BBBetter BBBloggin' thru co-piloting!

This week's top pic winner is a blue haired "Heidi" DIY amateur after a rave party over 10 years ago!

Our SECOND top place winner is this nice blonde teener wearing protective eyewear for obvious reasons!

This one was added because it reminded me a bit of Joanna in the UK... It's a cummed-on black dress...
Good morning everyone, it is Monday the 14th day of January 2013, and to those of you who follow my Twitter account, then you have read earlier this morning (or last week) that I suffered once again from an intense insomnight... I went to bed at a decent hour last night and I drank my valerian tisane but it did not work as it should have, and I basically tossed and turned until about 3am when I made a nightmare which woke me up almost as soon as I passed out! Then it was a bit more tossing and turning for the next 2 hours and 45 minutes until the alarm went off. One thing I noticed about insomnia is how quickly your mind processes the various ways out of the work day up ahead, even if it does not have the proper amount of sleep. Of course one almost immediately thinks of calling in sick, but that has happened a few times already, so it's not a very viable option anymore. Then there's the call in late option but that entails staying later at the office as well as skipping lunch, and if you know me, you know I need my lunch break either for a quick power nap/snooze or to visit porn shops around the area (although most folks would argue that the porn shops "in" the area are still much too far in terms of walking distance!). Another option is like the opposite of this one, which is to come in early, do your work, and then leave early as well. As I said, it is funny how quickly the brain comes up with these options as I was just raising up from the bed and heading towards the bedroom's door... There is always another possibility of course, and that is to tough it out, which I have done in the past. Work your best in the morning, down a few double shots of caffeine-heavy coffee "Buttermixes" (a little special recipe!), tough it out until the lunch break for a 30 or 40 minute (if lucky) snooze, eat lunch, and then return to duty for the afternoon, toughing it out until it is safe to bolt out of the place. As I have often mentioned in the past, when you are in your 20s, it is easy to function without much sleep... But when you are in your early 40s, insomnia has a much more intense and drastic hold on one's performance. And speaking of performance, I actually shot a decent little basic BBB session last night after all the errands and most of the laundry was made. Seeing as how I haven't used (pardon the poor choice of words!) any more traditional blondes of late, I decided to take out of temporary retirement Crystal Rae for a basic return comeback session! My original thought was to have her jack me off for a but before I tried to paste her face with my butter gunk, but seeing as how I hadn't jacked in a while, I feared that the hand jobbin' may have proved a wee bit too much on my quite sensitive shaft, which could have resulted in some kind of missed pop. So I simply opted instead for the basics, another one of those just jackin' sets which pretty much culminates in a decent facial! And that is exactly what happened! After the initial clip which was followed by the 3-angled tripod cumshot shots, I blasted her with one of the more voluminous loads of recent memory! It wasn't the most powerful or super missile launching of loads, but it was alot of cum which plastered her nice and good as well as the Joanna cumrags which were on call, at the ready, as usual! Boy, was I satisfied after that blast, folks! I could really feel my orgasm emptying me out (in a good way) which left me more relaxed and satisfied! But it wasn't over yet! I decided to improvise a little cum gobbling after the fact with Black Canary providing the cum cleanup on Crystal's cummy face and body, something which I did not prepare in advance but which I totally made up on the stop! It was quite a refreshing experience even if I was quite tired from the day's physical activities and the various things which happened over the weekend (read the last week's update for a little hint about some of the things which went on!). Although if logic would have been the real deal here, I actually should have shot a session with Angela Crystal seeing as how it is her bday today (or last week by the time you read this one!), and the real life Angela Crystal is quite a special pornstar for me... The main reason is how I am usually not all that attracted by blondes to begin with, except for a few choice ones who seem to have that little extra "I don't know what" (or "je ne sais quoi!")