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This week's top pic winner: I forget her name! One time internet sensation for facials and cum parties!

OK so there is no cum on this pic, but who could resist this pre-EMO little goth cutey pie's smile?

This lady would have been top contender only if the jizz was all over her face! Good job still!
Monday the 21st of January 2013; another major insomnight last night. It's getting ridiculous, isn't it? Since those drug dealing pot smoking wall bashing teenager scumbags moved next door, I think I have had one sunday night where I slept properly. Just last night "Ti-Brun" (one of the worst of the next door dope fiend community) decided just before 21h00 to use our fake wall separating the two apartments as a means to literally throw furniture upon. No kidding! It felt as though he was trying to kill someone on the wall by smashing heavy furniture into it. He really is a most perfect example of why I am a misanthrope and that my faith in humanity is long expired. It is people, nay, selfish pathetic excuses for human beings like him which are excellent reminders as to why humanity is far from being the evolved species most think we are. My wife often reminds me of not to give into the darkside of anti-socialism because of a few rotten apples trying to spoil the whole bunch, but just yesterday I reminded her with examples at hand that the spoilt apples are so rotten than they stink up, pollute, and infect everything and everyone around them. But as you all know, if you kept up with these weekly rantings of mine, this is but temporary. In 5 months it'll be over and things will change radically! After my wife and I's re-marriage, we will be moving out... Where? No idea yet, but at this point, our apartment complex having become the unlivable first building of our hood's street to be officially "ghetto"-ized, it is grand time to move the fuck away from such evil, negativity, sloth, selfishness, noise, and lack of respect. Every year the new tenants get younger and younger, and more and more noisy and less experienced in living quarters. It is true: we tabulated all the neighbors over the last 4 years only and they just kept on getting younger and younger and more violent and noisy... So judging the way this formulae is going, the next neighbors will be even worse (there can always be worse, don't ever believe that what you experience is "the pits" because take it from a guy who knows this first hand by experience, it can ALWAYS get worse!) and it is grand time we move away to more "civilized" living quarters. As I said, when we moved in about 12 years ago, it was the perfect place for a quiet little nest: a very friendly family-oriented community-oriented synergy, but this started degrading after each new tenants moved in... And if our information is correct, the only two other (out of 6) decent tenants of the building are also moving in July, so that means that more young selfish noisy males will be moving in to take their place, and if we don't go, we shall be the only decent ones left in that crap hole of an apartment building, completely surrounded by noisy apathetic drug smoking dope smuggling little boys... Because as I explained before, the landlord seems to have a thing for young boys, the sick bastard. Like most of the world's worst humans, he hides behind a perfectly honed role of what seems to be the most decent and intelligent normal looking guy you can meet, but his real personnae shines through his actions and insidious manipulations... Anyway, he's a dirt cheap landlord who likes to rent his apartments to noisy young boys, and seeing the way our quality of life has disintegrated gradually over the years resulting in the crap shit we live now, where things do seem that they may indeed get worse, well we seriously need to go! So word to the wise of course that with the wedding and the move getting dangerously closer with each passing day, there will come a time when my blogging and all other online activities (which includes email) will be greatly reduced... And I don't mean the "under construction" type of reduced, but the quite the nothing & total online silence type! So never say you have not been warned! Let's hope I can find a spot to snooze this lunch time!
One-time internet sensation Mona Little Mariposa poses with her friend after a few dozen donations!

Heather XXX, another one-time amateur, taking an outdoors facial for her fans!
