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This picture is this week's top contender, even though the following two came close second! Why this one you ask? Hmmm..

This pic ALMOST was the TOP pic of this week's updates... The in-action spurting is dedicated to Joanna P in the UK!

Another "could have been" top pic of the week, but alas, her "Me No Like-y" mug just wasn't fun enough!
Sunday the 26 of May 2013: today marks a few things: it is the second to last laundry batch we get to do in our apartment before the move (so after this one, only one more batch of laundry to do!). It is also one of the last times I get to take out the garbGe for the entire building. Once or maybe two more times at most. We are also on that first day when we can reserve the hotel for our August trip to BC ( remember a few weeks ago I mentioned we will be going down to BC/Victoria for my wife's cousin's wedding?). Perhaps this all seems like quite the most boring and unrelated material to post and share on this blog but as I would seem to say, it is part of the process, this major process of change, the incoming and upcoming changes of my personal life which does affect everything which happens afterwards in my "virtual" existence as well. I started the BBB in 2004 officially (earlier than that unofficially), and it was here, in this crummy apartment! Truth be told, I do believe that I was originally exposed to the doll fetish during the last months of living at my previous apartment back on Le Plateau area in Montreal, but it wasn't until we moved here to VSL that I began experimenting and then actually shooting this BBB stuff. In essence, the real BBB was born here and has evolved here, and that is why I am making a rather "big" deal about moving into a new place. It is not just about re-settling elsewhere but about adapting my entire adult XXX being in a new location. It sounds ridiculously blown out of proportion when you hear me writing about

Monday May 27 2013: haven't had time to blog of late due to being rather busy on the weekends, without so much as a free 30 minute "break" (or alone time) to do much. After the stint on Friday night, the following saturday was quite busy featuring errands, haircuts, car cleanups and traffic jams followed by cooking and having a friend over. Sunday (yesterday) was errands, groceries, laundry, and other stuff, leaving me only a short while at night (at 9pm, not even earlier!) which I used to shoot a BBB quickie instead of trying to craft a half assed blog post. Speaking of which, and before I get to the BBBing and session creaming, As this is being written on my phone while in the bathroom (isn't it always the case?), last week's updates haven't been posted yet! This morning before heading to work I usually do try to do a bit of catching up on my blog(s) as well as sending out links via Twitter, but seeing as how this weekend was without any real opportunity to do anything, I opted instead to begin working on adding pics and videos (clips) to the post which I hope will be ready and online by tonight or tomorrow morning, at the latest. I do believe I have filled out all the video spots, but still need to do more research in my older cdr collection(s) for decent amateurish pics. As I re-visit my older CDrs in my collection which were collected quite a many number of years ago, I realize that quite a lot of those so-called amateurs I have accumulated are actually pro-pornstars from their pro-am web-only material and projects, which gives it quite an amateur look. Take for example Nicole Parks, whom for the longest time was considered a true "amateur" in the circuit, seemingly working strictly for the pro-am websites , until of course I noticed she had made a few appearances in legit big time porn material (which I do own a couple on DVD!). Thus the line between amateur and pro-porn star becomes more clear, making it difficult sometimes to pass amateurish material done by legit pornstars as DIY porn! Of course, in those days, I never really bothered to separate the local real DIY porn stuff from the stuff I'd find online so these days, whenever I search for, say, Carol Cox or Seska material from those golden days of local smut, they are all mixed in with those pro-am COHF or Backroom Facials or Bookworm Bitches things I also used to scavenge! Other notes quickly quickly as time is a factor: my boss lent me a book which is taking time to read but is also contributing to the changing if my life as I am embarking in my 40s towards my 50s. On Friday at the AC location I hadn't noticed but I had a coffee incident which damaged the book and now I can not return it to him in such a condition (anyone who's ever had a coffee-book incident knows that there is nothing one can do to bring the book back to its original shape/color/format. So I will be ordering a nice copy off of eBay to replace his. Also, a lady at work says her ostheopathe is doing a master's degree where her main thesis involves research on people with insomnia and sleep disorders, so she thought of me. If all goes well, I may be donating some of my non free time to be part of a medical research, and get free ostheopathe treatments in the process! Also, I discovered today that the two main founding members of Coil have died. Leader John Balance died in 2004 after falling off the second floor of his house after being too drunk (and after reading about it I remember someone telling me about this years ago, but I had forgotten). Now I also learned that the other founding member, Peter Christopherson who was a member of Throbbing Gristle in the late 70s, died in his sleep in 2010. His was a bit of a shock to me because Coil have always been a great influence on my own