My Final Transmission (last call)

Monday the 10th of June 2013: good morning people and welcome to what may possibly end up being my last and final weekly update transmission until the official move. To begin this let me throw some math your way first, and if I manage to shoot some cum on camera anytime soon, we'll get to that pleasant activity afterwards! As I am writing this, the move is officially in 20 days, just a day shy of 3 weeks. By the time this is posted and that you are ready this, the move will be in 13 or 12 days, just shy under 2 weeks. This means that the crunch time I have been warning everyone about (*) for numerous months now is undeniably here and now, and with the amount of stress, things let to do, and frustration from our (soon to be out of our picture) slightly retarded but totally white trash pot head pusher neighbors, things are at their all time hectic these days. (* = well I did provide more than ample warnings for months, but as it is the case with so many people, most simply do not read nor stay in touch for long, the internet and these smart phones working wonders to bring people further apart!). So once again everyone, this may quite possibly be my FINAL BROADCAST until the proverbial dust settles. Because after the moving itself will be the lengthy process of unpacking and re-organizing our new life in a new place. To many people I imagine they move every 3 years or so, never accumulating much material goods for their nomadic existence doesn't provide much reason to attach oneself to material possessions, but think of "older" people, looking for peace, quiet, serenity, and a place to call home. After staying so long at one place you think you'll be spending the rest of your life at, you tend to start settling yourself into what will perhaps be your "home". As the last few years in this dump have proven, things can change considerably. Get a greedy selfish landlord barely on the side of legality (then again, on many things he breaks the laws!) and a massive turnover of inexperienced tenants each younger and rowdier than the last, and you get the transformation of what once was a decent residential "community" into the first half-way house of the neighborhood. I have explained in great depth since October 2012 the decline of this place due to the kid tenants, and so for you regular readers who have intrepidly followed my (mis) adventures for the past months, you are all well versed in the accumulation of the filth and evil which has turned living in this "dump" like ingesting daily poison. This poisonous environment. Why did it take us so long to sober up and finally decide to move? My wife thinks that it could be the universe which has been hinting at us to "get the fuck out" for ages but we, stupid humans (although mighty less stupid than most!) refused the increasing warning signs. Ah yes my oh so appreciated and loved readers, how I do appreciate you so! For without this platform to mix my real life rantings and obsessive/compulsive thoughts, it would often feel as though there are no ways to exorcise my inner demons! So 2013: the year of changes!

- Marriage in early May (check!)

- Moving in late June/Early July (happening!)

- Big changes at work (to be announced to us this week)

- BC mini vacation in August (my wife's cousin's marriage)

I am certain there are more things in store for us for the remainder of 2013 but just as it stands, it is indeed quite a major and massive amount, especially considering how I dislike change in general! Hey, if it is not broken, why fix it, right? Alas, made more especially so in today's world, change is inevitable and can not be halted. The only really positive and constructive way to deal with it is to learn to accept it and live with it regardless of what it is. No use in fighting it or against it continually; eventually it will happen! Tonight if I do not feel too exhausted I shall attempt to see if it is still possible to shoot a BBB session or if the amount of boxes will prevent me from accessing the cases required to hold the lights & extra camera(s), and if there is any space left for me to squeeze between the rack and the tripod. The way things are looking, it really doesn't look too bad but by next weekend (so this passed weekend for you folks!), it will have become much too cramped to do anything anymore in terms of shooting my homemade porn. Also a bit sad (quite sonactually) is how I had to pack up everything from Joanna's gifts (the "coffee" mug for example), the GigaBowl, and pretty much all of the "Joanna Pack". Last weekend (sonthe weekend before last for you) was when I had to finish packing all the "stragglers" and so I needed to place the Joanna material in a safe place, a personal Butter Box for the moving. Under different circumstances I would have kept the Joanna fun stuff in my trusty backpack, or even the BBB bAckpack, but the latter is bursting with dolls, accessories, other toys, lubricant, cumrags, and yet unused (virgin) cum receptacles. There was no place for any of Joanna's goodies! As for my everyday trusty backpack, well seeing as how this is the one I bring into work everyday, I think you understand why I simply can not haul the Joanna joys with me to work everyday! I had to pack everything up: all that is left are clothes (for work & weekends), my laptop(s), my Mp3 player, my phone, the digital cameras, and I think that's about it! Not only is my porn collection stashed away safely but so are my computer discs-porn archives which I have been trying to use whenever time permits to help build this blog site. Everything is packed up; only the Bdolls and accessories remain in "easy" access simply because there was no other way to stash them in a box; they are already well placed in BBBackpack so why change the formulae right? Anyway, must dash off for today; quite a few things left to do at work!