On another note as quicly hinted at from the previous blog update, I was able to shoot some private Joanna-eyes-only clips between Thursday night and Saturday morning, the majority of which were quickies of the giga variety seeing as how I hadn't had the chance in what seems (for Joanna at least) like an eternity since I did any giga clips for her. Well I don't know if anyone recalls the fiasco involving the last Gigarag and how it was almost responsible for my demise and a heart attack (all details were in my previous blog's updates, now censored of course, hence the mention of remembering!), but as soon as I was able to pack the rag safely, it was taken out of commission just waiting to be set to Joanna for her own personal enjoyment! Seeing as how dealing with a GigaRag now as opposed to, say 1 or 2 years ago, has changed considerably due to the ever-fluctuating lifestyle(s) and survival changes of late, it is more difficult than ever before to do any type of giga anymore, especially if it involves a giga rag to soak up the juices. I won't go into the details of all the troubles it takes to try to hide a giga rag and have it dry up without "perfuming" up the whole apartment and attracting unwanted attention, amongst many other factors, but suffice it to say that what seems to be something simple and basic to do for anyone ELSE not married and living alone, is now a near impossibility for me. In essence, just doing the recent quickies for Joanna without a gigarag was a reminder of just how not as simple and easy it is to do this stuff without attracting unwanted attention! But it was a fun experience, and I hope it won't be too much of a hassle to edit once I find the time to download all the footage in the computer. And yes, as I also mentioned in last week's update, on Friday evening I managed to also do a private tribute for Joanna as well, another one of those condom pie sessions I have done a handful of recently. It wasn't easy to do either, seeing as how I was perturbed and disturbed by the annoyance of the next door idiots, but after a few odd and false starts, I finally made it and it was quite pleasant! Innfact,!and I did not do this on purpose, but 2 or the 3 cumshot angles seem to be safe enough to be shown in public! Again, I won't go into the details of lighting balance, over/under exposure, and such, but it would seem that some of the angles manage to protect the real life identity of the Joannna cut-out! So before my battery on my phone runs out, just wanted to finish off with a mention that after the whole Cut-Condom pie session was officially over, I took some bonus pictures of MiniJoanna and the "emptied" condom as tests for an idea a friend of mine suggested a few weeks ago about how to incorporate some original material in the condom-oriented BBB sessions. In fact, two of my friends offered their great input, and both are ideas worth investigating further. So anyway, I will be eventually sharing those pictures in question on this very blog, just to give an idea as to what to possibly expect out of the future of condom-clad BBB sessions! Alright i have to run now seeing as how my phone's battery is "dying" before my very eyes! More to come later (let's hope I get some sleep tonight!).

Honey Pine, a sort-of "one-time" amateur who tried her luck at pro-am but did not quite... stick!!!
Did Kylee here agree to have her pic taken or was it just the case of abusing an opportunity?

Yes, I have always been a sucker for pretty girls giving manual relief!
Tuesday the 22nd of, yes, January 2013: luckily for me I was able to catch a bit more sleep last night, as I was allowed by a rare silence to go to bed at an early hour. Coupled with my exhaustion as it were, it only took me about 2 hours to get to sleep. Most people freak out when they hear this, but I am constantly having to remind the world, including my wife and close friends, that I am not wired like most people. In fact, most people can not even conceive the concept of a being such as I (but I am not trying to sound pretentious; it is quite simply that I truly am massively different than most people... Most think that being different is about listening to Jaz-Z instead of Ludacris, or to drink rosé wine instead of red wine). Most people pass out in bed after maybe 5 minutes... It takes me at least 30 minutes to pass out, and that is usually when I am dead exhausted on the weekends at around 2 or 3am, or when I have had a lot more to drink than usual, and that means I pass out under an hour's time. Usually, if all goes well, it takes me about an hour to fall asleep, sometimes more like 2. So the point here of course is that I actually must have had about 6 hours of consecutive sleep last night, which is actually pretty rare! This morning I feel more refreshed, more energetic, and maybe even a bit more horny! Well as horny as I can be under these stiff office conditions! Granted, ladies like JMES and new girl Maria help make the visual candy all that more tempting and tantalizing, but let me be honest here; with all the women in the office, there really is a very low level of true sexual energy. Never forget that most people are living under the illusion that they enjoy sex, and most people go through the motions of sex, out of necessity, habit, or a sense of "duty". Most people who claim they like sex are but stuck in their own idealized versions of what sex is, un-opened to new or different ideas. Heck, the concept of a facial cumshot is very much a no-no to these people! As I have mentioned often in so many previous posts, in the 514 it seems as though so many girls are allergic to semen, which makes a cum freak like myself so unsatisfiable! But what was the point of all of this? Oh yeah, feeling better! Let's hope this energy stays long enough with me until tonight where I am seriously overdue with a BBB session! I was due last night, but feeling so dead tired and without energy, it would have been a waste of memory on my camera's cards to attempt to do anything, but that means that tonight, I have no choice BUT to shoot a little something-something... Let's hope my balls have had time to create more sperm so that I have a large cumshot to shoot tonight! If I had the opportunity, I would probably shoot the session right now instead of later, and concentrate all my sexual energy on the now, instead of having to wait for the work day to be over, then the commute home, then the couplehood thing, and then wait until there's an opportunity to set up and prepare, then, finally, shoot my session and my load! You can be certain I will talk about it tomorrow and give you all the juicy details! But for the moment, I fear I must get back to work.... Writing these little nothings on my phone while locked in a bathroom stall may seem to be easy enough, but it does take time (especially when the phone has no keyboard!) and I don't want to arouse too much suspicion! So until later!