... And Angela Crystal is amongst those ladies... It's quite a tie between her, an east european pornstar who migrated to the US for a while with her boyfriend Tristan Segal and did a few dozen scenes here and there, and the Montréalsr Shelby Belle, who has always seemed to have attracted my attention to a ridiculous extreme! Between both of them I could not decide which would be my true "preferred" blonde pornstar of all time! But suffice to say that for the benefit of this blog post, and on the actual subject of doing a BBBlonde session, I should have gone down the route of Angela Crystal instead of Crystal Rae, but even though the whole coinciding bday would have been a good gimmick to "cash in" upon (as an expression of course), I went with the Rae... And speaking of trying to decide over two chicks, at work here they did hire two new young ladies, although not so young as it would seem! The first one has been here for a full week already and she appears to be a half asian, which basically means she is quite easy on the eyes, if you'll pardon the expression! She's a tall-like thin lady who seems to be in her 20s but rumors say she's more like in her 30s... Anyway, those asian genes are there to make her look younger than her age, as far as I can tell! The other just started today and I found out she's greek, but with her nose I should have guessed so! Slightly older that our half asian cutey, but not close to my age yet, she's got this absolutely raven-dark pitch black hair which makes her impossible not to notice! I already mentionned her nose (which is an obvious tell-tale for me!) but she also seems to be just a little more curvaceous which appears to give her these beautiful and slightly large breasts! Anyway, true to what I know of the company here, they do know how to hire beautiful ladies... For the most part! Anyway, I think for a guy who only had a maximum of 2 & 3/4 hours of sleep last night, it's not a bad way to start an introductory blog for the week! Insomnia, an session, 2 new girls at work, oh and a paid lunch which I forgot to mention; instead of the planned power nap during the lunch break, my manager decided to bring those of us still left in his management team (remember how we lost a ton of people during that failed transaction from not too long ago) to a restaurant to celebrate the arrival of our new team member, that "what appears to be lovely" jet-black haired lusciously-oriented new girl whom I do not even know her name! Oh well blame me for not being he most social of humans... Although a co-worker of where my wife works actually made a comment on the subject of me actually being one of the more sociable people which does not work for their company! Go figure, right? Ah well it just goes to show that people have incredibly different senses of perception, and yet everyone thinks they are the ones who see and hear the real "truth". It's just more proof that we are basically the ones who chose which side of reality we wish to see! I'll be stopping now because my manual dexterity while in the metro (subway) while under the effects of sleep deprivation doesn't make typing on a phone without a keyboard very easy! I'll just chill while listening to the rest of this mix by Sasha Prana which I downloaded and transfered to my phone over the weekend! If all goes well I will have slept better tonight & be able to blog better tomorrow!
There was a time, seems like so long ago, where goth girls enjoyed having around in techno clubs...

Having a little taste to please the cameraman...

Amateur Filipina "Ann" did not mind taking on loads for the camera as long as we never saw her face!