Tuesday the 11th of June 2013: counting down 19 or so days before moving out of the poisonous shithole we've loved in for the past 13 years. Last night Ti-Brun was a major pain by creating at least 4 earthquakes with his door slammings: the poor retard (sorry, I mean to say the emotionally and intellectually stunted!) still doesn't realize that slamming the doors actually does not close them: they are not properly locked into the mechanism and so they open up! But that's today's intellectually deficient youth at its best: selfish, unaware, stoned, to the point of not able to realize that their polluted beings are counterproductive to what they (do not even) think they achieve! Well thanks to living in this hell hole, especially since the tenants next door (although previous years have also shown a continual decline in quality of life), I have become and "agist"; that is like racism except towards age. I have unfortunately grown to dislike, mistrust, avoid, and judge anyone (mostly males) under the approximate age of 35 or so. When people at work say stuff like "giving younger people a chance or an opportunity", it takes everything for me not to retort and pass a comment on how young people just do not have the selflessness required to have a chance given to them (and just recall that spoiled little bitch princess here at work for a great example). Anyway, less than 3 weeks left of having to endure the poor retards next door, and then it is a new life back in civilization to begin, leaving this poison-infested building here to really turn into the half-way slum house it is becoming! My tale is well know about my growing paranoia and mistrust towards everyone largely based on how life has decreased incredibly over the years of living here. But on a good note, because there is no point of ranting incessantly about the evils and negativity of the neighbors and landlord, last night I did record another BBB session, even though we are dangerously close to not being able to anymore! I know last week Insaid it may have been my last session, but maybe, just maybe, i will be able to squeeze a few more before the move! so last night's, as is the case while being overwhelmed with boxes and having just about everything packed up already, was another simple one, which featured KLS once again as main target, flanked on either side by Carmen and Kanika, because we hadn't seen them in a short while! Atop the set up, nesting ever so comfortably on the CumRags, was MiniJoanna of course, and on the side lines was BC (Black Canary) and RePo (in a fur coat!). According to my calculations, I hadn't ejaculated in four days, which is basically over the limit I impose upon myself in terms of not being able to cum after a while, because at four days (and over), cum dissipates and gets expelled through other means: excess cum doesn't get stored up, it is evacuated by other means. So anyhow, I decided to see if I could whack off a decent load all over the funky plastic ladies all the while also testing just how tight the set-up is becoming as I am now slowly getting overwhelmed with boxes! Good news is that this week I may still be able to shoot another session on Thursday night before everything becomes too hectic and boxed in, literally, for after this coming weekend, I do think there will be little chances of that happening! So KLS, still decked out in her somewhat slutty-ish get-up from the last session (last week's possibly "final" BBB session), surrounded by other beauties but by no means eclipsed by their motionless presence, lurked back at my aching throbbing cock and the camera, pretty much teasing me to coax out my load prematurely! After 4 days of inactivity, the ButterCock was a bit more "al fresco" than usual, and on a few occasions I had to slow down the pace to make sure I wasn't to blow prematurely! Once the cumshot angles were set up, one camera started after the other one, the dirty talking continued until I felt it was almost impossible to resist. My cock, barely able to hold off, waited until the 3rd camera was started and then decided it would explode all over KLS! The exact damage brought upon the ButterCock was principally on KLS' face and MiniJoanna's chest, although my cum, which was quite voluminous, lacked a bit in thickness and velocity, but quantity and quality-wise, it was right up there with the usual expected standards if a ButterCumshot! I tried taking aftermath pics as I was still filming with another camera but I could not concentrate on either one, nor could avoid unwanted