THIS is IT, people!

This week's top choice pic is dedicated to Joanna P in the UK whom I am certain she is no stranger to these scenarios!

Monday june 3, 2013: the title (at least the working title) of this weekly update refers to the ultimate crunch time; as I write this, only a couple of weeks left to go until the move, and by the time this is posted, about 2 weeks or so until it, and so this is the moment I have been warning you fine and dear readers since at least January 2013. This is what I have referred to in the past months as crunch time, and this is when my online presence will be greatly reduced. Just over the past 2 or 3 weeks my "regular" amount of blogging has diminished since my already very limited "free" time has been reduced some more to make time for the packing and preparations. There are a few things which need to be addressed in order that once I do go offline, that you, the appreciAted reader, know what is going on. For the equivalent of three days during the move itself, we will be without any internet connection. On the night before the actual move, the service is being shut down, and to remain offline until the day AFTER the move. This also means that the computer equipment will be not up to usual operational status so no one knows exactly when we will be able to replug online. So what you the dear reader need to remember is that during those last days of June and first days of July, I will be completely offline without any internet access whatsoever! Don't forget we are moving into a whole new place with different room set-ups and spacial re-arrangements. And after having spent 13 years in the same crap hole (it wasn't always a crap hole, but now it has become so!), we have alot of stuff to change and move! So please do not wonder why I shall be disappearing more than usual in the coming weeks. On another note, perhaps more representative of this blog, was last night's BBB session! This one could very well be one of the last ones until the move, by the way, seeing as how this past weekend's packing (so the last - previous weekend for you) just about doubled the amount of boxes in our room, leaving a large portion of my space eaten up by the equivalent of rows upon rows of 8 feet tall piled up boxes! Anyway, before I can shoot any more I will have to make sure that I can continue stashing stuff in the room for the move as well as allowing me the ability to do the bare minimum required to shoot this type of stuff. Anyway, seeing as how I was already tired and exhausted from the weekend long errands and packing, and that it was already quite late to do a session anyway, I knew it would have to be a quickie and a basic one, so Angela Crystal got dressed up in a minimal gown and accessories (emulating the Fiona outfit from a few days earlier by the way, and that was reported upon in the last weekly update) and she looked good, enough to inspire me to start the session with her slightly bent over allowing her butt to be the source of stimuli for my aching cock in need of release! After a few short words of dirty talking I rubbed my cock on her butt for a short while until I thought it was time for the main reason why I shoot this. So after I returned her to her "normal"'standing position in bullseye view of my cock, it was time to start the three-angled cumshot sequence, the first angle being a throwback, or a return to, the slightly "from the side and behind" angle which many of my earlier 2012 sessions featured. It felt quite good I must admit to jack myself in front of Angela, knowing she wouldn't jump out of the way in an attempt to dodge the imminent Butter shot. Oh but when it came time to run the third camera, the macro function was off and I did not know if the camera's lens, set at "infinity", was in focus so I had to stop and re-start the third angle. Finally after a while of dirty talking and promising my cum to Angela, I exploded quite a load all over Joanna's cum rags! Although Angela was right smack there in front of me, pretty much dead center of the aiming of the spunk missiles, most of my cum ended up OVER her, on Joanna's black mini skirt cumrag! The cum I shot onto Angela was unforunately dipped off of her face due to multiple hits to the target, something