Tuesday January 15 2013: Well I slept much better last night ("thank you Aziz!"), and even made a few weird dreams about being some kind of puppeteer in a weird dance club. Don't ask, my mind always comes up with truly oddball concepts for my unconscious' dealings in slumberland... You can imagine the layers of depth my nightmares can have (although actually I do strongly doubt you could imagine, no offense!). Anyway, this morning I woke up to the horror of the fact that I have made a MAJOR error on my blog: I had released about 6 hours earlier a birthday post about Tiffany Holiday, but it turned out that in my exhaustion and no-time stupor of last night after work that I actually posted pics and clips of Tiffany Taylor! So this morning just as I was about to send out my daily pornstar birthday wishes, I had to improvise a little post featuring the real Tiffany Holiday! Of course I did not have time to come up with a real and decent post at all, what with actually having snoozed when my alarm clock rang and then almost fighting against myself while in the shower (long story involving sleeping muscles, body hair, water pressure, and shower curtains). So I actually improvised a wee mini little semi-post for Ms Holiday, because I could not afford not to having her bday go by un-noticed... Which is what can be said about tomorrow's bday posts (oy vey indeed!) because it will be the bday of two quite important (for me at least) pornstars of the past; Terri Summers and Michelle Wild. Terri moved on to photography (behind the camera) while Michelle, like too many of her east european czech hungarian counterparts, simply seems to have disappeared into the ether where non-internet friendly pornstars go to after they retire! Michelle was an odd one indeed for me because I actually noticed her much too late in the game so by the time I started trying to follow her career, she was already long gone and her DvDs were quickly disappearing! However over the years I had amassed quite a few releases where Ms Wild had appeared in, so it isn't as though I only have a handful of her releases... The more I am trying to slow down on the blogging, the more I feel overwhelmed by it, and the more I try to reduce my postings, the more I realize there is just so much to post in such a limited amount of time! As mentioned in last week's update; what is the point of making new year's resolutions when in most cases one simply can not follow them for very long? Plus I have so much appreciation (some would say an unhealthy obsession) for so many of these stars that I simply must render some form of homage to their legacy. Each and everyone of them has contributed to my own sexual and pornological upbringing over the years, and those are moments which are so easily dismissed by the majority of people, but which are actually unique bits of porn history, or sexual performance art! Maybe "Jennifer Tickletush" (I just made that up on the spot) only did her 15 scenes to grab an easy fistful of cash (and mouthful of cum!) and then followed the path down to post porn obscurity, but that does not mean that what she had done onscreen did not "help" out someone out there to live out a part of their unfulfilled fantasies. I think people forget that THAT is what some pornstars do: they seem to make "real" what other people's fantasies are; maybe via the performances themselves or the fact that the specific performer is doing these things, but the result is that they essentially create moments of erotic abandon and a world of explicit sexual desires experienced vicariously (maybe not quite the exact choice of words!) is lived by the voyeuristic audience. As I have always said; no two blowjobs are alike, no two cumshots are the same. Unless you watch that censored watered down loop the loop crap on the Playb0y channel or edited cable porn, where they will make sure you get a fraction of a scene and just fool you into thinking otherwise through the magic of editing. But anyway, today is the day that the new laptop I ordered thanks to weeks of my wife doing massive bargain hunting online is supposed to be delivered at her location (her work place)... And latest news is that it has arrived and we are to meet on the "quai" of the metro station so that I can bring it back home while she goes for an errand by herself (by choice of course!). Now before anyone gets excited (most of all myself!) I shan't be able to use the laptop at least for another week or so, until she (my wife) has been able to properly get it as "Butter"-friendly and ready as possible! So in the meantime, I shall still be using the old laptop for all editing purposes and whatnot... One of the good things about this new laptop will be the fact that I will be able to feel more free about hauling the old one around while leaving the new one at home as a workstation, transferring data from one to the other using USB sticks of course. Now before I have to log off for this daily input, I wanted to say that I will be reviewing a Vivid film soon, a DVD called "Roughed Up" which is apparently slightly "rougher" than the average Vivid release.... The main reason behind this DVD being reviewed? Monica Sweetheart in a semi-bondage scene taking on 2 guys at once with ease! Don't worry folks, I will keep you posted with all the cummings and whatnot! Stay tuned, and stay horny of course!
The problem with rubbing the cum is that it doesn't make it as camera friendly..!

The art of DIY bondage; what amateur sharing is all about!