shadows so I cut the clip to concentrate on a few pics as the already watery cum was drying off must too swiftly off of its targets. After that the post aftermath showcase clip ended the session with the hint of the post-clean-up using Joanna's cumrags, but off-camera. And voila dear fans, another addition to the BBB legacy (and eventual archives) for when I will have time to actually edit any of this stuff! I do have quite a few to sort through and enough material to share for the longest time, which reminds me of the Joanna letters I must read through: over the past few months, I have set aside some emails from Joanna to be able to properly answer when time allowed, and today during my lunch break (after the semblance of a power nap) I decided to print out all the Joanna messages I had yet to properly answer and discovered I had more than just 4 or 5, but DOZENs to go through, going all the way back to early november 2012! Now that is starting to feel FZ-ish, wouldn't you agree? Ever since the neighbors moved in next door and my life has become more about surviving every single night on a day to day struggle, my survival instincts have been kicking in their overdrive and this has been draining my lifeforce continuously since then, making setting time aside to enjoy writing to Joanna increasingly more difficult. The apartment searches, the marriage-wedding, the AC indiscretion, and now the crunch time for the move all added to my exhaustion, leaving me literally zero to no time to write to Joanna properly. Well folks, now that I am into the ultimate crunch and that this blog is being set aside until further notice (as amply warned!), I will be trying to spend more time to write to Joanna using the limited means of this keyboard less phone. First thing I did was print out the equivalent of 43 pages worth of emails (re-formatted into smaller fonts for easier, less bulky printing!) and then adding the date each one of those messages was sent to me. Over the next days I will slowly go through the small novel-length of letters and will slowly begin answer Joanna for her incredible patience must surely count for something! After the move, after we have settled in, and once the internet connection is back up, then I will return to take better care of this blog. But in the meantime, as all my numerous warnings have demonstrated, this will be my last and final call for this blog. The interim period will be used to concentrate on re-linking and communicating with Joanna in a more personal and personable manner, something Inwish could be done in easier ways than what wenarendoing now, but distance and technology are far from what their name brands lead us to believe in their over-hyped commercial ads! I wonder if Joanna will be having fun reading my responses to her old messages the same way I will be looking back at previous states of our long distance communications. If you think about it, Joanna has been through some of the most difficult periods of my life, be it personal, professional, or just the online and technology-oriented struggles we face daily due to the "upgrade" and "change" cancerous viruses! So we shall indeed see what transpires from my soon to be Joanna-exclusive communication period during the most important transitional period of the past 13 years of my existance!

Wednesday June 12 2013: tonight I have a social function with my wife as it is the company she works for 100th anniversary so I brought a nice shirt, tie, and jacket to wear for the occasion. Not easy to bring a "suit" along you in the metro in rush hour morning! Also this lunch time, here at my job, we are having "free" pizza to commemorate the departure of one of our beat employees; she is leaving because she found a job with the government, which pays more and has better benefits, plus the job is closer to her home and has a day care for her daughter! Last night as I was contemplating the "sadness" of Ti-Brun next door (so much anger and frustration that stoner boy has, he reminds me of that kid Anakin in the newer Star Wars prequels, except Ti-Brun and his band of Ti-Counes don't have any redeeming values. I find it both pathetic and sad, but seeing as how those moronic selfish emotionally and intellectually retarded youths have poisoned my life for the pas 8 or so months, I feel zero compassion for them), I not only was able to work a wee bit on some Bday posts for tomorrow, but also actually edited two BBB scenes! It happened when Indiscovered two sessions which appeared in two different locations