What would be a weekly BBBlog update without a Seska (one time local 514er!) pic to remind us!
Anyone else remember the AMATEUR calling herself Kat? Doing an inverted Joanna P sweater treatment!

Everyone knows Mindy today as one of the most popular Pro-Ams... but this was back she was just an "am"!
I was recently exposed to a disturbing piece of news which, for the protection of the real people involved, the identities and true nature of this actual fact shall not be released. Now all I will saw is that a lot of so-called smut film makers get peeved when the female talent arrives with their husband, boyfriend, agent, body guard, or whatever. But what most folks do not realize is that on porn sets, just like in real life situations, abuse and exploitation is all still too common. Folks usually do not realize this but it is better to be safe than sorry, and it is often the case that someone somewhere is trying to take advantage of a porn performer in one way or another, and that can lead to physical violence. Basically what I am trying to say is that if you can't take the fact that a girl will bring support or a bouncer on a set, well that just means you aren't honest to begin with. What if the scene starts going too rough and the no one listens to the girl who may be asking for it all to stop? Who protects her interest, no wait... Who protects her PERIOD? If something goes wrong on a set while shooting a scene, there has to be someone there with a leveled head and a grip on reality to bring everyone down to ground level and ensure the safety of those involved! Female talent should never have to feel like she isn't safe and secure earning her paycheque! What bothers me in today's day and age, with the increasing number of dishonest folks pretending to be professionals, it is still a wonder that some girls don't request at least some type of protection for their safety! Porn is hard enough to do as is, a safe workplace environment should be mandatory, and accepted as the norm! People who don't get that, or who don't respect the concept and thus the talent involved, should basically go pay for hookers instead of trying to pretend that they are porn directors! Maybe my thought did not come out right, but I needed to get it off my chest. We are blessed to have such amazing ladies willing to do these things to begin with, and we should work harder to make sure we keep them happy as well and don't drive them away with a bad taste in their mouth! I know I tend to go all over the place at times which is why having my own blog is more of an option than contributing to a discussion forum where I will only end up being censored and dogged/hounded anyway, and why having a podcast wouldn't quite work either seeing as how getting anyone to contribute anything and help make things more of a collaborative effort would be like pulling candy-rotted teeth from a blind old lady! Ok so that last little improvised quote may not have flow well. Ut if you had the references, perhaps it would make sense! But back on a track here before anyone think I started taking drugs again, I was having this discussion recently about the use of condoms in porn and how it is possible to turn it into a great foreplay device, or even a fetishistic activity in itself! All you have to do is look at the amount of DIY home made amateur porn on Xtube and other sites of the vein to see just how "popular" the condom is as a play thing in itself. Granted, maybe not like a dildo or some other type of traditional sex toy but it does seem to have grown in terms of shaking off the ages-old stigma associated to its use in modern porn. Look, I have discussed this in the past trying to express both sides of the POV so there's no point in going over it again, but let's say that thanks to the Hervé Bodilis films for Marc Dorcel Productions and my own experiments in my clips (private or otherwise), I have learned that the proper use of rubbers in porn can actually work for a production and not simply offer distraction. And now as my metro (subway) stop is nearing and I have to return to home crap home, it's time to get myself into the proper mood for my session... What shall it be? What shall I do this time around? Who shall be the lucky plastic Bdoll to get my creamy donation this time? Will there be a cum receptacle? Will it be a FUKT session? All these questions, and perhaps even more information, will be answered in tomorrow's update/entry! Will my cumshot be a gusher? How thick will it be? How much will the doll get or will my sperm be soaked in more properly inside Joanna's CumRags? Ah yes, the anticipation grows and only tomorrow will be be treated to the blow by blow recount! Have a good one folks!