experimental and ambient musical project(s), back in the 80s and 90s. Reading the Wikipedia entry on Coil, I did notice that they did not list all official releases, but much like Merzbow, Coil did create and release (most notably in limited editions and hard to find print copies) a great deal of material on a multitude of labels, under various formats. Some material which was also never officially released on CD and was only available in original record and tape format. Although Coil's 90s ventures into acid techno oriented territories left me a bit uneasy, and their earlier "industrial" influenced material also left me wanting, I never followed through into their later period which apparently was more drone and ambient oriented, which is perhaps where I would have appreciated them the most. Now that Coil are defunct due to the main members not being of this earth anymore, finding their material at decent pricing is about as realistic as finding Panasonic's second to last official studio album on CD for an affordable price! Anyway, you fine readers did not tune in to hear about my recent non-adult oriented adventures, especially after I mentioned i shot a BBB scene last night! Well if you will allow me to get straight to the point and forgo the usual "preparations" (or foreplay if you wish to use the expression!), I did decide to try to re-do the last "missed pop" session from a few days ago, and yes, even though these weekly updates are posted 7 days apart, I am certain some of you have calculated that the actual time elapsed between the last missed session and last night's venture was 4 days! So after 4 days of spunk accumulation, I discovered that I should not simply re-shoot the 3-angled cumshot moment, because that would also mean re-shooting all the POST cumshot aftermath showcase and action, rendering only the short pre-ejaculatory clip to remain of the original sequence, which in turn would make it seem like a long and slightly useless scene to watch once everything was edited together. So Indecided to completely re-shoot the whole session, keeping the other previous one as well, just for kicks' sake. But since last night I only had a small window of opportunity WHILE my wife was still awake (remember that it was late already when everything was done), I opted for a very un-complicated set-up and presentation. In essence, a quickie to repeat what was attempted the session prior: RePo and Sharon all decked out in sexy attire with fishnet stockings, hold MiniJoanna between them making sure her face is in bullseye shot of Butter's buttering canon, and one of those larger plastic wine-like glasses made to capture the overshots atop MJ's head, as well as make all the cum from that makeshift cum receptacle drip back down onto her face and head! Basically, very similar to the original session from a few days earlier! Well folks, it does look like i have ran out of time to finish this one so I shall have to pick this up tomorrow!

This animated GIF file (obviously cut), as well as the clip posted above it, is the infamous Jayna Oso taking on the Winston Burbank facial load from Jonni Darkko's "Sloppy Head #1", possibly one of the best post Y2K facials ever!
Tuesday May 28 2013: i noticed only this morning that the two days I was not online to do my birthday pornstar posts and my twittering were during two days which had quite an important number of pornstars to remember or take notice. Kylie Ireland, Vanessa Blue, Anita Blonde, Aubrey Adams, and a host of others (a good dozen in all) where "neglected" by yours truly due to lack of time management on my part. But if I were to feel the need to offer some kind of defense, I do have to remind everyone that this is crunchtime unlike no other, and to quote a character from John Carpenter's 1982 masterpiece, "it's gonna get a hell of a lot worse before it gets any better". Right now we have a few days over a month to pack everything an we haven't enough boxes so far to to it all; turns out about 3 other people at the office here are also moving this year, including that little spoiled princess bitch I used to write a lot about, back in the day. With at least 4 people scavenging for boxes, the hunt is a ferocious one and yours truly has to play his cards quite spectacularly to be able to find boxes, stash them for no one to see (in an office where there isn't much room to hide anything personal!), and finally sneak them out once in a while! Last night I managed to do so with two boxes which I had to haul back in the metro (a very un-wanted way to do so might I add), and once home, the cats managed to destroy part of one of the two! They weren't the top notch quality boxes some might expect but I will admit I did not think they would be "that" cheap: they were, after all, used to ship files and folders from one area of the province to another, so they had to be built with a certain amount of sturdiness! This morning when I opened my phone (i shut it down overnight to spare-save the battery life) I discovered that JD Coxxx was following me on Twitter! The man was once an"part time" porn stud who loves the job but had to stop at some point until he returned recently to shoot his own content. A southern gent from the USA, he got in my radar's honing signals after I heard him on a few episodes of the Lizzy Borden porn talk radio show ( as podcasts for me), and found him to be worthwhile of keeping tabs upon. A much more charismatic and eloquent gentleman than the "stable" mascot Creepy Joe who calls in for all those shows all the time, J D has that calmer, smoother, more laid back southern attitude going for him which makes him much less "aggressive" to listen to, although his "accent" heard through wireless