of my internal hard drive and the external one, and i started to juggle here and there what was the difference between all these copies. Turns out one of them was actually edited and posted on the Xtube channel a while back (although the high-def AVI montage of the scene is nowhere to be found: only the WMV convert with slow-mo cumshot at the end is in the folder), while the other was not edited yet. So I took one folder, the KLS and AJ titfuck part 1 session and edited it, discovering it was one of those semi-missed pops sequences (only 2 of the 3 cameras were rolling when my cock decided to empty itself without much warning), and as it was uploading to the Xtube channel, I decided to edit a more traditional session, AngilanDiCarlo as a "home girl" solo session, which turned out not to be so traditional after all, and the cumshot was pretty "rad" too! Thhis morning I uploaded the Angelina clip to Xtube, and the Aj & KLS titfuck pt1 scene was already online! Last night Inalso accidentally popped in my own shorts while watching some clips i had found and uploaded to the Vicki Vette birthday blog. Turns out her home-made "Vicki At Home" clips with her husband are quite Butter-friendly! So seeing how tonight we'll be coming home late due to the 100th anniversary extravaganza, and tomorrow we are scheduled to pick up kitty liter and clean the kitty pan (I know it sounds ridiculous, but it does take a lot of time, effectively "ruining" an evening!), popping accidentally doesn't seem so bad when you don't have sessions planned in the near future! So seeing as how this may very well be my final weekly update until after I have settled into my new apartment/life with the wife and cats, I therefore do invite you to regularly check on the xtube channel once in a while in case I do post more new BBB scenes for your entertainment! OK let me check: busy tonight dress up 100th anniversary: check. Lunch time today free pizza: check. Tomorrow night kitty liter: check. Probably no time for BBB sessions for remainder of week: check. New BBB sessions posted on the Xtube channel (2 of them online now): check. Multiple warnings of ultimate crunch time until the move, including how this may be my final broadcast until that time: check. What else to report upon? The whole neighbors next door situation requires no additional data, as you fine readers have been privy to more than enough updates featuring the young drug dealing Ti-Counes next door. So since I am actually running out of things to write about (because I am a bit swamped by work and also lacking proper sleep as you well know), how about I just mention how I did not yet receive the latest batch of DVDs from AdultDVDempire? 9 discs (some are double disc editions), 3 with Burbank, one 100% Asa Akira, and then 5 (count them: five) now discontinued releases with Carmen Vera. Read last week's update ("This is IT, People") for a grant and detailed look at each of these discs, and why I had to jump on them right away. Last time they tried to deliver a similar package to me, it "arrived" faster: maybe this time it got stopped at the border or slowed down by the private corporation known as Canada post? Maybe it is taking long because I asked them NOt to ship it to that far away forsaken outlet and instead drop it off to my local postal outlets in walking distance? Anything is possible! One thing about the pizza during lunch is that it prevents me from my daily power nap I usually take during my lunch break. Yes, I know; napping in the north american countries is still stigmatized and seen as a sign of laziness, when in fact it should be hailed as the opposite, since everyone benefits from having a recuperating rest. I never understood why people who lives in the northern equator have never seen the benefits of the nap time. The world has changed since the days of providing for oneself and growing one's own food and resources. Today, our hectic lifestyle almost screams for mandatory napping but alas, it is still badly viewed by most! So it is barely passed the 15h00 mark and I am already "hammering nails" (translated from a Quebecois expression). I don't know how long I will be able to last tonight at that thing there with my wife. What a fool I am to think I could stay up late tonight after that event and work on the blog! Well it always depends on Ti-Brun and his Ti-Counes lackeys. Sonwhat about my DVD order? I am still quite excited about the Carmen stuff, to be honest (but then again, I have always been too excited about Carmen for my own good!

