the ones to be "bothered" by doing this laborious exercise, which of course falls on the "little" guys, such as myself. Seriously, I have a few days to tabulate and prepare a system of archiving which would normally take months, and this is to be ADDED to my usual duties which have also grown in the past days since the "buy out", which resulted in some of our workforce being "thanked" for their services. Anyway, we all can only do our best, and they certainly aren't paying me enough (not even the new place, actually!) for me to stay and do overtime. One thing though; it is such a monstrous amount of work than I can not allow myself to take as many little bathroom breaks as I used to do, to write on my phone these little updates, hence the rather fasting/hunger-infected nature of this paragraph! So suffice to say that crunch time has never left, in fact it has doubled and tripled its hold on us, time being a commodity which seems to be impossible to purchase. Well at least on my salary! Anyhow, as always, tons of major changes and nowhere near the amount of time allowed to discuss in detail a fraction of it all, the ever-constant inconsistency of the unpredictability of the chaosphere ruling the every day existence with its impossible to grasp hold on reality as it appears to us. So instead of trying to fight against time and then offer explanations and excuses as to why my writings are but a mere echo of a shadow of what they once were, I thought that if you, faithful reader assimilating this exercise in self control in the written format, have been reading my updates for a few months now (at least!) then you should be well aware of all the ever numerous real life interferences which sabotage my true devotion to this blog. So knowing that there is no way to offer any true explanation as to why everything is chaotic within my virtual space here (seeing as how it has been explained at least a few dozen times by now!) , I thought I would talk about my latest little order ordered from AdultDvdEmpire, a special homage to the late but never to be forgotten TS pornstar, Jezebel Yum. If you don't recall me mentioning Jezebel Yum in the past it is probably because most of my text concerning "her" were on my previous blogs, now all deleted (of course), and the only mention I have made in this blog was a quickie little half-assed birthday remembrance. But what you need to know about Jezebel Yum from my perspective is that she could have become a big time superstar, as well as my personal favorite in the TS genre. Now I know it sounds weird for a guy like me to also dig some of the TS stuff, but as I always said; more chicks with more cumshots! Anyway I am not here to try to explain my appreciation for some of the TS genre(s), but rather to get to the all-too-rare Jezebel Yum releases! Sure you get other favs of mine like Bailey Jay because she is like the beat of both worlds, Carmen Cruz because most of the time she shoots very nice cumshots (especially in the Joey Silvera directed releases), but Jezebel was something else. I use the past tense because she is no more. More on her passing later. Jezebel was very feminine, with a playful attitude, beautiful hair (even when she went blonde), a nose like what I can not resist much (!), a very beautiful large cock and very potent cumshots. She was also nOt perfect, nowhere near the "trap"-alicious feminine Bailey Jay who could really pass as a young woman until she dropped her trousers, and not "too" feminine in the sense she dis not try to micro downsize or hide her cock at all; in fact her crotch area looked a lot like that of a man, but everything else was all woman. Her smile, her eyes, and yes that nose, all added to her charms which enthralled me unlike most others. And her cumshots! Maybe they weren't as plentiful nor powerful as some more traditional cumslingers in the male department (North, Burbank, Swarzenpecker, etc) but for a TS she shot mega loads! Now unfortunately, Jezebel committed suicide a few years ago, a most tragic loss to her friends and to the industry, and on a more personal note to myself. No one would ever come forward about what they thought could have been her reasons for ending her life in such a public and painfully violent manner, but we all can agree that the life of a TS pornstar want-to-be (or trying to be) is less easy than one can imagine. Jezebel only appeared in about a dozen or so official releases, also donating her talents and performances to web-based companies. She was not the most well-known of the up & comers of the scene, but she was on her way! Now it goes without saying that her DVD appearances are quite scarce as is, most TS companies not having a lot of international distribution. I can honestly say I have never seen a DVD with Jezebel Yum in it, but then again, with such little titles as is, it would have been that needle in a haystack to find any of her appearances. Crap here's my metro stop; gotta stop for now and return later. Tomorrow at the AC location as well as on Friday. Many changes, lots of jumping around here and there, the unpredictability of reality as we know it, the constant ever-changing daily life; you know what I mean!

The very Butterlicious Jezebel Yum; a true tragedy of the TS industry...

Jezebel works her cock to its full size hardness!
Jezebel jacks off her own meat in a jacuzi, for the voyeuristic pleasures of her fans!