phones parched through a radio mixing board which already sounds like a distant phone line, can be hard to make out! But his calm, respectful, professional demeanor struck me as something to investigate especially after he shared so much of himself, and his experiences, on the shows. Although he is nowhere near as "ever present" as that Creepy Joe fan who sometimes seems to think he's the host of those pornstar radio shows, JD's presence is appreciated. By the way, if Creepy Joe is a so-called well respected member of the adult community because he owns "500" porn DVDs and reviews one per week, then maybe I shouldn't mention how I own 3000+ DVDs in my collection, but don't review them much anymore (although readers of earlier weekly posts as well as followers of my two previous now censored blogs will testify to, I used to offer quite the buttery delicious reviews here and there!). But I must apologize for I do not wish to speak ill of anyone for whom I haven't been personally "attacked" by. We are all sometimes rubbed the wrong way by people we do not know, and in my opinion, or rather in my perspective, I did feel as though being isolated in this country, living a dual (triple?) life due to the unacceptance of adult entertainment within this country, and the numeous time constraints on my own being, juggling the many daily responsibilities of being an adult within society, well let me just say that I am responsible for the jealousy factor of being a so-called fan left in obscurity while others who are in closer proximity and have access to the actual LA-base business and talent, can actively partake in the interaction of those who are part of the industry. And although I keep playing the part of the baby, the child, the selfish one who believes that owning fie times the amount of DVDs that Creepy Joe does should count for something, I could never get to his level of notoriety, and there surely are other more fanatical fanatics out there who also own much more porn than I do. In essence, I've allowed my own immaturity to dictate my emotional reactions to this circumstance which would appear to mean something important to me but where in the end, counts for naught. I've been one of the most active and hardcore supporters of legit hardcore releases for decades now, but if the so-called notoriety aspect hasn't caught onto me yet, then I shouldn't be even contemplating trying to gain any of it at my age. My time has passed; being an "activist" is for the young and passionate. Now, I am just passionate and young at heart. My love (addiction?) to porn may not be legendary to the actual porn circles of the business, but to those who know me, either personally or via the last few years online via my previous blogsites and other online contributions (such as forums), I am the "unique" fan of adult entertainment, often actually dubbed the Porn King of the 514. But again, notoriety is for those who can live it properly and keep the torch lit; my life has seemingly become much too hectic on all other aspects for me to be able to actually live up to that kind of "popularity". So if there are some brand new readers who are just tuning in right now on this weekly post, well hello! I am butterman, and I have been collecting porn since the 80s. Most of my VHS collection has been unfortunately destroyed or erased, but I still have about a hundred analogue tapes. I started collecting porn DVDs in the earlier portion of the Y2K and now own about 3000 real official DVDs bought from stores, suppliers, or websites. I do not do the internet piracy thing at all, and all the porn you find on this site was either freely available online, or is actually my own! So there you have it, Butter's porn consumerism reduced and minimized to fit in a$0.10 gum dispensing machine! Ok, now if memory serves me right, I owe you, dear reader, the literal money shot of the session which I recorded on Sunday night. Well after the set up and the pre-cumshot intro was done, and what was left was the cumshot (and subsequent post aftermath), the three tripod shots were started with ease and before too long (although somewhat longer than some of the quickies we sometimes can cum to expect!), I unleashed what I can only describe as one of the more generous loads of recent memory! A solid cumshot which creamed MiniJoanna, the real Joanna's cumrags, the cum receptacle, and even a bit of the TV, also had bits aimed at RePo and Sharon but only RePo got a side face fluff of butter spunk! The cum began to dry rather quickie so I had to move fast after this very satisfactory ejaculation (both in terms of pleasantness and visual stimuli) to try to catch as many post cum pics as I could before everything began to dry up! It was a very beautiful sight to see MiniJoanna face-creamed while a few centimeters above her head, the CumReceptacle also housed a generous quantity of thick butter spunk, ready to be poured onto her head! But I really wanted to make sure that it all worked out as best as possible so after the post pics, the aftermath clip involved the pouring of cum onto MiniJoanna, mirroring the quickie session from before, and soon enough I had to take more pictures of the now creamier mess left on to the doll! The session had to be stopped eventually but not before a quicky little cum kiss with miniJoanna, and then I had to disassemble the whole set up. All in all this was a record session; about 46 minutes between start (set-up) until de-setting up, which included everything in between! To be quite honest this does seem to feel like a personnal record of sorts, to have been able to acheive such in so little time! Must dash off: metro here & will attempt package pick up tonight! Details later!