Thursday the 13th of June 2013: last night's extravaganza was a very good evening but as it is always the case, ended too late. My wife and I bolted out of there at the earliest possible moment but even then, wenareived home a bit passed 23h30 which is late in my own schedule seeing as how I work earlier than most in the mornings. The result is that I am slightly more exhausted, slow, and a bit more absent minded than usual and I must apologiZe if this entry feels even more disjointed and shorter than usual. Perhaps if I am lucky I will be able to power nap during the lunch break and catch up on a few "Zzzzzzzs"! Remember also that tonight we have era d to run, including the cat liter to pick up: our youngest cat Zeena started relieving herself around the cat liter, which is one of the final signs that it is grand time to change the liter box, and we also use unconventional liter as well: 100% perfume free and 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable as it is made out of old new newspapers and wooden shavings, then molded into small pellets to be used as cat liter. It is more expensive, and a bit more of a hassle to haul around and drag up to the third floor (but only for the next 17 days!) but it is easier to clean! We also need to stop by a women's clothes shop near the pet store to pick up some clothes for my wife, so you put all these seemingly short stops together and you get a ruined evening indeed: we won't be finished or back home before 21h00 I predict, and then my wife has her nightly rituals to do before actually going to bed. So I really don't know if I will be able to shoot a session or work on anything for the blog tonight. But throughout all of this came one very good piece of news; when we arrived home last night after the company party, There was a package waiting for me in the mailbox: I guess this time Canada post did not want to send me running on a wild goose chase as well as help to contribute to their salaries with incredible customs charges and taxes! When my wife jumped into the shower I opened up the little cardboard box which revealed a bunch of DVD discs in little pouches as well as a hand full of covers. His time around, ADVDE decided to put MORE than just 2 discs per jacket/pouch and instead put up to four discs pilled atop one another, which is something that I find horrible for transport purposes because the discs can rub themselves one another (and no that is not as kinky is it sounds!) and scratch in the process. It is also something which I commented upon when I answered an online survey about how satisfied I was with my shopping experience with ADVDE. I was able to quickly quickly scope out ever so hastly two discs last night as my wife was in the shower but I will have to tell you about it later on as i have to close up shop today at work and then it's the cat liter/wifey clothes errand tonight. I will try to write more before tomorrow, but if not, I may be only vocal again in written format tomorrow from the AC location... As usual! Stay real peeps, and we'll discuss this all again soon! (extra moments!) The first DVD I popped in to check was the Voyeur Media (or Voyeur Vision) "A.S.A (Asian Sex Addict)" disc which has zero information online at all. The good news is that it plays absolutely perfectly, almost making it seem as though it was never previously owned. Next up, seeing as how time was (as seemingly it always appears to be) the issue, I immediately skipped to the bonus material to look at what was called the "Bonus Core" scene, which effectively turns out to being indeed a bonus PoV sequence featuring Winston Burbank behind the camera! This would make it my 3rd Burbank-Asa pairing on DVD sonfar (but wait: they apparently also share a moment in the Evil Empire/Jonni Darkko "Gape Me" DVD!). After this I just looked at the chapter selection and it was therefore reveaLed thAt this was in fact a compilation of Voyeur materiAl featuring Asa Akira. So with that confirmed, it shed light as to the mysterious almost cryptic Kraftwerkian lack of information surrounding the disc (more in a while: time to toddle off!). Extra bonus: after the A.S.A. Disc I wanted to try out the ZT (Zero Tolerance) "Spain In The Ass" flick. At first, The disc was not recognized by the player: it tried reading it for minutes on end until the error message popped up. I opened the tray, then closed it again and tried re-loading the disc. This time it read perfectly. I immediately scoped out the bonus features, saw there was a BTS segment and fast forwarded through it to see what it featured, and it had almost all the girls being interviewed after the scene, so they were still with cum! You can imagine my delight when I saw that Carmen (the reason why I bought this disc!) with cum on her mig and tits answering the questions of David Perry and Mick Blue! After this I wanted to scope out the feature but this time, the player (cut off read the rest below)