I learned in the earlier days of the BBB. Maybe some of you who have seen Enough of my BBB clips over the years have noticed that if I happen to hit a doll's face bullseye with my thicker earlier spunk shots, I tend to try to aim elsewhere afterwards in order to preserve the thick cum on the face for as long as possible to take post pictures. Shooting over and over again means I dilute the earlier thicker cum with the later more liquid semen, which dilutes the thick paste and it just drips off of the face, following the path of gravity. However last night's cumshot was so intense, so powerful and plentiful that I did not notice I was aiming at Angela's face even if I should have tried to cum elsewhere: I was completely lost in the moment, also watching the incredible amounts of overshots which had landed on Joanna's cumrags, leaving almost a small pool of cum right where the side pocket was! Although we are often our own worst critics, this was another generous gusher which was worthy for me to do a longer than usual post aftermath showcase clip, to make sure I captured as much footage as I could after taking an equally extreme amount of pics. After the whole fun which had left me quite breathless (it was quite a spunktaculay intense orgasm!), I knew that I would indeed need to take a quick look at the cumshot through the cameras' memory cards to make sure it was as much of a gusher as it felt when i erupted it! Of course, it rarely is as impressive on camera as it is in real life, or perhaps it is just because we romanticize our prowess when they are left but only to memory without being "immortalized" on camera, hence part of the reason why I try to capture as many of my cumshots on camera. But enough of my own philosophies! As I am riding the metro bAck home now, I am thinking of the order I will be attempting to place when I get home: I have decided to go ahead and place that order I hinted at yesterday (as a quickie post after thoughts to last week's updates) for those used and last copies of various Darkko and Carmen Vera DVDs. First of all, there are three use Darkko discs where I know Winston Burbank provides at least one to three pop facials which I wouldn't pay full price for (just out of principle, no offense Jonni but in my opinion, paying $40 for a DVD in 2013 just seems ridiculous, but I'll explain my philosophy on that later on). Then there is this rare and quite impossible to find any data on, a DVD with Asa Akira in every scene from Voyeur Media (Vince Voyeur's company for the last couple of years), where apparently Winston Burbank would be doing a bonus scene with her. This DVD is literally non-existant anywhere in terms of filmography or other listing, except on some sites which actually sell it. Anyway, they (AdultDVDempire) are selling one without a cover for dirt cheap. Finally there are about a half dozen Carmen Vera discs on liquidation, meaning these are probably older titles which are on the verge of being discontinued. For example, the Zero Tolerance film "Spain In The Ass", which has been around for ages (although never available in Canada, obviously!), where they (ADVDE) only have one copy left, and they are selling it for a very acceptable price, especially for a new disc! I am already very familiar with that particular film because the cumshots are compiled on the Zero Tolerance "Cum Stains #7" DVD. I also was lucky about 2 years ago and found Carmen's scene from that film online from a fellow fan. But of course, nothing beats having a bona fide DVD version of a scene! Crap my stop's coming up! OK I'll continue this tomorrow; just one thought before I leave; as we were emptying out our DVD racks to pack them all in boxes, I found three DVDs from my Sarah Louise Young special European collection! Seems I had left three discs out for my wife to watch and masturbate while I wouldn't be there but she never did and the DVDs ended up pushed in the back of one of the shelves and I completely forgot about them! Well that was a good, albeit embarrassing surprise! Alright here's my stop so I have to log out of my phone, put on my game face and hope I don't run into the neighbors on my way home! 26 days from this moment forth, and counting! Speak to y'all tomorrow!