Wenesdau may 29, 2013: well tomorrow Night we have a few things planned; pick up the wedding photos at the photographer's place (and of course pay her the remainder of the fee, which is close to $300!) and go to my wife's office via car to pick up the boxes she ordered online. Specialty boxes, mind you, designed with kitchenware and books (for example) in mind. Now at the beginning of the week, after the grand beautiful popshot of last Sunday's re-do of a failed session last week, I was planning to shoot twice this week, once last night (tuesday) and the. On Thursday (tomorrow). But seeing as how tomorrow will be quite impossible (previous blog entries will testify to the fact that planning to shoot when the evening was spent out, to return home later, is a recipe for disaster), I had to reorganize my BBB schedule so that only one session this week would be possible, and that would be tonight! Yes, I know, it does take away the whole impromptu and on the fly feeling of what sex should be, but as I have discussed a few times in the past, shooting stuff on camera now means to prepare in advance and/or to be willing to improvised on a dime (that's a liberal re-interpretation of a well known expression), so the whole concept of shooting when you feel inspired has not been possible for quite some time now, at least ever since the grand cleanup of last year (or was it 2 years ago already?). Now, for every shoot at good 30 minutes of pre-set up is required, and after the shoot, the de-setting up is also necessary, so any type of on-camera spunking (regardless of the theme or subject matter) requires a good 60 minute chunk of time left undisturbed (except for Sunday's record-breaking 46 minutes!). But like all (most) things in life which appear to be "negative", there is always some positivity to gain from it. In this case, not having done a session last night allowed me to quickly scope out the latest batch of Darkko/Burbank discs I received through the mail! But before getting to the cream and the juice of it all, I have to discuss the shipping and packaging. First, it is a good thing Inturned on the Butter charm at the postal outlet where my package was re-re-re-sent after last week's fiasco, because I still had to produce an ID card even if the name on the package was an alias! Secondly, I still had to pay the $40 of extra taxes on duties and customs charges, because AdultDVDEmpire never checked the box "GiFT" on the shipping label (note to everyone: when you ship anything to Canada and on that little postal shipping label you can mark if it is a gift or a sample of merchandise, ALWAYS check the box "GIFt" even if it is merchandise because canada post will charge more taxes just to get the package upon reception. And yes, it has been proven that Canada Post is now a private conglomerate like all major companies, and not the government corporation it was once believed to be!). Ok so that is not true, but Canada Post have become quite the greedy corporate incompetent bastards over the years! Remember how last week, they shipped my package to an outlet further than necessary when 2 closer outlets were available, then that outlet shipped the package back to "head office" without ever warning me, the "head office" had to be contacted by yours truly to organize a re-shipping, and finally I had to wait 4 days LATER before picking up the package, where I still had to fight to prove my identity and pay that $40 extra customs tax. The second act of this was how small the package was, which led me to believe the order was incomplete, until I opened the small box to find that the "new" discs (most DVDs on that order were previously viewed but two were supposed to be brand new) were without a box and also packaged, like their "used" counterparts, in little sleeves. Not very professional, AdultDVDempire! Also, the releases which were double disc editions ("Suck It Dry 9" & "Throat Fucks 2" for example) had both discs in the same little pouch, meaning that disc on disc scratching, especially in postal transport, was at high risk! In essence, I was very displeased with the way my order was handled, and was very happy to fill out the online customer review of my order, being vey honest throughout: excellent company, excellent product, but when it comes to shipping, more options should be made available. But the good thing is that I was able to scope out most of those releases real quickly last night, and there are loads more Winston Burbank pops than I bargained for! The previously mentioned titles which were double discs ("SID 9" & "TF 2") had more Burbank pops than I originally thought, some of which were breathtakingly monstrous! "Suck It Dry #5" had quite a few Winston facials, most of which were in fact monstrous and amongst the very best seen so far (I think a lady called Angelina Valentine might have gotten the mother of all facials, which may rival the mow infamous Jayna Oso facial destruction from "Sloppy Head #1"!). "POV Jugg Fuckers #3" had a few very nice Winston moments, one where he popped too much and the girl was trying to avoid getting the spunk all over her face! There's another one in that DVD where Winston gets to fuck and paste the newly surgically enhanced frontal bumpers of his then girlfriend Rebeca Linares. Although "Suck It Dry #4" only has two Winston scenes in it, it remains one of those impossible to find DVDs in Montreal (a few suppliers have confirmed with me that volume 4 is "discontinued"...'but not in the USA it seems!), one of his scenes is with asian lovely Lucy Lui, often referred to by "fans" as that "flat faced" asian performer, which is quite odd when you think about it; if I am supposed to be that guy with the