Ms Yum as a blonde, after dropping a bit of her shemale spunk on a mirror!
Wednesday the 10th of July 2013: (at the AC location) chaos ensues! I do not want you to think that all I am doing is complaining about the unchangeable nature of the chaosphere of the universe, but in fact, i find myself almost compelled to write about it, almost as a form of testament (testify, eh FZ?) to its maddening inexplicability! This morning knowing I was working exclusively at the AC location for this time only (but onFriday as well by the way), I started leaving home a good 30 minutes earlier than usual, to account for the longer distance to the metro/bus terminus, as well as in preparation of the unknown. Always prepare for the unknown because the unknown lurks behind every turn! Upon arriving at the intersection of the bus terminus, a good 1/3 of its access was blocked so we had to borrow another side of the street, where cops were standing in sigil making sure no one tried to run a run light. Obviously no one re-arranged the lighting signals and i ended up losing an extra 5 minutes waiting for a light for pedestrians which never came! Them I almost got run over by a bus , thanks to the pedestrian access to the bus stop I needed to access being blocked by construction, and then, surprise surprise, the line for my bus was as long as half the quai! Of course, the bus arrived late (of course!) and there was no space left to sit and nap. Arriving at the AC location my so-called desk/work area had been cleared up, all my stuff being oddly placed near dusty old filing cabinets, because there was no other place left! Having wasted a good 30 minutes just trying to re-adjust to the new surroundings and my somewhat "exile", I found myself laughing uncontrollably on the inside, laughing at the joke which is the essence of change and chaos. How little do people really know about the true nature of this unpredictable but impossible to control force which basically governs the universe. Perhaps most people have a form of solid familiarity in their daily existence which gives them the illusion of order and structure. Over the past few days-weeks-months, I have come to realize that there is no real reason why anyone should even try to pretend at creating a sense of order in their lives because chaos comes in faster than he proverbial speeding bullet and crashes into everything faster than a tidal wave. Again, this is not negativity, but rather a conscious observation of the nature of reality as it truly is. So as I het ready to start another unpredictable day in the AC without any AC ( get it?) and where my coffee was charged as an XL but I received an L & my breakfast sandwitch was given ham instead of the bacon without any butter as I specified, I am keeping eyes and ears wide open for anything can happen! But I shan't be detailing every single mishap as it happens for this blog would eternalize on itself on every single proof of the universe being what it is, and instead I  shall attempt to continue my Jezebel Yum story from yesterday. So as I was writing , finding jezebel DVDs is quite impossible in the 514 and I have always kept an eye out for her all too rare appearances. Although the website TLAraw has a rather impressive selection, they literally had NONE of her discs. Of her 5 appearances in the "She Male Strokers" series, none of her volumes were available. But on the Adult DVD Empire site, it was quite different. In fact I not only found her 5 "SMS" volumes on the site (which were either used/discontinued copies or last/final copies left in stock!) but also all, save but one, of her other appearances! Now seeing as how her material dates back to 3 to 5 years, it makes her DVDs already "old" and on the verge of being labelled as "obsolete" , so as soon as I completed my previous ADVDE order , I immediately placd in my virtual shopping cart all of the rarer titles they had left in stock. In fact, only one of her titles was considered a "regular" item which can be ordered quite regularly. So I  was quite glad to be able to place an order featuring Jezebel Yum material! Before I go on about the Yum stuff, I also wanted to mention that this time around ADVDE offered me a free DVD with my order! Out of the 12 titles offered (mostly compilations from well known companies made specifically for the ADVDE website), the one which stuck to mind was a Vivid All-Star review compilation featuring scenes going back to the 80s! Sure there were other more recent compilations which looked quite fine and decent, but this one was what I considered to being "the" more "important" one! Anyway, like some of her counterparts in porn, Jezebel went under a few other aliases, some of which never officially listed, so if one did a search for Jezebel or Jezebel Yum, one would find maybe 2 or 3 DVD titles listed at the ADVDE website. Instead of doing that, I actually searched for the exact titles of her releases, and that is how I found that the site, up until my order of course, had a copy left of most of her releases! "She-Male Strokers #38" was officially discontinued and sold out, but the site had one used copy without cover art so I snagged that one in a hurry! Similar case for the Devils Films release of "Transsexual Cheerleaders", Jezebel doing a scene with a guy and two other she-boys (yes, that is a lot of she cock!). The other "She-Male Strokers" (#27, 29, 31, 35) discs were available as "regular" DVDs but most of them were down to their last in-stock copy, which meant that once sold, the volume would have become