BBB's MOVING (it's happening NOW)

Hey everyone! Well if you read my weekly posts/updates since about December 2012 or January 2013 up until now then you know that the moving is happening as we speak! Since we will be living like war veterans for a few days without any internet connection, I thought I would prepare a few posts in advance and have them pop up on each day as the move is happening. Once we are minimally settled in, then I shall re-begin the more "regular" blogging! Today is Saturday the 29th, the eve of the move, but we'll be spending our day packing the last remnants of life in this horrid apartment (getting worst by the day, looking at the new tenants moving in!), as well as doing tons of back and forths moving stuff from here to there (our new place) as well as doing the final runs of donations of stuff found in our packing to various goodwill organizations. So here's a preview of an upcoming BBB session which is in the ever-growing "to be edited" queue! Cheers!

Sharon and RePo (and BC) are the focus of this little BBB romp!

Sharon manages to capture SOME of the ButterCUm!

RePo's facial is more subtle than graphic, but it is there nonetheless!

BC held the CumReceptacle in anticipation of capturing the droplets!

As "usual", some overshots on the TV behind the whole set-up (cum to be cleaned with Joanna's CumRags!)

Between BC's legs, some more ButterCum on one of Joanna's MiniSkirt CumRags!


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