Wednesday the 16th of January 2013: as mentioned last entry (so yesterday), I wanted to talk about this Vivid DVD called "Roughed Up", starring Lacie Heart, Monica Sweetheart, Celeste Star, and Lisa Daniels. The main point of this Lacie Heart vehicle is to showcase her slow decent into sexual depravity which culminates in her very ever anal on screen. Shot in high-def widescreen 16x9, the film is a beautiful visual treat with lots of fast-paced editing (although nothing like New Sensations' "Hell Is Where The Party Is", for example) to satisfy those with a short attention span. The first scene is a BJ only seqence with Lacie taking the cum in her mouth, with maybe a drop or two dribbling down her lower lip... Not the perfect started to the feature but I'll take this as merely and introductory moment. Next Lacie witnesses a bound (as in light rope bondage, but nothing extreme so don't get too excited!) Monica Sweetheart who gets teased by two larger-membered studs, Ben English and Chris Charming. After her hands are freed she performs oral on both lucky pricks, making a slobbering mess of herself. Monica is always beautiful to watch but when she's dirty, she's filthy cute (and baby you know it!)! The scene progresses as a more toned-down 3-way between the trio as Lacie continues to watch, but there is not only no DP in this scene (something rare when these performers are concerned!), but I also did not spot any anal sex either! Very strange indeed considering Monica's ease with such activities... In the end, Chris fucks her spooning and cums on her pussy patch, while Ben drops a smaller than usual load on her kisser... Although the scene started off quite promising, it fell flat at the end... Third scene is a sort-of soft gang bang sequence where Lacie lies on a mattress and three studs take turn fucking her and being sucked off. It reminded me of those earlier gangbang sequences of the late 80s when they couldn't afford a true performer like Ginger Lynn. Anyway, after a substantial amount of time seems wasted on a gang that doesn't offer all that much of a bang, all 3 studs drop their loads on her; dude one aims inside her mouth, dude two drops his on her right tit, and dude three, who seems to be falling behind, finally drops to her neck and mouth. They tried, and they almost succeeded, but perhaps expectations were running too high! The 4rh scene is the obligatory all-girl lesbo fiesta with Lacie, Lisa Daniels and Celeste Star. Need I remind everyone that I am simply not, or rather quite rarely so, into all girl scenes, so I have to admit I skipped this one entirely! Finally the proverbial money shot scene where Lacie is supposed to take her first anal... And the ease at which she allows Scott Nails' schlong inside her poop chute seems to suggest this isn't her first time! It's a nice little scene with a less "dark" and "dungeon" feel to it than all then all the previous scenes... After she gets fucked in the butt hole for a bit, Scott pulls out and pops his load on her belly, but you can see in Lacie's face she was ready for a facial... Just for that little moment of watching her opened mouth and outstretched tongue, almost wishing mr Nails' cumshot would have exploded with more velocity towards her oral cavity, is worth this rather ho-hum quite too-typical cumshot.... And the end! Bonus features include some photos, a BTS, and 5 bonus sex scenes from other features... Yes FIVE! It's almost like having a bonus film within the film! Unfortunately, these bonus sequences just don't quite make the butter cut; the closest came in the Lanny Barbie and Evan Stone pairing but too many shots of his grimacing face during the almost failed (and quite dismal) popshot made this one as forgettable as the Brianna Banks pairing, which unfortunately also ended with a rather un-spectacular cumshot. I know I sound like a one-track minded broken record, but as I have explained before on numerous occasions, a proper cumshot to end a scene will save a so-so ho-hum scene... And a "bleh" cumshot can also ruin a scene... It's the final icing on the cake, if you will (and I only got the cheap pun as I was writing it!), the cherry on the sundae, etc... Take Platinum X's "Throat Yogurt #2" for example: almost every scene has a beautiful and taleted cocksmith as main protagonist, the set up works perfectly as a somewhat different all BJ flick, but most, if not all the cumshots, are far from impressive: even the Arnold Swarzenpecker with Jada Fire first scene leaves alot to be desires.... The Makayla Coxx 2stud blow-off could have been a keeper if she took more of that protein cream on her kisser instead of inside the mouth... But I think that's a symptom of today's porn; most guys would rather see swallowing sperm sequences than the "real" facial finish. I don't really get it myself, but I do suspect it is because for the longest time in porn, swallowing was like a taboo; something rarer than facials, anals, and DPs. Now that MOST cumshots are swallowers (or swallers as I call them), it seems "everyone" prefers the internal oral popshot.... Anyway, this also brings me to something which popped in my mind either late last night as I was trying to pass out, or early this morning as I