officially discontinued! The final disc in the bunch was also from Devils Film, the highly well known and successful series "Transsexual Prostitutes" (#53 for Ms Yum), also down to its final in-stock copy. According to official listings, Jezebel Yum appeared in 2 or 3 other titles, one of which is a well-stocked item at ADVDE, which is why I did not place it on this order. OfficiAlly speaking, Jezebel has appeared in 9 bona fide DVD titles, 7 which were ordered by yours truly, one which will be ordered eventually, and one which is simply unavailable anywhere so far according to my initial researches. Again, there are a ton of decent and quality he/she performers and products out there (as well as much more absolute drivel and forgettable crap, as it is the case with most porn out there!), but to me, Jezebel Yum will always have a soft spot in my memory. Her disappointment in life which pushed her over the edge to end it all much too soon also mirrors that of so many ex pornstars of the past who have taken their own lives. It is a shame when such people never seemed to have the proper support or help or love in time to make a positive change in their existence. Like I said, trying to "make it" in the business as a shemale is a bit like being a rotund BBF or a MILF; you get somewhat pigeonholed into stereotype-casting and become almost like a circus trick taken out every so often to satisfy a very targeted audience's morbid curiosity. While tranny chasers seem to. E on the constant prowl for anything and everything shemale oriented, some rarer folks can actually admire and respect performers no matter which gender-bending expectations-shattering nature they may be. Jezebel Yum was, to me, a most promising and enjoyable "lady" who had the potential for becoming much bigger than she was, but perhaps the industry itself being what it is chewed her out and turned her into a being she could no longer live with. I know very little about the personal side of Jezebel, as she was often one to keep to herself and only take out the "Yum" for when her character needed to rise to the occasion and perform for the cameras. Many who have worked with her had trouble understanding and associating themselves with her unique personality, which may be why some lesser than respectful tongues bad mouthed and misinterpreted her words and actions. Well all have bad days, we all get the blues, and we all react (somewhat) differently in such circumstances. So to finish off this little Jezebel thought, let me simply remind you all that I will be talking about her often in the future as I did now, but I just wanted to offer a little background to have you fine readers understand a bit better why I seem to appreciate her all-too-short legacy. Well now, on a less morbid note, my wife had a not-quite medicAl RV last night which meant I had a little while by myself after work yesterday and decided to improvise another quickie BBB HJ session on the couch! To keep this one short because I will have to sign off soon, this time around scottish lass Fiona was up at the bat, dressed in a little makeshift outfit to improve her curves. I will be honest : I love Fiona, she is an absolutely gorgeous doll, not just for the rare redheaded models, but just as a general doll. But her moveable hip section sort of makes her curves seem much too excessively extreme. A few dolls I have seem to have too thin of a waist frame which requires me to dress them up in order to "mask" that lesser-than-perfect body frame. So anyway, it was a funny session because I started the session like numerous others, first with the pictures and then onto the clips. As I was taking the pictures, I also started her wearing a cowboy hat, which she would "lose" during the session just before the cumshot. However when I started the clip after the pics, I noticed her hat was off, so I had to put it on again close to the end! Fiona also has another slight flaw which is shared with other dolls like KLS, RePo, and Sharon (for example), and that is how her arms are really not HJ friendly at all, making wrapping her around my cock most uncomfortable aNd dare I say even painful at times. That is why some dolls get less HJ action than others! However Fiona was a good sport yesterday and quite simply yet professionally jacked me off to another creamy little mess which was once again cleaned up off camera using one of Joanna's cumrAgs. Again it was not the largest HJ load ever, which I suspect can be attributed to more anxiousness, stress, some slight frustration, and the fact that I have to bring myself back into the Bdoll HJ mood which I had "lost" over the past months/years due to lack of practice and proper availability of opportunity. But it all works out in the end because if you look at it in one way, these HJ quickies on the couch are just "demos" if you will until I can find a proper set-up with decent lighting and angles, and it also is another excuse to coax put more Butter loads to add to Joanna's already mega creamy CumRag messes! Sonit does work out in the end! Anyhow I now must sign off as the bumpy bus ride makes typing on my keyboard -less phone all that much more "difficult". Tomorrow it's back to the downtown madness of the move and purchase and thenBack to the AC location on Friday. It is funny because at home I am unpacking boxes whereas at work I am packing up boxes! Who would have predicted any of this? Let's see if I get to blog for you guys tomorrow! Cheers, be safe, and if you're planning on screwing around, always wear a rubber!

