BBB's MOVING (it's happening NOW) pt3

Well hello again my dear readers! As you hopefully are well aware, the infamous 2013 moving is happening right now... And if you haven't read the previous 2 days' quickies about some of the details which surround the reason(s) why I am making these mini posts, well please, by all means, go on right ahead and read the prior days' posts! Today being Canada Day, July 1st, is officially our first day IN the new apartment, but we still do not have any internet connection, hence why I am posting this little thing here "in advance". According to our schedule, tomorrow (July 2nd) a technician is supposed to come in and check the internet connection for us, and hopefully we should be back online by that time. In the meantime, continuing with some of the quickies I have already posted for you, here is yet ANOTHER BBB preview of an upcoming session, also (like most others!) on the proverbial back-burner. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more updates as the move 2013 should be almost over!

Angela Crystal, wearing a skimpy black dress, gets her butt felt up by the ButterCock!

You can't really tell but Angela got mega blasted in this session!

A little showcase of the cum on her mini black dress... So sexy indeed!

The ButterCum was dripping off her face during the post-pictures so I snapped as much as I could!

A shot of one of Joanna's CumRags, with lots of sticky fresh ButterCUm all over it!


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