She called herself Hot Val and she was one of the earlier "MILF"-oriented amateurs to give it her best to make it big!
Sorry I couldn;t get a bigger pic of this cummy lady!

Hey wait a minute, doesn't she look familiar? How about an almost tribute oriented pic?
Wednesday thy 23rd of January 2013... I may actually not have time to write something decent due to events which happened last night. In short, when I went to bed, my MP3 player was not functional. Seeing as how I can not sleep without my MP3 playing some home-made Thomas Koner mixes I did back in the mid Y2k, I needed something to drone and lull me to sleep. I opened my phone and had an application about white noise with low-fi ambient rumblings running on a loop. I had that running for a few hours while I tried to sleep. This morning when my alarm sounded, I had but 4% battery left on my phone! It's been charging since! More later when I have the opportunity to write some more, especially about last night's BBB session! Ok so it is later, but alas, stuck in transit in the wobbly metro filled with folks and the floor covered in that yucky dark dirty water which is the slush residue accumulated from your winter boots... Anyway, it's been a rather odd day so far with very little to no time at all to spend on my own phone- based blogging even though I would have thought that once all my devices were recharged, I would have been able to take a few odd moments here and there to fill you fine folks in with the what's been happening! Well on one front, I finally got a visit from my DVD contact by car, and I was allowed to rummage through his various boxes of DVDs, although most of which were releases which I already had access to prior to the holidays. I dis find a few choice cuts, surprisingly in his used section, which includes a european-flavored Hustler release with James Brossman in at least two of the scenes, and a Manuel Ferrera directed DVD for Evil Empire called "Raw #8".. This one features another pairing with parisian superstar Katsuni, which they have shared quite a number of scenes together, at least four if which I already own in my collection. This one apparently has the equivalent of two scenes with Manuel & Katsuni, seeing as how they were shot over 2days' worth of time well spent together! The chemistry between these two french-speaking stars is undeniably without question! Anyway, I am sure most if you did not read through this entire series of lengthy self-serving paragraphs just to hear about porn releases which are probably considered old news to most folks, and I am pretty certain that most of you have been patient and waiting for last night's BBB session update... So I shall indulge you in a quickie run down! My wife gave me some time "alone" so I decided to use it to shoot a session, which I decided would be a rather basic set, so no extravaganzas involved (the way views on Xtube have been dwindling, I fear my own enthusiasm for constant renewal of my scenes has also shifted into low gear!). The Bdolls of choice were Black Canary and RePo once again, because hawt dawg I really want to give this pale skinned beauty a thick fucking facial to remember! Anyway, MiniJoanna was also out for the fun of it, and I tried to place the camera angles to get the maximum coverage and lighting conditions. The intro to the session is a wee bit different than usual, and before long I was ready to pop with all three angles at the ready... Trouble came at the cumshot, due to something which I discussed many times in the past involving the body's natural "recycling" of un-shot semen.... And thus, the 4-day load which felt as though it had been accumulated like mad in my scrotum was released, only to look like a very ho-hum un-impressive typical 2 day load, save for the first two volleys which looked like they had an inch's worth of thickness each and shot over the distance of several feet! However the remainder of the missiles were not as impressive in terms of quantity and thickness, leaving the thickest portions of the spunk to land on the various cumrags of Joanna, while the dolls themselves generally just took what seemed to be mire watery-like liquid sperm... Oh well! I think that it wasn't just due t nthe fact that my body had begun recycling its own semen, but also that my wife was just a few rooms away also played a par bin this. Don't know if Inmentioned this previously, but I think it is best to wait until she is in bed before starting the shooting (& by the way, there's a freak asshole next to me who decided to drop his bag without paying attention, and part of it landed on my foot. It's ok, I subtlely re positioned my foot to put some slush on his bag: I call this re-balancing the universe!). Perhaps knowing my wife could walk in on a session does have a great impact on the quality of the cumshot, and so from now on, I will try to wait until she's in bed before shooting (pun intended!). Gotta dash folks; it's my stop now, sonsee you all tomorrow!
For you shoe fetishists out there... Don't tell you NEVER did something similar... Didn't you?
And a bit for you foot fetishists... Absolutely brilliant, no? Delicious!
Hop I didn't already post this pic (don't expect the "club" to still be open either!)