Tuesday June 4th 2013: ok so I decided to order another batch of DVDs from ADVDE as briefly discussed in yesterday's post. Some of the Carmen Vera discs which are on that order are on liquidation and on sale due to the fact that ADVDE only have 1 or 2 copies left, and wish to get rid of them for the nature of the industry and the business is to constantly get rid of older material to make way for the new releases. Of course I do not need to go into the details of my own views on that particular side of the subject, seeing as how if you, dear reader, have read my posts for a while, are well aware of my stance on the whole "rotation of stock" motif of the industry. So social commentary aside, "Taco Flavored Kisses" is a compilation of latina performers, featuring a super rare early Carmen scene where she takes on 2 guys. Now maybe I wrote about this before, but when my friend FZ used to make CDR and DVDr copies of his "Porn Clips", one of which featured this Carmen scene by accident, in the sense that he (FZ) never would have ever been able to guess in a gazillion years that this was Carmen and that she was in this clip on this disc. It was by pure chance that I stumbled upon the scene in question, as I was rummaging through FZ's "Porn Clips" discs to see if there was anything worthwhile. Most of which was either pure drivel, forgettable ho-hum porn, bad quality 60s-70s Vhs copies, Japanese weirdness, or other theme specific material. Of course, there were some decent things such as rare Joe D'Amato 90s shot of film stuff with Olivia Del Rio and Maria Bellucci for example. Anyway, back to the DVD "Taco Flavored Kisses", which's screenshot previews on the ADVDE site showed the early Carmen versus two scene in question. Now I am not sure but I think that this may be the sequence when, after taking on two facial loads, Carmen then walks out in public for 5 to 10 minutes, in an art gallery as well, wearing the cum on her face for all to see. If that is the case, then my friends I have hit the jackpot with this DVD! Other discs in the order include the "There's Something About Jack #2" release, the infamous Jack Napier series which was never made available in Canada, but for $5, I thought that was a good deal! Again folks, please bear in mind how hard it is to find Carmen material as is, and that most of what is commercially available (such as "Drive Thru #3" from Zero Tolerance) I already own! So a DVD with ms Vera at $5 can't be that bad! Doubly especially so when her scene in the flick is reported as being a four-way with 3 guys (although according to the reviews I have read online, it appears that maybe only two of the three guys actually get to cum on Carmen-I will need to investigate further on this when I receive the disc!). Also in the vein but totally different is the "Jack's My First Porn #2" from another Jack, the Jack from Jack's Playground and Jack's Teen America. "My First Porn #2" features an all star case such as Rita Faltoyano, Jasmine Byrne, and Eva Angelina as well. So obviously, add Carmen looking absolutely fantastic (from her Digital Playground days) and this one was a no-brainer. Little extra note on the subject: some reviews say that the final pop she gets mostly in her mouth at the end is quite voluminous. So even though it is one of those "in the mouth" popshots, the promise of it being quite large is enough for me to be forgiving of an oral creampie! More details to follow when I get the disc! Of course I almost had a heart attack when I saw that ADVDE were selling a cover-less DVD of Evil Empire's "Please 4: It's A Dog's Life", an earlier Joey Silvera joint which features Carmen again going against two guys in a scene shot in a boxing ring! This one, as many will recall, has been on my Carmen wishlist for the longest time, but I was never able to find it online for less than $30! So when I saw it at $10 without the cover, I knew that I simply could not allow such an opportunity to pass me by! Although one of the guys she is paired up with is Erik Everhard, who is known (in my own little world that is!) as a very T T Boy-esque spunker, he is often capable of donating multiple pops per scene. So we shall see how this one "ends" when I get it in my filthy hands! But let us face it folks-a Carmen scene directed by Joey Silvera? The chances of that "sucking" are minimal! There is a thing which I forgot to mention and that is the fact I have to replace the receptionist here at work during the rest of the afternoon which means i won't be able to properly write nor finish this post, so I'd better get a move on! The final Carmen disc in my order is of course the Zero Tolerance "Spain In The Ass #1" release which is, like most others (if not all!) on my order, just never made available to us Canucks (Canadians). "Spain In The Ass" is yet another high-def two guys on Carmen scene which starts off as a one-on-one but then another dude comes in and it's a very fine 3-way. As I mentioned yesterday, I am familiar with the end cumshot thanks to one of those "Cum Stains" DVD compilations I bought over the years. Anyway, Inam looking forward to getting five "new" Carmen releases, But that of course is probably common knowledge to you guys if you have read my blog over the years (at least my previous blogs before they were censored!). Other discs as I mentioned are other rarities, also without cover art so pricing is slashed: "A.S.A.-Asian Sex Addict" is an all-Asa Akira DVD from Voyeur Media, so you know it's gonna rock like mad because Asa is one of those true athletes in terms of modern porn. Apparently Winston Burbank would be performing in the bonus scene so that's reason enough to get this disc, although serious lack of information on this title (not even listed on the IAFD website) make getting true information difficult to impossible. But an all-Asa Akira DVD just can't go wrong! "Gape Me"'from Evil Empire, directed by Jonni Darkko, is another flick which I have never seen in Canada either. In the Asa Akira scene, after she's done another scorcher of a coupling with a lucky prick, she does two little bonus blowjobs, one on Darkko, and one on Burbank. No idea if the Winston pops more in bonus scenes, but at least, one more Asa-Burbank mega facial blast won't hurt! Up next, another Darkko directorial effort, this one available in Canada although quite pricey, so when I saw this one without a cover at ADVDE, I jumped on it as well (fraction of the cost). "Angels Of Debauchery #9" features Winston Burbank in a bonus scene, so you know that one's going to be remarkable! Plus Darkko is quite the visual director as well so there is always some fine, fine eye candy in there! Last but not least, yet another Darkko release with Burbank. Although I am still looking for the first volume which is oddly difficult to find, "Asian Fuck Faces #2" is a double disc release (much like the more recent Darkko material due to sheer length and quantity), which easily goes for $40 in the only store in the 514 which I saw it carry, and goes for $37 online! So you know I jumped on the occasion to purchase a version without cover which comes to LESS than half the price! Of course, this 2nd volume is nowhere near the "want" factor of the first one, due to the fact there is less Winston in it: in this volume 2, Burbank only appears in 3 scenes. But that's still more Burbank than most, and knowing how Darkko shoots his all-oral flicks,'the rest will definitely be quite watchable to say the least! So yes, I am really packing up them Winston popshots of late! I really got to go back to work now even if I know I won't have time to continue blogging the rest of the day, so here are notes to return to next time:

- Jezebel Yum

- John Dough

- Angela Crystal

- Mac Dorcel productions

(all on the ADVDE website to discuss tomorrow!)

(continuing as I have a few minutes waiting for the metro): maybe the public transit system is down yet again here in the 514. For at least the last year or so, the metro has suffered incredibly in terms of being often down and out of commission. Now, as we are in rush hour, the system is apparently twice as slow (if not more) than usual: instead of having trains at every 2 to 4 minute intervals, it seems they are reduced to 5 to 8 minute intervals, such minutes of course not being actual "time" units as we know them, but what has "affectionately" become known as metro minutes, seeing as how sometimes 1 minute in metro time is the equivalent of about 3 minutes in reality, hence my ability to actually write this seeing as how a metro was supposed to have passed about 2 minutes ago (at least) but the schedule is still showing 1 minute of waiting time which have been for at least 2 minutes of its own. You donthe math, but it is all fiction anyway and it only means I will have to wait a few trains before embarking due to too many people and not enough service. How typical of the metro system to provide its users with so little and unpredictable services . the good news is that I can start talking about a few extra "hunts" and finds on the ADVDE website which started yesterday, coinciding with what would have been the Bday of Jezebel Yum, if she hadn't committed suicide a while back. Those of you who have read my previous blogs will recall how I was quite sad to hear/read about this transexual star committing suicide. Jezebel was one of those rare beauties with an extra big cock that also shot quite decent cumloads! She was perhaps the closest to perfection in terms of shemales if, said, Carmen Cruz had a huge dick (and a Butter-licious nose!), or if Foxxxy had larger cumshots. You get the drift. Well little is known about Jezebel and her contributions to the world of XXX are limited and now that she is no longer of this earth, her legacy becomes even that much more important. When doing a search for Jezebel Yum on porn sites, you get extremely limited results. In the case of ADVDE only 2 titles came out, but when searching for individual titles using her filmography, I found all her official titles available, some of which on sale, others on liquidation, all at affordable prices! Seems that in most of the cases, she was not credited in the "search engines" of the sites, other times only as Jezebel, and when one searches for "Jezebel", one gets all the Jezebel variants, such as Jezebelle Bond for example. Sorting through that would be madness even if I had the time to do so! Anyway, if I wish to acquire Jezebel's material, I must act fast for most of the ADVDE material listed only shows one copy left in stock. So in the vein of dead stars (sorry for the morbid thoughts!), I searched for Jon Dough, and started sorting through the last results first, which is usually the long lost discontinued titles. Well wouldn't you know it that some of those discontinued titles actually had some used versions available! Of course most of this is during Jon's later 90s appearances in Vivid and such releases, so it's all hit or miss actually. But it's a good start to be honest, as some of Jon's best work (in my opinion) happens to be his 90s-era performances. Subsequently I started searching for Angela Crystal, because I wanted to see if they sold some of her lesser know titles. And yes, I wouldn't mind finding a DVD of ZeronTolerance's "Blow Me Sandwich #1", long discontinued, strictly for the Angela and Carmen pair-up blowjob sequence! Yes, I know; Carmen and Angela together in the same Bj-only scene! It was while looking at the found results for Angela Crystal that i discovered quite by accident that ADVDE do carry releases from the famed french-european label vMD (Video Marc Dorcel) which I thought wouldn't be available through american retailers! But the confusing part was when I saw the prices. ADVDE don't sell Dorcel DVDs more expensive than others, in fact they are actually CHEAPER than Evil Empire discs! Plus they alao have "used" Dorcel releases making them even cheaper, as well as some titles which I had been looking for. They don't have an extensive amount of Dorcel material, but quite respectable, and to add insult to injury (you'll understand this one), that "Pornochic" 6-disc DVD package I bought for $60 last year? ADVDE sell it for $30! The 4-disc "Fantasmes" compilation? $20! And "Mademoiselle de Paris", the most expensive single disc on DVD I have ever bought (at $65 if you'll remember), they sell it for $20! So as you can see, Dorcel stuff is only really expensive in the 514, because they seem more than affordable in the USA! Must dash off now: my metro stop is coming up next and I am already later than usual thanks to replacing the receptionist and th e metro slowing down! But all is well, and I shall continue this tomorrow!