Friday june 14 2012 and yes, as it is with every friday, I am at the AC location! Sorry about cutting off last night's blabbing short, but that's how the cookie crumbles when these writings are done on the fly! So where was I? Oh yeah, scoping out "Spain In The Ass" 's chapters! Well when I did so, the player bugged again and started doing that first thing it did when I tried to load the disc. I do not know what happened but at one point I pressed either "play" or "next" (next chapter) and then the chapters menu worked! So I then immediately went to the Carmen chapter to scope out the reason why I purchased this last DVD copy of the feature from the AdultDVDempire website. And the scene starts off as David Perry is whacking himself off on the couch while talking to the cameraman, shortly followed by a pan to the staircase and down comes Carmen smiling in a lovely light little summer dress! Again as it was the case, I could not indulge myself to enjoy this experience as my wife was almost out of the shower, so I simply skipped ahead to find out that the film's scenes are cut into sub chapters! So seeing as how I was very limited in terms of time, I skipped to the cumshot, by which point Mick Blue had joined David Perry to double up on Ms Vera, and both guys proceeded to unload their seed near and around Carmen's open mouth, answering Perry's demands to "say something" by speaking in spanish in her uniquely sort of raspy voice, making big eyes and pointing at the cocks and the cum on her, truly playing the part of the cum starved strumpet to almost perfection! His is why "Spain In The Ass #1" was in my list! Of course, one could not pass up some of the other pretties who make up the cast in this flick, and I had forgotten about the 4-way finale with Blue and Perry taking on Salma De Nora and Rebeca Linares in a very delicious segment! I had forgotten the pre-tit job Rebeca was in the picture, but I remembered Salma was in there in a multiples sequence. Also in the cast is Victoria Lanz for those of you familiar with that latina lovely! Anyhow that was all the time I had to spare for Wednesday evening's quickie check out! But last night, after our errands, I was able to scope out quickly one more disc. First of all, I wanted to point out that last night, Ti-Brun was absent so the apartment felt almost livable (however with the amount of evil, negativity, and other dark factors, the place does have a lingering poisonous air to it quite permanently, but we only need to endure this for the next 16 days!). After eating like pigs at an A&W fast food joint, buying $30 worth of cat liter and finding a stainless steel water fountain as opposed to the plastic one we have now, we went to the ladies' clothes shop where the blonde lady (girl I should say as she may be "huge" as in very tall, but she looks quite young) immediately recognized us upon entering. Shopping may not have been on the menu but talking was as we spent most of the time chatting to the ladies there about how and why everything is more expensive in Quebec than in other provinces, and we do not mean being over-taxed! So one of the ladies there gave us pointers as to what to look for and where to go to shop for food and booze outside the Qc province, telling us that the booze in Ontario's LCBO stores is anywhere from 15 to 33% cheaper than anything here in Qc, as well as having a much better selection! After this we returned to home crap home where I had to haul about 30kgs of cat liter up to the third floor, and then immediately proceeded to clean up the cat liter to prepare the fresh batch! My wife and I watched half of a TV show to cool off, and then when she went to take her shower, I decided to scope out the Wicked 4 hour compilation "Taco Flavored Kisses", which was ordered because it was the last copy in stock and featured a Carmen Vera scene versus two guys which has long been discontinued by now, but if you read the last two weeks' weekly updates, then this is "common knowledge" for you! The first thing I have to say is that Wicked DVDs are a pain to load; so many ads and commercials, none of which can be skipped, only some can be fast-forwarded through! So finally after what felt like 10 minutes of commercials, I was able to access the main menu, from where I could go to the chapters and quickly go through the whole 3 hours and 48 minute feature. My second negative comment (first being the eternal introductory ads you can't skip!) is how many girl on girl scenes there are. As it is well known, I am not into the "lesbian" sex scenes of usual and traditional porn releases. My third negative comment is when I did get to the Carmen scene, it looked rather dark, as in either not enough light during the shooting (highly unlikely) or a filtering problem during transfer. However the good news is that this DVD also actually includes older 90s scenes, such as two featuring Alicia Rio, one of which is alongside RIP super stud Jon Dough. There are also quite a few other interesting female performers to enjoy, such as Victoria Sin (a personal favorite!), Justine Romee, Mason Storm (wow!), and quite a few others. Now my point was just to check to see if the film (DVD) worked fine because after the "Spain In The Ass" problems, I simply