Thursday January 24; 2013: Good Morning y'all! I am realizing just how much of a crazy schedule I actually have: this morning before work I finished the blogpost about Maya Rodrigues' bday (it was missing a few clips I couldn't seem to upload last night), and learned my presence was required for a free food and free booze 5 to 7 tonight, which means I won't be able to shoot a session tonight as I had planned (remember how all recorded sessions now have to be scheduled in advance; no more room for spontaneity!). Then at work I learned I had to work out some archiving problems, which I solved rather quickly considering the fact I wasn't feeling much into it! I then had a quick little discussion with one of the bosses/managers here about Hollywood movies, began listening (while cataloguing and archiving) to a mix which had a lady repeat "I like to watch... Pornographic movies" throughout the first part of the earlier mix, which made me smile because I realized just how little in common I actually do have in terms of modern "entertainment" of the masses... Today's so called teenage singers come and go and all look & sound the same that I can't even keep up with last year's models! In essence, it is incredible the amount of time and money the general population spends on the corporate crap thrown to them by the culture industry in means of "entertainment"! If there was ever a time when it was painfully obvious that commercial media is but a product designed for mass consumption, it is now, and yet most humans don't even realize it, and actually consider it all to be true "art"... Seriously? Anyway, am I glad I was awakened in the 80s to be conscious enough to notice the world change and turn into today's fiasco of selfishness! Like one of my posts boasted earlier this (or last according to when this is actually posted!) week, The Future: It's Lame! But enough about my own personal ever-philosophy, let's talk porn! Last night i scoped out the Evil Empire DVD Manuel Ferrara directed "Raw #8", which was a heck of a better product than his "Fucked On Sight #5" DVD. I don't know where to start so I'll go with the flow and begin with a thought I had last night. "Fucked On Sight #5" (or FOS5 for short) had 5 full (& long) scenes of Manuel picking up, playing, and fucking young ladies, in principally pure post-gonZo POV style. Out of the 5 cumshots, 2 were internal mouth pops (which is a shame when you consider that Manuel can produce some of the better looking pops in modern porn), 2 were very disappointing ho-hum-ers in and around the mouth area(s), and only one could have been counted as a real facial. No offense as I am certain that the majority of folks would buy Manuel Ferrara material is mainly for his unique cast and furious and intense fucking stylings (much like Rocco was in terms of a phenomenon back in the 90s) and not for his cumshots, but when I bought a DVD with 5 scenes including Manuel as the main cocksmith, I expected more than less, and having only 1 popshot out of 5 is something of an inexcusable disgrace. FOS5 was immediately thrown into the "exit" pile of DVDs! So I was a bit uncertain when I picked up the double disc "Raw #8", seeing as how it only contained 4 scenes (that's 2 per DVD only!), but I managed to read 2 reviews quickly, focusing on the Katsuni scene(s), and decided to give it a shot. Well to try to make a long story short, "Raw" is exactly as the title suggest; unedited, and without limits. Manuel roams around with his camera, picks up girls and brings them back to a hotel room where he fucks them for a considerable amount of time, with the camera sometimes being left on a night stand, or hand held by himself, or even the female protagonist as well! It's a great concept but you seriously need to be quite the athlete to pull something like this off! It most certainly changes the recipe when alot of non-USA porn has a tendency to cut away and edit back with each position change. Anyway, disc 1 has 2 scenes, while disc 2 has 2 scenes for each of the 2 girls so you could say it has like 4 scenes! Disc one is quite delicious as each scene concludes in amazing facial pops delivered by Manuel onto the lucky ladies, which already made me realize that this release is so far superior for my tastes than "FOS5". Plus the post cumshot is monumetal, where he lingers on and doesn't cut right away, reminding me of my own BBB post cum aftermath showcase! Disc two had much riding in the balance because the first part is a two-parter with one of today's most intense and noteworthy performers, the ever-in-demand London Keyes. Although her energy is spot on and won't leave a single limp dick in the house (there is no false advertising when it comes to London's on-camera gusto), her two scenes' worth don't have much in terms of cumshots. The first one ends as she jerks Manuel into her mouth and then moves on to the hotel window for some post cum play; A+ for effort, but again, Manuel's cumshots deserve to seen! Later on they go up at it again in another blistering scene in the same hotel room, this time Manuel finishes himself off on her face, but it is obvious that he came earlier that day as his load is more on the normal side than his usual mega velocity splatter. London dirty talks at the camera coaxing his to cum, but turns silent when he does as he paints part of her face with his spunk, her eyes remaining open and