nose fetish thing (which I am up to a point!), then how come a girl (a WOMAN) like Lucy Lui would be so attractive to me? Well folks, the answer is as simple as it is already well known thanks to my years of (mostly censored and taken offline by others) blogging: I do not restrict my preferences to specifics; i am attracted to a great deal of variety! Anyhow, the greatest surprise of it all was the DVD called "Cum To Order #1", which was the biggest chance I was taking at the time seeing as how there could have been only one Winston Burbank appearance in the whole movie. Turns out that he is in every scene! In some scenes, he does the whole BJ and cumshot schtick, whereas in others, he appears at the very end as a sort of bonus stunt cock to add a load in the mix, much like Johnni Darkko used to do a while back during his own earlier Evil Empire releases. The problem with the stunt cocking is what I have already described: lack of long-term stimulus leads to lesser plentiful cumshots. But as I always do say, at least there is Burnank blasts in every scene, and some of them are quite the sensory experience! Oh and I must also point out that Jonni Darkko does a spectacular job himself; when allowed to pop on girls' faces (and not just inside their mouths), he does provide more than just decent or adequate popshots. He's right up there in the better than most category, just underneath the top of the tops! Seiously, Darkko is a decent jizzer worthy of a few double takes and rewinds! The only disc out of the whole batch which I did not even load into my DVD player was the New Sensations "Nut the Face" cumshot compilation. That one will be for another time, for last night it was strictly a quickie run down to see if the Burbank scenes were playable on the "used" discs, because some of those did appear to have smudges and light surface scratches and irregularities. And to add to this is how I did not get to check out all the Winston scenes either-merely those which had asian and dark-haired ladies. Blondes and such were unfortunately not scoped out due to time restrictions and the ever increasing hour. Needless to say I did manage to copy a few Burbank butterings to my analogue tape compilation strictly for jack off material so that I have some "new" stuff to use tonight during the BBB session! Before I get to that, I just wanted to say that I napped again this lunch hour and spent the remainder of the break actually updating some of my musical online credentials. It's a lengthy process, one which may be better suite to when I am in a more properly representative environment and state of being. But back to Burbank and the BBB, I often do mention how "last night" 's session went but I rarely do seem to actually prepare one (or oneself) to a session scheduled to take place later in the day/night. I think perhaps it is partially due to the highly unplanned and often on-the-fly improvisational nature of having to shoot BBB material (and related private Joanna P clips which still fall under that category although remain unseen by most!) which comes from not having full intimacy, privacy, or time dedicated to the activity. TtheO once suggested years ago I rented a second flat or just went to hotels in order to be able to properly explore the focal shifts and fetish fervor of my activities, which would have been a great idea if I had more money to dedicate to the craft. These days, Inthink that it would almost be counter-productive due to the time it would require to transit to a secondary location to shoot. If I am already feeling as though each BBB moment is a race against time, complete with lacking in preparation and inspiration, would traveling to another locale help matters much? And how to explain to the wife? "Bye bue dear! i am off to a secret location for the rest of the night to do stuff you would not want to know about!". How trust inspiring! Well like I have said, the "golden" age, the "hey day" of the BBB has already passed, and what is happening now is strictly having fun with it, and enjoying every moment I can while everything is still operational. And again I have rambled on and went over the subject! So what shall I attempt to cream tonight? Been thinking about it since last night, actually, giving thought to which doll(s) to cream up. We haven't seen many of the older ones in a while, not many ebony dolls have surfaced of late, and aside from BC (Black Canary), not many blonde dolls seem to be partaking in the recent Bbb fun. But when it comes down to the actual preparation, I often find myself uninspired by some of the "classic" plastic ladies of yore. As I have said, my tastes for dolls has shifted and changed over the years, and it is the newer ones which I have acquired which seem to get the most proper stimulated attention from me! Granted I should go back to the old time classics but there is one major time eating constraint which is the clothing up of the dolls. Many don't care or don't notice but to take off the clothes and accessories of a doll and then place new ones is quite time demanding, and often also a turn off due to the technical aspect of it. Well it isn't as mechanical as I make it sound but by experience, it does have a certain effect on the whole "excitement" and "totally unprepared and unrehearsed heat of the moment" (the actual word escapes me today, as I am quite busy at work!). So on this note, as I have pretty much quickly grazed a few topics of interest, I shall stop today's rantings as now Inis time for me to return home using the beloved public transit system. So until tomorrow, at which point I hope to have excellent news concerning the BBb session to be recorded in a few hours, I bit you farewell!