did not want to take too many chances! So I did not watch any scene per se, just jumped ahead through the chapters to see if there was any real mega technical problems during the playback of the disc. Now if I wasn't so exhausted and if it wasn't so "late" I would have stayed up to scope out another disc, but I decided to go to bed "early" (considering the week we've had and the night prior!) also taking advantage of the fact that Ti-Brun and the Ti-Counes gang of idiots seemed to be either gagged and paralyzed or just not there! It was for once a lovely night of sleep, one which I hadn't had in a long, long time! Of course that meant my body was up at 5am, but that's because I am a morning person now. This was a weird day at the AC location. Well also at the bus stop this morning, but bus terminuses (terminals?) are always quite the warped weirdo phenomenae to witness. People waiting for the bus right in front of me tend to squeeze themselves onto the person in front of them, and one very typical 2013 pseudo-hipster with that unkept bearded look which is the fad for ultimate loser types these days jumped in front of me as he was lighting his cigarette, something which I interpreted as misdirected machismo. In the bus another fat bearded guy looked as though he was staring at me as if I was some kind of celebrity. While purchasing a coffee at the Tim's in the basement at work, the guy behind me was way too close to me and could nOt understand the concept of logical customer flow. My breakfast sandwich was missing the eggs (!!!). The "happy" guy at work was dead quiet instead of his exuberant usual self. I tell you, something was off today, not by much but a wee bit everywhere! To help prove that, the bus ride this morning was nowhere near as staccato and bumpy as usual! At work I had troubles writing this post due to the amount of work I had: usually at the AC location on Fridays, it's rather chilled out and I can pretty much take it easy, but today was quite the adventure: so much so that I ended up working a half hour overtime, which of course I do not mind at all since I owe this company so much after the AC location indiscretion as you all know. Interestingly enough, a few choice pornstar ladies on Facebook have actuay accepted my friends requests over the pas weeks, such as Charlotte Stokely, Gen Padova, legendary Tori Welles, Melissa Lauren, my Alberta favorite Lauren Phoenix (which whom I chatted a bit with today!) and the one to make ZC jealous for the rest of his natural life, Hillary Scott! This is still fresh at the moment this is written but we will see how it transpires. This being Friday, I am scheduled to go to Frank's place tonight for some drinks and stuff. Before I forget, I found out today that my good long distance USA buddy TtheO got married to his sweetheart of the past year or so, a girl who also does her own DIY porn on Xtube and Xhamster as well (and yet we talked a bit online mostly about the whole transferring clips to the sites online with as little editing and conversion as possible.). So tonight at Frank's we'll get sauced up and chill out after a stressful work week on both ends, this being one of the last times I can afford to go to his place on a Friday night before the move. 16 fucking days left! Still so much to do, but I am quite happy we are on the edge of our new life. I'm about to arrive at the bUs terminus soon which means I will have to log off, but I will try to write some more in the metro on my way to his place (FZ's). Last night I was too tired for a BBB session unfortunately which means I don't know if I will be able to shoot one over the weekend, or if I will be able to shoot anything at all before the move! We are being over-swamped in boxes now, and I don't know if after this weekend I will be able to shoot anything at all! We shall see, and in any case, I will not be able to report upon it seeing as how this is my final broadcast until the move! Wow, what shall I say now? If I won't be doing any of these weekly updates until we are settled in our new life and after we get re-connected, then this should be a memorable moment, a very representative portrayal of what shall not be reported upon for the coming while. Not that it matters much in the end, for maybe some of you remember a time before the internet, so essentially a time before personal blog spaces and such platforms of self indulgence! Many do not wish to acknowledge the pre-internet existence, and even my own generation (and the ones bEfore me) wouldn't want to return to that state (while more people than you think are still technologically super challenged!) but there was a time when folks like myself really had no real outlet for their crazy thoughts. Some people seek the invisible audience and attention, some just like to vent and exorcise their demons, others still try to craft a real and decent now form of networking and communication. Whatever it is people believe in when it comes to the interweb, the technology has indeed transformed our world, and I am one of the rare lucky ones who actually saw the world change!