One good thing about today's voyeuristic/exhibitionistic iPhon obsessed world!

Thursday July 11 2013: Well it is a free for all here at work. Moving confirmation to new location has been confirmed for next week, leaving me less than 4 days to do archiving at work for a load of work which would take at least 4 weeks to do. Plus there is a formation session to attend next week, as well as my presence required at least one day per week at the AC location. Needless to say, the whole chaostrophy is real and not just musings of a mad man. People who actually have time to be bored or whatever have no clue the turmoil and anxiety we are experiencing right now with this second crunch time of moving, this time for work after the managers sold us out to another monster. Legally they could not tell nor warn anyone before it was officially done and finalized, but that means they left us up shot creek's without so much as a straw to act as a paddle. Managers. Ever need to worry about such physical things as moving because they are used to having lackeys under them to take care of the crap. Problem is us lackeys have to take care of them managers, plus the stuff lying around everywhere and left by others (such as the lazy spoiled princess for example) , plus the stuff from other employees who were fired in the process, plus our own stuff, plus the regular work which still needs to be done. Essentially they are expecting us to dona month's amount of work in 4 days (which also includes that formation thingie). This is pure nuts, pure chaos, and ultimate disbelief. I find myself unable to express my feelings in any manner concerning who all of this is happening. 2013 is truly a year of continual changes and no rest no relaxation at all. It is as far as I can tell the ultimate test on my physical limitations, my patience and endurance (physical, emotional, intellectual) and my sanity (for whatever is left of it of course!). So far, I deal with all of this utter madness by trying to keep it out of my way, it the sense that I try to prevent it from harming me, from affecting me the way it is supposed to. Because if I succumb to it, it will engulf me and eat me alive, without so much as my pubes to spit out. Seriously dear readers: if I look at it in the only way a human could look at it, all I would be able to say is "there is no way out of it". Which is why I am trying to keep some kind of distance from it all and just do it one step at a time, never alloying it to touch me in how it is supposed to. Will all this reign of change and chaos ever end? It would appear highly unlikely, but as is the nature of the universe, nothing is predictable and anything can happen at any moment. Anyhow, seeing as how it has become clear that there will be no rest for myself for the next while due to all of these challenges appearing continually at any given moment, I thought it best to once again give ample warning of he rather unpredictable and almost impossible to deal with changes which curse today's existence, so for the next little while, we will have to play it by ear as they say, go with the flow, and see what takes us where and when. Because at this point, making plans and preparing oneself seems absolutely futile, and not worth much except wasted energy. Let's just adapt to how the universe presents itself as it happens, and deal with it as it does. Now throughout all this stress and whatnot, I still need to keep my BBBing active, and if I follow my so-cAlled waste-no-spunk schedule, I should be up for another one of my HJ practices tonight, since it has been two days! I was told I had some time alone this coming Saturday since my wife will be taking a class so I have been thinking about doing some mini Giga fun activities for Joanna, so as to also gain practice yet again with that now almost far-too almost forgotten form of activity! As it is the case, there is no guarantee whatsoever as to what can nor could be done or accomplished, so I do not wish to start making plans which may (most certainly) fail ultimately thanks to the universe, but I am keeping my options as open as I can for a guy who still hasn't unpacked his stuff! Like I said, it is pure madness these times; it is a slow, slow unpacking process at home while preparing to pack and working on archiving stuff at work for their move (our move) next week. Madness and chaos, folks. Energy is at an all-time low, which goes without saying. I think these days the only thing that relaxes me and keeps me going is porn! At least I know with porn, I have a sense of familiarity. Oh and another kick in the nuts: according to the floor plans where we will be moving to, I be next to that spoiled little princess bitch I just can't fucking stand. More of the universe's sick and twisted humor at our expense! Like most everything, there is nothing I can do about it. Ah well, so it goes! What else is there to say? Slow unpacking, still no room for myself, madness at work, I think I have pretty much talked about all that is happening right now today! We'll see what happens as it happens, shall we? In the meantime, let's just keep our porn properly and enjoy it for it is there! Yeah, as much of a social poison it is considered by most (yeah, yeah: they are hypocrites not to accept it as part of our daily lives!) it remains true in form and content, and for every single subtle difference between one cumshot to the next (at least to a cum fetishist like myself!), porn remains the true honest celebration of life even though it is all "fake" and staged. It is entertainment, and like wrestling, may be all choreographed and "going through the motions", but porn is still the raw and un-mistakable celebration of vitality and pleasure. I realize it sounds absolutely crazy and unrealistic, but while porn is considered an evil plight on this world which actually celebrates it hypocritically, it is a true form of performance art. There is no denying the energy and effects it provides to its viewers, and the performers, like the gladiators of yore, being athletes who love and breathe the sexuality they try to portray for the small screen, satisfying and creating fantasies which could never be realized in reality for most of us common mortals. Porn is a true force, a form of consistency in this unpredictable world, hence an island of hope in the ocean of reality, the oasis of refreshment in the desert of our daily lives. Porn should be acclaimed, not shunned away. So do yourself a favor and go buy a porn DVD after you finish reading this; help support the industry which makes it all possible! Got to run: more tomorrow!