Thursday may 30, 2013: well guess what folks? Last night's BBB session was a total success! Arriving at the apartment before my wife, I was able to begin working on the set-up, which included (but not limited to) installing the proper memory cards in the three cameras, taking out emptied batteries and recharging them, preparing the chair & cumrags, as well as taking out all the dolls in order to make a selection of whom was to be "tonight's" lucky plastic lady to receive a plastering of the buttery kind! By taking out my whole arsenal of dolls (although clothing, accessories, cum receptacles and other materials remained carefully stashed away) Inwas able to look at all of them and find out which was was inspirational. Well without making too much of a long story into a mega epic, I did try to make a conscious decision to avoid the dark-black haired beauties which I have a definite appreciation for (to say the least!). Bdolls like Kanika, Carmen, Gaia, and RePo are all superb dolls which seem to constantly merit my creamings, but they also are rather regulars in the more recent BBB outings since March or so. And so I opted to keep my peepers on the other dolls, and a few came close: Angela Crystal's always been a special blonde for me, while Raven also seemed to be the ebony of choice for tonight. Catwoman is much like BC (Black Canary) in the sense that she can always seem to fit it to almost any setting. But it turned out to being the redheades Fiona who captured my loins' attentions! I knew I needed to dress her up accordingly even though doing so often leaves one a bit less primed for the action, so i was toying around with the idea of having her wear KLS (now there's another Bdoll I never tire of!)'s fur coat with nothing underneath, but Fiona's particular waist structure would have left it too exposed, and quite frankly, the manufacturers did a horrible job on her waist (much like that of Kaylie and Katianna, for example), which results in yours truly constantly wanting to "cover it up" with clothing. So my initial thought was to de-clothe RePo and Sharon because those two have been wearing the same outfit for MONTHS, and use some of the elements on Fiona. But time was advancing and I have to get supper ready so that when my wife would walk in, she wouldn't have found me doing "nothing"! When she did walk in she was soaked, caught by the intense freak rain storms of the 514: soaked to the bone, her socks, bra, everything completely soaked! She decided to take a shower while she left me in charge of dinner which was quite too easy to be honest, sonI decided to map out some of the recent Darkko/Burbank DVDs I finally received while she was in the shower and I could keep an eye on the cooking. I essentially only was able to map out "Suck It Dry 5", and only the Burbank moments on that one as well. First I had to find the complete and detailed cast list of each girl per scene (less than half of those I was familiar enough to ID strictly by eye), and then FFWD through each scene to figure out if and where Winston was (the Burbank/Darkko combos are not always straightforward, a special combo recipe which will be discussed later!), and then do a quickie little description of the Burbank popshot. In SID5, all the girls jack him off instead of his later self cranking, soma few of these girls aren't nearly as messy as they could have been, but it is also in this DVD where it would seem that Winston's popshots are at their peak. On a couple of instances the girls are far from properly covered by not jacking the Burbank crank perfectly, but a few of them them quite royally creamed in true ultimate classic style. The Eva Angelina scene is exquisite but if Winston jacked himself off instead of Eva, she would have been som CUMpletelly plastered indeed! But in the Angelina Valentine scene, she manages to empty out Winston's pipes in a way which leaves her so totally covered you'd think she was in a microwave over melting! So in retrospect, SID5 is quite the winner, with about 5 or 6 (at least) Burbank moments out of the 18 scenes, and none of which are total loses. At the very least, the resulting cum aftermath is up to par with Winston's chest creamings in the POV Jugg Fuckers series. A definite top notch winning title in my book, as Mr Darkko himself manages some mighty impressive pops as well throughout most of the remainder of the scenes. However, between my wife's shower and the cooking if supper, Inwas not able to "review" (map out) anymore DVDs! But this is not what you came in reading when I started this paragraph. You want to know about the Fiona session, don't you? Well skip ahead about 90 minutes later when my wife was fixing herself a snack before going to bed and I went back to my room to dress up Fiona in a few items which were in the Bdoll bag. I forwent the original idea of using KLS' furcoat, put a pair of stockings on her when the fishnets wouldn't fit (the fishnets for dolls such as the pair which originally came with KLS only fit specific types of doll models, due to special plastic used for the legs), and put an elastic band to create a pony tail like hair style. I also used those black gloves which were on RePo's hands for the longest time, had a skimpy little black dress and added a pair of blue gogo boots, and finally Fiona was ready! Inwaited until after my wife went to bed before starting