looking at him the whole time! So again, a fucking A for effort, but maybe he should have done with Ms Keyes what he did with Katsuni in the NEXT scene, which is extend the fuck fest until the next morning! So he picks up Katsuni, drives around, they go to a boardwalk like sort of south western Californian fair for the evening, and return to the hotel room for some nightlight fucking... Yes, you that weird black and white green-tinted pitch black lens which also gives people those weird looking demon eyes... Well Katsuni's first scene with Manuel is thus! You can tell these two mix well together as their chemistry reads both as well seasoned professionals as well as somewhat intimates in their knowledge of each other... By the time we're nearing the end, he's on his back as she's sucking and rubbing his euro cock on her tits, but he bolts upwards as she kneels in front of him and he juices off a mighty fine decent facial blasting all over our asian-flavored parisian babe! Even shot in that night vision style, and with Katsuni's somewhat extra-terrestrial eyes, it's a very good cumshot and she takes it like a true champ right where it matters! After the fade we are treated to the next "scene" with Katsuni which happens the next day (don't you love it when they stay overnight for you?) where we are treated to an encore performance, only this time it is under the brightly lit natural sunlight, giving the scene a much deserved more "regular" look! Going through the panoply of positions with all sorts of back & forths in just about every orifice, I find myself reminded why sometimes it's wonderful to see the same partners together over and over again, and realize I never tire of the Katsuni/Manuel combo platter... Unlike that fad in the mid-late 80s where some girls only appeared on-screen with their own real-life better half, which at the time grew pretty old, pretty fast. But the good thing about this one is that you can never get too much of Katuni, and Manuel more often than not produces decent cumloads... So it's a no-brainer! Scene ends when he's lying on his back while she gives him and up & down titjob (remember she had those perfect tits surgically enhanced a few years ago?) which results in him ejaculating on her tits, on himself, and I think I saw a powershot hit her neck... All the while she murmurs to him in french sweet nothings which obviously turned him on! Not the best Manuel popshot in the history of his population pudding donations, but far from his worst! Bonus material on this two-disc set is a cumshot recap, a few previews, a photo gallery, and an Evil Angel website preview. I am certain the USA version includes much more material as extra stuff, such as a bonus scene or extra footage... But my final note is that Raw 8 is a seriously solid find, if you enjoy Manuel's home-made shooting style and his fucking personnae. Disc one has two very solid facial finishes which would make most of today's studs limp away in shame, and disc two has the superstars pulling double duty. My only complaint is the lack of facial sauce on London Keyes; her "facials" could have been so much more than the mostly mouth-oriented stuff we see too much of in modern porn. In my book, Raw8 is a much better release than FOS5 which is also pure Ferrera, but which just didn't make the cut for me... That's why it is being donated to my half brother Z tomorrow evening! But more on that later; right now that selfish spoiled little princess bitch here at work has given me the equivalent of 1 to 2 days' worth of work (that's a lot of work for one sentence!) to be done in under 4 hours! No wonder I feel a bit grumpy today! Well grumpier since she gave me those crazy tasks! It's OK; nothing lasts forever and later tonight I have that 5 to 7 to look forward to, with free food and booze! (late) Well I have finished a good 95-98% of that little spoiled princess's tasks and although I never really talk about my work (I do do, oh, so many things at work!), her "3" files copies took me a bit over 4 hours to do! No fooling! When people think photocopying a file, they think a few single-sided legal sized papers and that's it... They rarely think of the multi-sized duplex and check for duplicates and re-arrange in temporal & type orders... And the cover/presentation letters required to send said copied documents to the proper destination(s), which requires special forms and stuff... Hundreds of pages per file, plus other versions of the file sent as government copies.... Checking for better versions, not to include duplicates... Reprography is an artform, one which I loved to explore in the pre-computer days when I would design & create music covers out of photocopying experiments. Now seeing as how photocopying has become a part of my job, and that there is no room for creativity or expression, the art does feel like a chore, especially when you spend half your work day on such mammothian tasks! It is also quite strenuous on the body, standing around for so long, repetitive movements coupled with the occasional paper jam and other technical difficulties. Being an office drone has its perks, but somedays you really feel like you are earning your keep! This does not help my exhaustion, as often I feel quite drained after such attention-to-detail demanding work, which isn't porn related! Alright, thank you for letting me vent! Now to answer the call of nature!