(Bonus Beats from Sunday the 16th of June: On Saturday we went to Hawkesbury in Ontario to stock up on booze and gas, much cheaper over than here, and loads more selection. On Saturday as my wife was snoozing I also managed to shoot a super quickie for Joanna in the UK, a special improv private session which was literally done in record time. I have never prepared, shot, ejaculated, and then downloaded and edited a scene so quickly! It was still fantastic even though it felt a bit rushed, but I guess that was the nature of the game. Joanna has a special memory associated with June 16th and asked me for a little request, which I obliged, but which was also most probably the last on-camera cumshot I would be able to do until the move and the settling in portion, because today, Sunday, we spent most of the day packing up some more, and now my "room" has been reduced to a storage area for hundreds of boxes! Well maybe not HUNDREDS but it is getting darn near close to the hundred mark, for certain! I tried taking a few pictures here and there to showcase the amount of boxes piled up all the way to the ceiling but none of the pictures adequately showcase the magnitude of the amount of boxes we have. ANyhow my dear readers, as it has been anounced, at it has been warned, and as it is pre-ordained, this is my final "official" transmission until we are settled into the new apartment on July 1st. After which we will need to have an internet connection, seeing as how the signal will be cut off for a few days, so to Joanna and to all of you dear readers, in between late June and early July (so in LESS than 2 weeks from now), I will be unavailable and unreachable online, save maybe for text messaging via my phone. I hope you have found something of relevance in these posts for the past months and that you will all return to have fun with me when I return, when we will begin our life  life and new existance away from the evil, negativity, and as I mentioned on more than a few occasions, the poison of living in this crummy apartment. 13 years we were here, never thinking we would be moving under "short" notice. We have accumulated a lot of stuff over the years, but we are keeping strictly that which will benefit us in our new life. So before I sign off one last time, I wish to thank you all for the time you "wasted" reading my rantings and self-indulging long-winded excursions into monologing to an "invisible" and "silent" audience! I hope to return as soon as possible and bring you wonderful new news of great happenings and adventures as we begin our new life in exactly 13 days from this point... Wow... In 13 days we say goodbye to the past 13 years. And before I log off, I just wanted to say that the cumshot I splashed all over the Joanna picture for her private June 16th clip was a mega gusher; I hadn't cum like that in a while! Too bad it wasn't on dolls for a public performance, but I owe it to JOanna to give her a mega super load. If it was not a quickie and I would have spent time working myself up properly, I am sure the load would have been thicker and maybe "stronger" in velocity, but for such a real quickie improvisation, I was mighty impressed by the sizeable load of spunk that ended up being soaked into Joanna's CumRags after the cameras were turned off! So once again, thank you people for everything, and I hope to speak to you soon in any and all means which I will find! So in the meantime, stay horny, enjoy the past posts of this blog (I do sometimes add material to previous posts, by the way), subscribe to my Twitter (butter_bbb) if you which to stay in semi-direct time text communication, and don't forget to visit my Xtube channel for HUNDREDS of FREE CLIPS to enjoy, as more will be added as soon as possible! Cheers everyone, we'll chat soon!
P.S. I forgot to mention something: my wife has what we will refer to as a big "drawer" of sex toys, literature, videos, and other goodies (it is more of a small bed-side storage area, but for this little added bonus, we will call it the "drawer"). Well seeing as how this is crunch time before the move, with less that 2 weeks to go (by the time I am writing this), and there is still a lot to do, she told me that I have FULL clearance rights to pack her "drawer" for her in a box or two! This means she fully trusts me to seeing and sneak peeking into what it is that is considered her porn, her sex toys, and her private stash! Of course I am sure there is nothing in there I haven't already seen, but it is a true sign of ultimate trust when someone tells you it is OK to go through their sex stuff and pack it up for the move! I guess that should give me more meat to write about after the move is done! Cheers everyone!

By bye for now folks (true amateur full series to follow!)
An EXCERPT of a full set to be posted & shared in the future!
An EXCERPT of a full set to be posted & shared in the future!
An image from a TRUE Giga Japanese scene!


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