BBB's MOVING (it's happening NOW) pt2

Hi folks! So did you read yesterday's short little excerpt about my being offline for a short while and presenting some quickie previews of upcoming BBB sets in order so that my blog does NOT feel as void and empty while we are setting in the new place without any internet connection for a few days? Well if you didn't, check it out, there's a few BBB preview pics of an upcoming sessions still in the "to be edited" queue! Keeping with this train of thought, as today IS the big moving itself (and yes, I will be left behind to do some kind of minimal cleanup for the next tenants... grumble grumble!), here is a preview of ANOTHER BBB sequence still unedited but in works! Cheers!

Fiona looking exceptional in a little black dress teases the pre-cum from the ButterCock!

Our sexy scottish lass takes on some cum right on the kisser!

Some droplets on her chest (and notice her dripping cheek as well!)

THis shot reveals the massive cum damage that one of JOanna's CumRags caught!

Here's a bit of a close up on SOME o the cum which hit Joanna's CumRag like a Bukkake!


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