One to remind Joanna that she is still a part of my thoughts throughout all these cum-filled images!

One for Joanna: keeping the cum close to where it counts!

Another for Joanna: the best want to keep cum close to you all day!

Friday july 1X 2013: no need to mention the continual chaoschangeshappening; no work desk this morning at th AC location, the only photocopier/fax/printer is down, forgot my shoes at other location yesterday, etc... Didn't do a BBB session last night due to exhaustion.  I wanted to shoot one, and I even prepared almost everything in advance: got the tripod and extra lamp in easier access, got my memory cards ready to be used, even got a Joanna CumRag out of the BBBackpack (or BBBag) as well as chose the lovely little plastic lady & dressed her up for the occasion: as previously mentioned, I want to use dolls which i don't get to use too often during traditional sets while I am still in these "settling in" without a proper room or set up situation. So Sue Storm, aka the invisible woman, was chosen as the HJ lady, dressed up in silver-like  pantyhoes, blue "fuck-me" boots, a light little silver-ish top, and KLS' fur coat... Looking quite fine if I do say so myself! Well she may have looked amazing but by the time that my wife wanted to go to bed, I was beginning to pass out myself, and seeing how things are and have been sonfar in 2013, I thought I would not fight against exhaustion, especially since there was no construction noise from the neighbours/landlords and I was able to sleep... But not before going on a light little spider hunting in our bedroom! One of them arachnids was quite large, and seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. My wife saw it crawling on the ceiling, and when I stepped out to get the flyswatter, she (the spider) started coming down the ceiling using a web string, towards some of our boxes. My wife was freaking out, and I unfortunately had to kill her (the spider, not my wife!) because it was too complex now to try to catch it and release it outdoors. So anyway, it all boiled down to being much too tired to do anything productive, and the "noise" died down by 20h30-21h00 which meant I could pass out (asleep) without the stress and fear of being woken up by whatever it is the landlords are building downstairs. So I guess that is it for this week's update: by the time this is posted, I will be in the proverbial juice, or rather in the thick of things as they say. Next week (so this week as you are reading this) is the remainder of the move at work, so crunch time beyond crunch time. On Tuesday the 16th we have that orientation formation at the new place, Wednesday the 17th I am at the AC location, Thursday the 18th I have a dentist's appointment, and Friday the 19th is the official move. Are we ready? Am I ready? Perhaps it is best to return to my ample and numerous warnings offered prior to my own personal moving in the past few months, in the sense that I could no longer guarantee a steady or regular amount of posts at all. So as the universe continually changes and unfolds to showcase the meaning of it all, that the only constant is continual change (and unpredictably so), all I can offer you dear readers is to heed my warning about my own eventual absence... Again! Seeing as how I have no idea what is to be or to happen in the coming days/weeks, I unfortunately can not offer any form of guarantee that I shall be able to get back to blogging anytime soon! So for the moment, I shall wish you all a great weekend, a good work week, and if you wonder where my posts went, well the answer was just given to you a few phrases away! Now, I am returning home from work and will be going to FZ's place tonight for a long overdue boozing session, which I hope will be relaxing me enough to finally be able to switch "off" my sensitivities! Take care, hope to be able to speak you you all in the near future!

One for my newest manga/anime lover follower!

If there is one thing I love almost as much as thick facials, it is a beautiful full-on breastful of semen-soaked tits!


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