Wednesday June 5, 2013: Well good moanings and how'a it hanging? Last night I almost shot a session. What happened? Well my mind was turned on but my body was exhausted so I opted to not get into the clip making process: once you decide to shot a clip, the next few hours are reserved for that; the whole setting up, the cameras, the tripods, the angles, etc.followed by the post de-setting up and everything that entails. It is quite a process, one which demands more time and effort than most can imagine. The reason I actually considered a session last nigh is because I am getting boxed in now that we are really packing up like mad, and soon I just will not have any space left to shoot anything! Seriously, I need to figure out how to re-arrange my set-up by packing up more stuff and finding out how to put boxes atop each other in a new ergonomic fashion because as I am writing this, one more box will mean I have to stop shooting altogether due to space reasons! So seeing as how my BBB ins now limited and counting down to the inevitable day(s) (weeks?) which will have me not able to shoot, I have to start thinking about how to shoot stuff "now" before my entire room is taken over by boxes! I think I will have to shoot a long-overdue BTS clip which showcases the complexity of the BBB set-up and setting up for each session, as well as the level of boxes in my room which will soon be overwhelmed! Now before anyone says I can always shoot in other rooms, need I remind you that 1) I do not live alone, and 2) privacy is almost impossible in most other rooms, as well as not being set up properly for BBBing. So something tells me that tonight's BBB set which I have to do regardless of exhaustion or lack of mood might be one of those final ones before the move, and then after that will be re-setting up in a whole new environment, so I am not sure how it will be done. Whatever happens, as it was already warned many months in advance now, the crunch is now, and what I have been conveying in terms of my online absence is indeed right here right now. No internet at the end of June and early July so I will really be cut-off from the world, and the days before and after the move will also be quite hectic. So apologies first and foremost to Joanna P in the UK who will be the one suffering the most out of this ordeal! But before I start going into the Joanna territory, I wanted to say yet once again that when the time comes and this blog site "suddenly" goes silent, with only absolutely minimal and obviously far from finished post appearing at random intervals, then you know that I have indeed gone offline for a few days, into the transition period known as the move. Quite a spectacular experience I must say, packing up over 13 years' worth of "life" after a few major clean-ups to eliminate the trash and crap. We are pack rats and we have been compensating our whole lives by accumulating material goods (whatever they may be) in order to give our existence some substance, believing products and gimmicks would make our lives easier, more beautiful, more pleasurable. Now over 3 years of being sober for real (or is it just 2?), except for the occasional alcohol evening, we realize just how much crap we humans, or at least us, tend to accumulate just to feel as though we have meaning and something to fill the void. There is still so much to do before the move, so much to pack, principally the computer room, the kitchen, the bathroom and our main bedroom. Of course elements of all rooms have been already tackled and packed but so much still needs to be done. Thank you for under standing the fact that my communications will get more erratic and garbled in the next days and weeks. The storm is here, and it is getting worse until the big hurricane at the end of the month, after which the clouds and showers will slowly be passing. This is 2013 people, and as much as we try to hold on to whatever it is that creates a sense of stability in our lives, this is it, people! This is when it all changes! This is what the last 6 or so months have been leading up to; the wedding last month, and now the move. My next step is to finish packing everything which I won't be using everyday (or ever other day, hint hint!) so that Incan actually have space to move stuff around in the room without feeling too much like I am drowning in boxes, and hopefully be able to shoot more sessions until the move. After tonight Inwill be able to let you know an approximation of What will be happening over the next 2 or 3 weeks in terms of my on-camera clip-ability! Oh, while I'm on the subject but somewhat may seem unrelated, and FZ should be getting a kick out of this one, for the past week Inhave been moisturizing my cock, and after only 7 or so days, Incan already feel a difference! The funny thing is that it never occurred to me that a cock may need special treatment, much like a face or hands, or legs, and such. People use a variety of moisturizing creams to help keep their skin hydrated and soft, and I thought that my dick should also deserve this treatment. I've only recently started moisturizing my hands due to the exema I have had since the drug dealers next door, and although it isn't miraculous (only time and relaxation will make it heal), it does help a bit. I do not enjoy putting cream on my hands because they are always touching everything (in my line of work, my hands are constantly being used). But the cock is a different story; moisturize it with a soft perfume/fragrance free (very important no perfume!) in the morning after the shower, and then it spends most of the day in my underwear/trousers where it doesn't come in contact with many things, unlike hands! Well after a week's worth of once a day moisturizing, there is a bit of a difference. You may ask why now, after all this time? Well it got to my attention after realizing most guys just really don't take care of their dicks all that much. Sure, they pull on it and jerk it off but that does have its toll on the poor flesh noodle. Also, I noticed my cock did not look so smooth in recent (2011+) pictures, and Inrecall my wife used to comment how soft it was but she hasn't recently, sonall these factors together have made me realize that a cock is like any other part of one's skin and needs to be taken care of! I can not believe I did not mention this earlier, especially if I have been doing it for a week now! Anyhow, it seems to work ever so minimally thus far, and I hope to continue doing it so that eventually it'll start looking good on camera once again! Ok so I know this is far from the usual "exciting" stuff I report upon, but it is new and unconventional! Which brings me to the fact that I have to sin off once again for the moment because I need to finish my work day here and then walk the detour to get to the metro. Hope you'll remember how last week I had given an early warning about the metro exit being clogged and blocked until September, rendering the public transit even than much more enjoyable! Anyway, let's hope I can get a decent amount of energy later tonight so that I can shoot anquickie little on camera session before I am "forced" to stop doing so due to the amount of boxes preventing me from doing my simple set-up! Great, now this piece of celery is making me choke! Talk about eating food that is good for you! Speak to y'all later folks!