Just a reminder that we at BBB support international bukkake activities!

JJ's wife was always ready to get cum for the cameras... as long as her face was not shown!
Anyone else ever do those stupid teenage games of who could hit the ceiling? Julian won!
Friday the 25th of January 2013: here and now at the AC location; no CHRNX tonight either seeing as how FZ cancelled; he says his day job's union is threatening a strike, and causes friction and turmoil at work: he is thus having trouble sleeping and says he doesn't want much human contact, except if it were... Wait, better read his own words for yourself: "I don't feel like being in the company of humans... Even if it was Tera Patrick... Well maybe Tera Patrick, but she could end up being just a beer holder"! So there you have it! Frank cancels, Zefram may be in town for a quickie brewsky at a bar or something tonight, although he is not answering his texts... last night G and myself went to this 5 to 7 thingie which was quite dissapointing in terms of booze and food because all they served was wine and beer and appetizers! It was more of a professional hang out mixer for corporate schmoozers than anything else, although the french asian lady who organized the whole thing was quite the beauty cutey and such a treat for my eyes! So yes, I most certainly would not mind shooting porn with her! Alas, upon my wife and I's return home, it was already late, and I was very tired, plus the pothead kids next door weren't there and thus we were able to go to sleep at a reasonable hour! So unfortunately that was a BBBust indeed! What a poor week for BBB stuff! No new sessions worthwhile of being mentionned, no photosets uploaded to my blog, no new scene edited nor posted to the Xtube channel.... It is a very low-keyed week for the BBB! But as I have mentioned oh so very often, it's all a question of time and opportunity, something that I myself most certainly do not have enough of, to say the least! But if Z cancels tonight, I will most definitely try to squeeze in some kind of quickie just to add to the legacy! Now time to return to the workstation and continue the ever-stimulating archiving process! It's one thing to catalog porn... It is a different thing when it's important legal documents for a contract! Oh la la! Later then! (later on....) talk about being in your own little world! I was texting Z to let him know that it's a go for F's tonight (he changed his mind!) and I almost stepped into the women's washroom by mistake! Here I am laughing at the generations of today and their unconsciousness to the world around them, and I actually pull off a stupidity worthy of pot smoking 16 year olds! Oh man, the shame! But at least I figured it out on time just as I opened the door. So the big piece of news is how the cancelled CHRNX went up & running again: seems Frank in a shitty mood was still in ample adrenaline form to perform his unique blend of idiocracies . Even though he is dead exhausted, his humor is spot on, and quite magically so might I add (& on an unrelated note, the guy sitting in front of me on the bus stinks of perfume! What is it with men and perfume? I never understood the idea of smelling like synthetic flowers... Maybe these men just don't think the women who over-perfume themselves stink up the place enough as is that they have to add to the odor pollution! Seriously, this guy's perfume stinks!). So anyway, after a bit of convincing, F agreed to allow Z and myself to visit him tonight for some quick and relaxo-chillo CHRNX... So we'll see where that takes us! One certAinty through this is how a lack of BBB has been done this week, which is why I am contemplating the idea of possibly shooting a drunk quickie tonight if it's a possibility! Can't guarantee anything of course, but it would be fun to attempt again! Those of you who recall some of those 2011-2012 sessions which were lost in the great Horror Drive incident will remember a "Drunk Load" session which went rather well, considering! The full scene is available on Xtube as the only surviving piece of that session. In fact, many of the only surviving morcels of that grand dark time of the BBB are the Xtube uploads seeing as how everything was wiped after some of those sets were uploaded over there! I think I should re-visit my channel and take note of which sets and scenes up there are amongst the material now forever lost in that forsaken hard drive! Gotta bolt out of this blogging and get ready to get off... The bus! Terminus is upon us, and as described in earlier posts, trying to write on a phone with a touch screen virtual keyboard while the bus is wobbling continuously is quite near impossible! Bottoms up! See you next time when the opportunity represents itself!


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