tried to wake up. Is it me or are modern cumshots becoming more and more pathetic? Remember 2 years ago on my original 1st blog in the Melissa Lauren birthday post how I was impressed by her refreshing no-bull attitude in a BTS where she revealed that the main difference between euro studs and american studs was that euro guys don't need "the needle"? Well as it was explained, these days the usual viagra and cialis pills aren't enough anymore for today's US "studs" so after popping the blue pill(s), they also shoot more stimulants directly into their cocks to add some extra "bone" to their already fake & enhanced erections! The result of such use of erection enhancements? Reduced cumshots! It isn't an old wives' tale or myth, it was actually proven that a man's ejaculation(s) suffers from use of such hard-on inducing drugs. Thus the result is quite simple; studs on screen who don't have to keep stroking themselves continually throughout a gang bang scene to stay hard, but they have the cumshot equivalent of Randy West or Lee Stone after a night of boozing on the town! I remember watching some kind of "older" cumshot compilation on VHS about 1 or 2 years ago and thinking that even though the cumshots were "boring" (i.e. on butts, bellies, pubes...), they were much more plentiful than most of today's popshots... And it seems to be getting worse in the USA market as well... The euro studs seem to be getting it on quite well actually: I was watching a euro production called "Thass It" (rebaptised as "Anal Fever" for north american release) and most of the studs, except for dripper no power Nick Lang, were quite decent sperm donors. Even uber euro stud James Brossman delivered decent enough loads, but it was Frank Major who's coupling with Liz Honey produced the biggest facial of the feature, even if most cumshots of this DVD were not facials! But Liz got plastered quite spectacularly and Mr Major did a fine job as well, even in his other scenes, particularly the 3 way with Lilit and Nikki Rider, which for a butthole & cum scoop finish was quite impressive! The point of course is that it seems there is a larger shortage of decent spurters out there in the USA. I can understand aging "studs" like TT Boy's uncle (!!!) Dirty Harry Riviera and Alex Sanders needing all the extra help they can get to get it up and running, but when the younger, fresher male meat is already taking the magic blue pills, the concept is getting scarier by the minute, almost as much as the cumshots are wearing thinner by the release date! It has gotten to a point where I can actually notice (aside from recognizable performers of course) approximately when a DVD was produced based on the quality of the cumshots! Of course you have your exceptions like the Winston Burbank and aforementioned James Brossman who bring a decent spunk bath to their scenes, but if you were to compare a DVD from, say, 2003 and one which just came out in 2013, chances are that the one from 10 years ago will have a better assortment of quality popshots, at least in terms of consistency, quantity, and velocity... But again there are always exceptions to every rule, so you can not automatically judge the cumshot quality based on the year of release.... But still, I seem to recall a time not that long ago at all when there would always be half decent pop finishes to a DVD's scene, whereas these days, some releases seem to fail completely in the cum department, as if the adult film industry entered a new era where cumshots just don't have any meaning anymore, and that the fans of the shooting while missiles just are important to cater to their needs anymore. Perhaps the "now" generation of porn film makers and performers just go through the motions, and continue the popshot motif out of a long-time recipe, just like the return of story-based porn due to all those parodies and whatnot. Well what I am saying is that maybe today's newer breed of porn smutsters don't see the cumshot as an important piece of the sex scene puzzle anymore, and simply continue on to do it out of "tradition" rather than actual enjoyment.... I imagine it's like oral sex on film, where they ask the performers to do it because they know there is a target audience for it, but they just do not put the extra effort into trying to elevate the act to a more beautiful artform. At least that is what it seems like in modern porn these days, that the cumshot has actually lost its "merit" or "magic" and that it's just another formulaic finish to put an ends to a means. Maybe that is why I am more interested in euro-flavored porn these days; I know that there is that whole east-european ladies aspect which plays a significant role, but I do think that the fact the males mostly perform "au naturel" without extra pill aid, and that their cumshots seem to be "healthier" in general, does play a major part in my appreciation of modern porn.... But sometimes, even that "formulae" can backfire.... Time is running out today for me to complete this entry, but remind me to talk about the Evil Angel DVD "Fucked On Sight #5" by, and with euro stud Manuel Ferrera.... Something weird happened on the performance side of one of the better european imports of the past years!