Thursday the 6th of June 2013: some days are busier than others: let me give my own self a reminder before I forget all the stuff since last night:

- Radioactive Turbular Girls

- T the porn supplier & too many VhS tapes

- BBB session with KLS & BC

The first thing I want to mention is the exquisite mash-up by LeeDM101 who made one of the most brilliant mixes featuring Duran Duran's "Girls On Film", Mike Oldfield's "Turbular Bells", Kraftwerk's "Radioactivity" and "The Robots", and more. As you know, I believe that the only way for commercial music to retain any true lasting value is to be continually rejuvenated and the "fad" of doing "mash-ups" seems to be one of the best ways to keep tired old songs which were overplayed ad-nauseum still feeling somewhat fresh in the ears of those rare few who can actually appreciate, or at least notice when something is horribly wrong, what music and its commercial packaging idea, is all about. Mixing together great songs which are by no means forgettable in any way has in fact created a masterful mash-up worthy of being elevated to its own piece, its own musical merits. It is one thing to mix two pieces together, and one thing when such pieces only have novelty value, but LeeDM101's "Radioactive Turbular Girls" is what pure brilliance is all about. I do suggest you try to hunt it down for your own and listen in headphones for the incredible amount of synergy this mix actually has and pays forwards. It is quite simply one of the most expertly crafted mash-ups I have ever heard, and I have listened to a crap load of mashups in the past decade or so, and I can not express in more words just how much of a true "hit" this piece is. It elevates the "Girls On Film" subtle darker appeal to the missed potential of one of Kraftwerk's earliest hits (no offense to the K-men but after hearing the mash-up, you'll understand why I said it in such a way!), in turn feeling as though it was always a part of Oldfield's now stereotypically "The Exorcist" association, like long lost twins separated at birth. Add to that some very powerful human drumming reminiscent of Diplo's "Blow Your Mind" dance-hall mash-up mix from Mad Decent radio, and you get this whole new "song" which flows as though this is how it was meant to be. Go on ahead, listen to it with headphones, and allow yourself to feel as though this is a brand new song which just "feels" as though it was "old"! Next up, my friend T, my more personal porn supplier for at least the last 10 or so yeArs, gave me a buzz earlier today concerning both the box of VHS tapes I set aside a few months ago in the warehouse (for those of you who do not recall, in Febuary-March this year I helped him move a crap loAd of VHS tapes from a personal collector, this being referred to in my posts of the era as "the holy grail" of 90s material, my sorting through at the AC location landing me that indiscretion which has forever tainted my record at work and reason why I went through Sex addiction therapy). He also mentioned he still had hundreds of other tapes to unload and wanted to know if I knew anyone. It is quite the turn of events, and on the subject in question, I can simply mirror and repeat what I have said in the era's posts all those months ago: if that collection would have been made available to me 10 years ago, then my porn collection would not have been a DVD/digital one. Still, some of those titles were absolute must haves, never have been made available in DVD since, or long discontinued. If you read my posts from those days, then you know what I mean and what I am talking (writing) about! Finally, the BBB session from last night. I shan't be able to fully complete the run-through, so the continuation will have to be provided tomorrow while at the AC location or on my back from there. So let me begin: as you know, crunch time for the move has begun to seriously reduce my flexibility in terms of sessions. Basically, coupled with my own exhaustion, all that can be afforded are your basic doll sets. So last night Inwanted to have as main target a doll we hadn't seen in a while, KLS. Sure, she's around once in a while and still has quite a lot of sessions to be edited and posted to the Xtube channel, but frankly, she hasn't been the focus of a scene in a long time. So when I started rummaging through my bag of Bdolls, I kept pulling out doll after doll, but no KLS. I emptied it out completely and still no KLS! Like the real life Carmen Vera (and not her Bdoll counterpart!), where on planet earth could KLS be? I began emptying out the whole backpack of Bdoll sex toys and accessories (remember the hockey bag which was "downsized" to a regular backpack?) and finally found KLS squeezed all by herself at the bottom of the pack, as if she was forgotten and left there for months! Squeezed as she was, one of her eye lids was sort of "folded" the wrong way making her look also "lazy-eyed". So after attempting to re-arrange he eye-lid, I also dressed her up in a rather delightful (albeit quite BBB "classic" by now) fetish-oriented get-up, and decided she should be joined by another Nad Grl, so BC (Black Canary) was the lucky contender. When at first I could not find KLS I was tempted to use BC as a solo target. Finally, MiniJoanna joined the festivities, and the set-up was complete. I also shot a little BTS clip seeing as how I hadn't shot one in like 3 or so years and needed to explain why this may be the last BBB session until the move, and how the set-up is actually done before each shoot. Now, my metro stop is forthcoming, and thus I must part ways with you, dear readers, until tomorrow or the next opportunity I get to write to you! At least having to continue writing about the session with give me a good subject to tackle! Speak to y'all tomorrow!