anything but as soon as she was snyggly in bed, I bolted back to my room and startd the session with a series of pictures which got me in the mood to do a 2 minute introductory clip where Fiona managed to tease and stimulate me with her gloved hands and skimpy black dress, with some pre-cum oozing on the tip of my cock throughout the whole video. After a short while I did the 3 camera cumshot angle set up and decided to simply let it rip. it did not take too long mind you, as I was already quite sufficiently turned on, but it came to the point of no return, I unleashed quite the pop shot indeed! However the force of my ejaculation was such that most of my cum flew passed Fiona's face and straight onto the Joanna CumRags, leaving a huge spunky mess! It was quite a pleasant and rather decently voluminous load, which I had wished would have exploded all over Fiona's face, but as you all know, cumshots and very small targets are difficult to predict! After what seemed to be dozens of post cumshot after math pictures, I finalized the session by doing one final pass-through of the cum targets and finally waved goodbye to the set as I also ever so minimally cleaned up Fiona with a CumRag, in order to remind everyone that even if I do not film it much anymore, I always clean up the excess spunk with Joanna's cumrags once the cameras stop filming! Some of my cum overshots also lands in that very small opening which is near the right-front side of the outer zipper of Joanna's grey miniskirt CumRag, which means that some cum will be on the outside of that skirt! So much fun with cum, no? Speaking of such, I am not one to necessarily toot my own horn (except when shooting a session, nyuck nyuck nyuck!), but I must say Inwas impressed with the quantity of semen sprayed last night. Of course there are more ample and generous cummers out there but for an aging guy who does this for fun without any enhancements (which don't work by the way; I have blogged about it in the past and will do an official pill review in the future), I do find it is quite a decent amount of spunk being launched for such ejaculations! Anyhow, if you don't mind, I shall sign off for the moment due to fatigue, a headache, and preparing to leave the office, as I need to get home rather early today for our Thursday night errands. Normally I would go off into speaking (well writing) about a few things porn and sex related, but oddly enough, I do feel as though I have already said all that needs to be said. Oh, before I forget; starting on June 3rd to September 8th, our much "beloved" metro system is blocking the entrance-exit to the office, which means that I will need to do detours to gain access to work and public transit, during the sweating, boiling, sticky humid summer of 2013! I wanted to mention it in advance, much like the whole "crunchtime" until the move schtick, so's that I would not need to explain myself when I am indeed in the thick of things! So on that note, have fun, and enjoy it all!
I know there is no cum in this pic, but this blonde girl (and I usually don't go for blondes!) has that spark to her!

Friday May 31st 2013: (At the AC location, like all Fridays). Things were going well there for a while : last night we picked up the wedding photos setting me back an extra $450. We did not go pick up those boxes to move because the whole shipment did not arrive. Better to wait for the whole batch to be there before fighting against the world to go pick it up at the office. The best example was last night where it took up 20 minutes to drive down to the photographer's studio but then a good 30 minutes trying to find parking and then walking to the studio! The legends are true about how incredibly complex, odd, and illogical the parking rules on the streets are. It's crazy complicated to explain, but it reminded me of the propaganda of trying to convince people to stay and live within the metropolis. The parking problem is only one aspect which makes living on the island that much less appealing, so that is why they are promoting public transit: the bus and metro system which breaks down more often than you'd think, without enough service to compensate for the amount of people using it; just the bus required to get here in the morning hasn't enough of buses per hour to compensate for he amount of people using it. In the wintertime I think there are more buses and less people using the route, but in the summertime when they change the schedule, there seems to be more folks, with 1/4 less buses per hour than in the wintertime. It doesn't matter how early I get to the bus terminus, there is always a long line up waiting for the bus already, so by the time I get inside, there either is no more good seats available or just none at all! At work they finally decided to give me some tons of work to do but there is only one machine in the office capable of handling such requests, and it is slow... And to add to this "perfect" morning (...!), that spoiled princess bitch from the downtown office called to speak to me, asked me to return her call. This must be die to the fact that her requests from yesterday were unfinished. Well I won't go into details as time and battery are low right now, but she gives me last minute requests late in the day, no explanations as to what info she wants me to do, and then takes hours before returning the work to me