It wouldn't be a weekly update without some kind of foot/boot/cum fetish reference picture!

True Japanese Bukkake; from the origins of the genre back in its inception... of sorts!
Thursday thy 17th of thy year of our lord "0123" (2013): If you saw my posts from this date, then you know about the quickie BBB session from last night! If not, then allow me to offer a refresher/recap! After the previous session featuring blonde doll Crystal Rae from a few days ago, and seeing as how the real life Angela Crystal's birthday was but a few days ago as well, I decided to keep going on the blonde streak of late and take the bdoll version of Angela Crystal out for a ride! Hidden behind the excuse of yet another quickie, this session, much like the Crystal Rae one from a few days earlier, was shot as my wife was actually still awake and thus could have walked in on me! In fact, last night, during the shoot she started talking to me from the living room, so I had to "take a break "of sorts between the intro photos and the first clip... I know it is dangerous to do so but time being so rare and difficult to manage and juggle, I have to take every opportunity I can when it comes to shooting the bdoll stuff. Anyway, I decided that I should do another simple basic quickie like the Crystal Rae session, and just so a "classic" no frills cum on the doll session... So while Angela Crystal was all ready for the cream pasting, I also decided to use MiniJoanna as a "bottom feeder" for my cumshot's droplets, seeing as how I hadn't used her in a long time, and also that it was grand time to have the presence of "CC" cumslut Joanna in the midst of the session! So I jacked off for a while as I introduced the clip, and then set-up the three-tripod shot for the cumshot. Once these were in place and rolling, I just jacked off without being incredibly self conscious about the angles and what it would look like through the cameras' eye(s).... And the result was quite delicious! When orgasm hit, I ejaculated quite an impressive cumshot all over Angela, covering her quite well with my hot and sticky man sauce! I also managed to cream up MiniJoanna under my balls, giving her a mouthful of cum and some spunk conditioner for her hair! But wait, there is more! Joanna's cumrags got some cum too, including some thick cream which was gobbled up quite nicely by the material of the Miniskirts! It felt good, looked great, and was a pretty good cumshot if I do say so myself! After the post cum showcase, and the cameras were off, I took a few pictures from my phone (which is what I actually use to write these weekly updates, in case you had forgotten!) in order to post a teaser of the session for "today" Thursday the 17th of January 2012! After that I had to take down the set-up but not before I wiped the dolls with the dry spots left on thenCumRags, making sure I keep all that fresh and delicious cum for the real life Joanna! After this session, I decided to email Joanna because I hadn't actually done so in quite some time... And that actually took me a good 60 to 90 minutes! My wife stayed up longer than usual (longer than I!) because she didn't need to wake up as early as usual this morning; she has to go to TO for a few days (for work), leaving me all alone in the apt with the dolls, the cats, and the smoking neighbors! So if all goes well, the next few days should be quite interestingly filled with my own pace and rhythm, which hopefully means some chilling out, doing stuff for myself at my own pace, maybe some editing and compilation stuff... and maybe even some all-too-rare giga for Joanna? Maybe it is time I did a bit more of the yellow golden stuff which I haven't had much of a chance of late to do due to schedule, time, opportunities, and exhaustion (insomnia). There is also the fact that I do not have much in terms of giga rags for Joanna, and I fear that if she is to see my giga material,'she'll be a bit peeved over the fact that I couldn't "save" any of it for her clothes! Well that's not really an important issues, but it is still an incentive as to not want to present a product which may not be as appreciated as it could! So