A left-over (a straggler?) from last week's post!
Friday June 7, 2013: had another bout with insomnia last night, brought upon by some alcohol consumption (2 small Boris bottles), passing over the sleep period (when you don't gonto bed when you're tired, your body sometimes passes over the cycle and gives you the impression you aren't sleepy, sending wrong signals to the brain), and of course the neighbors who weren't that bad but the fat asshole who's one of the more recent regulars over the past month, who's a stomper across the floors at 23h30 at night ( I also suspect he's the culprit responsible for the a,m. stomping as well at 5h45 when I'm in the shower), and as you know , a little neighbor noise goes a long way towards anxiety! Anyhow I did get some sleep because the alarm woke me up this morning so eventually I passed out, although i do feel quite groggy this morning. Now, let us continue with the BBB session from a few days ago, shall we? KLS decked out in somewhat BBB familiar fetish-oriented clothing, BC being a main participant as well, and MiniJoanna joining in the fun! In the sidelines, watching the action were CW (Cat Woman), Kanika and Carmen. I figured if KLS was to take a cumshot, then other raven-haired beauties should be watching as well! Now keep in mind my wife was wide awake a few feet away in another room, watching the 3rd episode of season 1 of the A-TeAm, so the recurring theme song kept being picked up by the cameras! I would have wanted to have done something special with the session but being so easily caught by my wife, I opted yet again for simplicity. Whacking myself off to a decent hard-on, I started the scene after a bit of pre-cum oozed out of my cock: that way I know I am on the right track! So I tried to mAke a proper and decent introductory clip, but I was quite horny and needed to jack off quite predominantly, leaving the usual doll introductions and explanations out the proverbial window and just enjoyed working myself up to the eventual orgasm while preparing to deliver a blast to the Bdolls! Being very much into the moment, I did not waste much time before starting the three tripod cumshot angles, which were kept to a basic and functioning minimum due to spacial and temporal restrictions. Of course being a bit cramped in that tight spot between the rack and the tripod dis not help at all in terms of feeling "comfy", but after a few years, one learns to deal with it! But I was quite turned on, wanting to blast the little plastic cuteys really good, but I also noticed that the time left on the memory cards was quite minimal, so I knew I was even more limited than usual! I started to feel like I was in a race And only was able to to start the 3rd aNd final cumshot angle at the last moment because that one had just a bit over a minute's worth of time-memory left to it! Those of you who were privy to the earliest of the BBB material's BTS (from 2005) will recall how I used to strictly start filming at the last possible second seeing as how I could only record a maximum of about 15 seconds of a cumshot clip, so I literally would record it at the very last moment, something which I was happy to say goodbye to when I first started shooting for other platforms than the unfortunately extremely limited / limiting Y4h00 groups, and subsequently when I started editing the clips into full scenes (in case you haven't already, scope out my elongated "What Is BBB?" permanent page where I most surely give a lot of insight into the whole concept/process!). So these days, each of the 3 cumshot clips for the "modern" BBB formulae lasts at least a minute each for editing purposes as well as to allow me the freedom to try to sink myself into the orgasmic bliss of the moment instead of more technical worries! So to finish up this technical side of things, when I finished shooting the cumshot clips for the KLS-BC-MiniJoanna session, the third angle came quite simply a second short of the remainder of the memory card! Talk about being lucky! But back to the buttering, when I did pop it was a very pleasurable orgasm I must admit, one which felt absolutely wonderful from start to finish, but he targeting wasn't completely on. KLS who was my main target ended up with only a mugful of thick cum, while BC took on a more facial-friendly approach, although most of her pasting was the more "liquid"-like butter-spunk. Interestingly enough, it was none other than MiniJoanna who wasn't even in the targeting path who ended up with the most prominent of facials, as well as some hair nut for her butterizing shampoo! Of course, Joanna's CumRags also got their fair share of butterings, and were used after the cameras stopped rolling to clean up the dolls and the bit on the new TV which were "over"-shot! After the cumshot, post pictures were taken at what seemed like a record breaking pace, in order to allow as much post cum aftermath showcase as permitted while the spunk was drying off! After this series of pics, the final aftermath clip dis a basic rundown of the whole session, showcasing what had been left in terms of cum on the cums, what wasn't yet all dried up by the air itself and the hot lights! The end? Well I guess that was it! Not much in terms of pizazz for a possible "final" BBB performance until the move, but as I have always preached, you do what you can with what you've got. It was perhaps not the absolute "bestest" load ever, but in terms of what it was worth and how it felt, it was quite pleasant and satisfactory! I always do surprise myself when I realize just how much i do shoot myself. My old philosophy of never waste a load has rung true since the earliest of the BBBeginnings and this always makes me laugh when a little kid on discussion boards And forums claims to shoot big powerful loads and yet has no proof to back it up. 10 years ago it was already quite difficult to say one could not shoot their own prowesses because affordable portable digital cameras existed. These days, with every one with a cell phone (except FZ of course!) and every cell phone with a built-in camera, people have no more excuses not to shoot their own stuff. Our modern voyeuristic world is proof enough! So when I would suspect some young kid who thinks he's the Preston Parker of the amateur circuit laughs at my own loads because I'll an aging guy who just isn't in my own prime as I used to be, I just feel like replying something in the generAl vein of why don't you shoot your own material? Also in those lines comes the thought of having been doing the BBB for 9 years now, and just how much of a legacy I am still building, contributing to, and eventually leaving behind as opposed to the 99% who are just leeches consuming anything they find online, never even trying to donate something. Notice how I am not saying something like trying to do better, but just to contribute. But that's enough ranting for now, you'll have to forgive me for upon my return home today after the AC location, the neighbors were particularly painful, with retard "Ti-Brun" making sure to slam the communal entrance door so loudly that he is trying to become an earthquake in himself. Again, I will stress just how much I can not wait until we move (22 days from this moment!) and how below the negative my tolerance has become! When people say they have absolutely zero tolerance for stuff, I am now at below the negative point. I am trying to better myself by working on how I can control and change my own responsive reactions, but it is hard. So on that note I must sign off as the metro stop is nearing; I am on my way to FZ's place for so well deserved drinking and relaxing away from the kids at home next door (add to that how I am being pushed and prodded in the metro right now by booze stinking human whores, and my paranoid turn to the dark side is complete! Just kidding here!). Alright everyone, have a grand weekend and I will most definitely try to keep blogging until the move itself! Take care and stay horny!


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