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So I decided that since I haven't had anytime to post nor share any B-doll oriented sessions/sets/thoughts, or any other doll-oriented material, that I should at least share with you a few choice "ideas" I am stumbling upon while on break at work (hey; archiving can be more tedious than you think!). So without further delay, here's a few ideas which grabbed my attention today (Friday the 25th of January) on the doll-side:

Princess of the Nile Barbie

ABOVE: Well it's the infamous "Queen of the Nyle" doll which is now discontinued and only available through specific market and retailers (and collectors)... Not saying that it EVER was available over-the-counter in Canadian stores at all, but still... This pic is FAR from being representative of just how tasty this doll is to me, so please don't judge "her" too harshly on this generic photo! A wee bit like my "unicorn"; a doll I seem to have a fascination with! And yes, it IS on my Amazon wishlist!

FOTW of India Diwali Barbie

 ABOVE: Again another generic image which represents ever so slightly the true beauty of the Diwali model... ANother Bdoll which seems to "speak" to me in that special "Buttery" language! Again, another doll never available in Canada, and seems to have been reserved principally for the american collector's market... a shame I was never able to find it!

Princess of Ancient Mexico Barbie Doll

 ABOVE: The princess of Mexico doll; and yes, you guessed it, exactly like the other models above; collector's only, unavailable, but one of my "precious" wished-I-had dolls. The pic does not do her justice, but does give a good general idea of where my preferences lie in terms of doll designs... Well maybe not the outfit and stuff, but you know what I mean...

Princess of Incas Barbie

ABOVE: The princess of INCAS... Same as the above model(s)... Nothing more to say but "Hawt Dawg"!!!

Sumatra Indonesia Barbie Doll 

ABOVE: Sumatra / Indonesia doll; this is the one that got away... I think! This dates back from the last days when local Toys R Us shops actually carried the DOlls Of The World models and other semi-affordable collectibles... And in those days, my tastes for the more exotic looking dolls was just begin to develop, and I just did not "feel" this particular model's (then) most uncommon sculpture... Of course, a few years passed and now that she's completelly depletted and no one has this model in stuck, I find myself irresistably wanting this special doll... Well, like most others listed in this post of course!

(The following are links only because it seems that I can no longer copy & paste images from outside sources... Oh well! Better get your mouses and click away for more Butter-flavored favorites and wish-lists!)

(above: link to the Empress of the Aliens doll... Out of this world!

(above: the Pirate Fantasy doll... Indeed quite fantasy-inspiring!)

(Above 2 links: the Goddess of Wisdom... a very beautiful model indeed!0

(above link: the Goddess Athena doll... Not the best picture but you get the picture!

(Above link: Goddess of the Galaxy doll for that early 80s pin-up fantasy fetishism I used to have!)

(Above link: another bad picture to represent a beautiful doll: the Cleopatra doll!)

(above link: The Scarlett Macaw redheaded doll; other pics elsewhere do her better justice!)


That's all I could spare for you folks today; gotta return to work! Thanks for reading!


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