stay tuned as I will keep you posted about my upCUMming activities (which by the time this is posted may actually be already "old news" in the world of the www!), although I suspect they may only be private for Joanna's eyes only! At least that's what I had planned; the next 2 evenings being mostly for the benefit of doing some stuff for Joanna only! But in case I am repeating myself, don't forget that in April 2012's Horror Hard Drive Drama incident, ALL the late 2011 and 2012 Giga stuff was lost without ever having even been processed; the material was raw and uncut and just waiting to be turned into a huge 90 minute epic baptism super movie for Joanna's eyes only (much like the previous Giga Rag clips!)... Alas, the last of the Giga Rags, the one which was peed upon more than any other previous Giga Rag, doesn't have ANY clips of pics to showcase the true tremendous magnitude of it's giga title! Unless you count the final session(s) which was shot after the hard drive horror, meant as a conclusion to the already uber-soaked black sweater.... Anyway, that is a closed chapter in the dark areas of the BBB "side projects" but I just wanted to remind Joanna herself, as well as everyone else who may have wondered about the missing BBB stuff, that so much has been permanently lost in the hard drive's total destruction of most of the recent years' worth of BBB, including what I consider to be the best material ever shot which shall never be seen, unfortunately! Anyway, point at hand is that I shall try to make the most out of the next two evenings' worth of "alone" time by "homaging" Joanna in a series of true little quickies! Of course this doesn't mean a non-stop private little orgy of one, for I am not a teenager nor a young man anymore, and the effects of time and "wear & tear" do catch up a wee bit once the slow trip downhill begins. It's funny I should mention this whole age thing once you pass the 4-0 mark because two of my friends who are also just over 40 (well one is 46!) say that they don't see much of a difference at all... But then again, they haven't had sex with a partner in decades, and they don't catalogue their solo activities on camera, etc.... It's easy for ANYONE to claim absolute ease and complete bodily control when your sexual activities are rules but by your actual desire and libido. Once you start living sex on camera and becoming more in tune with the proverbial "performer" within, that's when you realize that actually "being turned on" by so-called "normal means" is a luxury... Unless of course you take those little blue pills for added hardness in your woodness, but I wouldn't really count that seeing as how it isn't natural... But anyhow (!) we'll see how the next two evenings go, and what I can actually accomplish for Joanna's eyes in the process! The trick is to not create any expectations, and that way you are more assured to not be disappointed if such are not met! Plus by experience, I can vouch that trying too hard to do something often results in a very dissatisfying end... I mean look at last night's session with Angela Crystal; at one point I was jacking off, not caring about what I was saying nor how everything looked on camera, and I ended up juicing Angela in a very decent cumshot indeed! Once you are too self conscious, that's when it can so easily backfire on you! Oh and speaking of nothing, in case anyone is wondering what the title of thi blog post is referring to, It is to mention & homage one of the greatest mixes by uber Russian super DJ Sacha Prana; she did a high-energy mix for the russian online radio show "Pilot", and named this mix of hers "Prana Pilot", which is basically on regular rotation on my phone since I downloaded it and transferred it a few days ago. There are times it almost makes me want to turn back the clock and return to those mid-late 90s days when electronic clubs didn't "whuss" out in the house generation the way so many of today's so-called "underground" clubbers do! Already; time to sign off for now &return tomorrow from the AC location!
Protect your identity (from about 12 years ago!) but never let that semen go to waste!