to correct , sometimes without any additional explanation as to what exactly needs to be corrected. Of course I pull in more hours than her on a daily basis, come in earlier than her in the mornings, take shorter lunch breaks, and I don't socialize with other folks wasting time, so of course I am not a team player because I don't bow down to her royal lazyness. Shit, she's the one who takes folders out of the file racks and just leaves them there next to the file racks, expecting me to re-file everything for her. I do not support lazyness and I have no recourse to the bitch's ways because she is a big time ass licker and is a friendly hypocrite with most everyone (at least everyone that matters). She's what I call a Debbie, in reference to the type of person she is. Now I have to call her back where she will have found a way to once again make me look incompetent to everyone's eyes. It is just a part of the daily routine. She is one more reason why Indo not enjoy today's younger generation of kids: lazyness and without respect for anyone but constantly expecting everyone to respect them without no earnest. She is just like the stupid kids living in the building we live in now (for another 29 days only!) except she is not a drug dealer as far as I am concerned. Oh well, got to deal with them bad apples! Will also have to charge my phone soon too for tonight at FZ's place we are supposed to work on a non musical project which will require my phone as sound provider. Anyway, must get off this toilet bowl and go pay the piper! Today at the AC location I will be spending the day making copies of files and documents using an old photocopier which is slower than FZ fucking (sorry dude!) & jams more often than Creepy Joe repeats his catch words of the day! (sorry about that one too!) Last night when we returned from the photographer's studio to pick up the wedding photos, my wife took a shower upon arrival so I mapped out the Burbank donations in the Darkko "POV Jugg Fuckers #3" DVD, and our main man Winston does a good 6 scenes, if not more, each more spunkerific than the last! The #2 of "POv Jugg Fuckers" had quite a decent arsenal of Winston wettings and creamings, the Avy Scott ranking as one of those mega all-time tit-area blasts, but now #3 is not shabby either! The only negative thing I would say IF I wanted to say a negative comment is how one of his more powerful blasts was dodged by the girl who obviously did not want and was avoiding the cum to her face, but Winston's blasts were too powerful in that scene so the side of her head-hair and the couch got those plasterings. Don't worry, her tits and neck got quite the cum damage as well! The opener with Rebeca Linares is also quite pleasant as she has a very nice reaction to Winston's batter blasting on her bountiful boobies! Of course a facial fanatic as myself dies prefer seeing the Burbank blasts on faces (like in the Suck It Dry and Sloppy Head series for example), but a Burbank cumshot on tits is worth 5 cheap-ass crap so-called facials from so-called non-jizzer studs like Lee Stone for example. sorry Lee, the industry loves you for being trustworthy, dependable, and reliable (plus they say he was quite the sweetheart as well), but in the ejaculatory department, quite rare are those popshots memorable in any way (I have avoided purchasing some DVDs due to the fact that he was the lead stud paired with the ladies of choice. Why would I spend $ on a disc when I know I won't feel like I got my money's worth?). Anyway, over half my day is already passed and I don't know if I will have time to do everything which is required of me, so I should sign off for the moment and hopefully return later, after my phone has been recharged! --- (bonus afterthoughts from Sunday June 2nd 2013): we will be packing all day. Last night we got too drunk to have sex nor me to shoot a session. So if all goes well, I will attempt to shoot a session tonight using the new Tv monitor we acquired at a garage sale yesterday: returning from errands and groceries, yesterday was the official June garage sale day in our burrough (yes, the city does indeed impose specific days on which one cAn do garage sales!) and a small TV caught my eye: after all, the one I had been using (and often accidentally creaming with overshots as well, but don't you worry Joanna, all the cum was always licked up by your CumRags!) was just about over and done with after a good 30 years (!!!) of service. $7 later and I had a new TV, slightly bigger than the previous one, perfect for watching porn in brilliant color and detail when shooting BBB! Finally, AdultDVDemire are about to discontinue some DVd titles off their website because they are older titles so they're selling them dirt cheap and I am seriously thinking of ordering a batch of Carmen Vera discs before they disappear! Speak to y'all later!

Well lookee here... She started the post, and now she (almost) finished it... I wonder why is she so important?

To end things properly, this lovely may do that "I'm being buttered by Butter's butter" face (yes, girls who get blasted in the face by yours truly do tend to do this face!) but the fact she is not jumping away and wears bunny ears makes her my little favorite ending for this weekly blog post! Cheers, thanks for reading, and see you next time!


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