A preview for Joanna of the earlier "American Bukkake" version(s)
AC location on Friday the 17th of January 2013: Well I have desperately tried to empty out my battery (on my phone of course, not my own self! That doesn't take much!) for the last few days because I need to do what they call a full charge... So I will be phone-less for about 3 of so hours until the charge is complete... It is funny how at times, the phone won't empty out even if I have like 15 apps running at once, and then it drains like mad when there is nothing running: that's modern technology for you! And a few hours later, with the AC people having given me a bit more work than usual, and I simply did not have time for my usual little trips to the WC for my wee little private time phone blogging! Add to that the fact that I helped out a sanitation worker and that I am trying to bolt out of here earlier since I started at 7h30 this morning, and it's already finishing time, and I am now in transit back home! Talk about haven't said anything about the daily update, I wanted to specify that last night (and this morning!) I was able to accomplish a few little private "P" clips for Joanna, as per her request... The first one was done and already edited and sent out to her as an emergency refresher (!!!) while the NExt 2 quickies are still in the cameras. I will be trying to do more tonight, even though I don't have a gigarag to soak up the butter showers, but at least, I hope it will hp satiate Joanna's cravings in an emergency fashion! I am also thinking about shooting a private tribute clip for Joanna involving another condom creampie (my 3rd session of such, 2nd one to be private) but we will have to see how I feel about that. As I mentioned in a previous entry (most probably yesterday's) it is better not to create expectations in order to not set oneself up for disappointment! However, the time is right and it would be time I shot another private cum clip for Joanna; I don't often do so because I often feel as though they aren't as appreciated as they could/should due to their private nature... There is also the fact that I still have to catch up on the BBB seeing as how I lost so much material last April (2012), and I never was able to actually shoot much material to be "on hold". Part of me also believes that I need a certain amount of "decent" sessions to accommodate for the amount of "missed pops" and cheap-ass semi-failed cumshot sequences. It's one thing to have enough material to post multiple clips per week, but it is another to have less-than-spectacular results. Add of course the fact that the numbers of views of the channel has reduced incredibly by a factor of 10(!) or at least 7, and there's quite a bit of reason not to get too excited about actually getting the BBB off and out there online o. "time" for the "audience" which doesn't seem To be watching it! Oh before I forget (so completely unrelAted), I discovered today that 90s euro french ex-pornstar Coralie (going under the name of Coralie Trihn Tri) is actually on Twitter! She was a friend of mine's (ex-friend) absolute favorite, and I have to admit I had a MAJOR soft spot (or hard one, depending on bow you see it!) for her as well. As a half french and half vietnamese combo, she always had that unique and irresistible "exotic" look about her which always made her quite a fetching catch to watch! And needless to say that I have tried to collect as many of her DVDs as possible, but seeing as how they are mostly discontinued, it is quite a difficult task! Speaking of difficult task, the bus is jumping and skipping on our world famous concrete roads, making typing extremely difficult... Plus my stop is coming up soon so I think it's best if I wrapped it up! Let's hope I can do a wee bit more updating Before it is time to post it! Caps lock on some letter courtesy of the phone's "mind of its own"! Take care folks! Stay horny! Bonus beats from Sunday the... 21? Anyway, friday evening and a bit of saturday morning was spent doing clips for Joanna's eyes only, and working a bit on my blog... So while the next door neighbor(s), the one I call "Ti Brun" and some of his other pot smoking friends, were busy being the obnoxious and inconsiderate bastards that they are, I tried to do a few quickie improvised Giga sets for Joanna, and also worked in a private cum set with a condom... Yes, another condom pie session with a Joanna cut-out tribute! But I did manage to shoot 2 of the 3 cumshot angles where her cut-out picture was not as clearly visible as the other angle, which means that I could provide some kind of public alternate version of this session, which would interesting since I also included MiniJoanna in some angles as added visual candy! But I will have to talk about this in next week's update, seeing as how I have run out of time for this little bonus excerpt. But no worries; there is always something else to talk about later on so until next time, stay real folks! See you in one week's time!
Calling herself a "cum vampie" was the excuse to play with the cum in hair fetish...

Before "Dirty Daisy", this little amateur had a little stint online... Didn't last long, though!


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